Thursday, January 05, 2006

back in the rat race

My blog wouldn't be my blog without a soap opera thrown in, would it now?
Luckily, 2006 has started off on a fairly steady foot. But being back in Johannesburg is sure to kick start a series of love triangles soon enough. So herewith a love update:

I am loving Small Bum. The thing about Small Bum is that is isn't the type of guy I'd normally go for at all. In most of my relationships, I have always been the Dharma and my partner, the Greg. I am attracted to conservative suit-bearing types, usually in financial or law fields, clean-cut, with a dry sense of humour. Small Bum is highly creative (he's in advertising), doesn't wear a suit, is currently unemployed and searching for a job, has a mindblowing sense of humour and sports a nice amount of stubble on his face. I think he's adorable.

He came over last night to watch Garden State with me. We didn't end up seeing much of it. Mostly because we couldn't keep our hands off each other, I was laughing my head off (cheek cramps), and he unwittingly stole a parking bay in the apartment's communal garage that belonged to an irate French-speaking family from Senegal. (Thank God I speak French. Because they were about to slash his tyres."Non non non, arretez! Je suis tres desolee!..")

He even bought me a present from Zanzibar. Bless. And I don't go for the whole blue-eyed boy thing either. But his peircing blue eyes are so phenomenally beautiful, I find it hard to actually look him straight in the eye.

Third World Ant (who lives me with now), Small Bum and I ate breakfast together this morning. And for the first time since I started dating, I didn't freak out and usher him through the door...


Third World Ant said...

And Third World Ant thinks all those things of him too! He's utterly smashing, babe! Wishing you and Small Bum a happy 2006 of cuddling and some dirty stuff together :)

Peas on Toast said...

Yay! And you know what they say - (I read it in that 'How to Find Hot Love' book)
If your flatmate approves, he's a winner. Cos no one else sees him at his best and worst besides the flatmate. :)

la di la di la di the hell am I going to do any work??

Stephanie said...

Yay! Small Bum sounds great! Enjoy it!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

work is overrated.
enjoy that small bum and piercing blue eyes, ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Peas on Toast said...

Steph - I know, doesn't he?? (giggle giggle) :)

Janie - Work is SO overrated. He offered to valet my car inside this morning cos he's not working. Bless.