Saturday, February 25, 2006


So there are only a few sports I can watch without getting bored. These are downhill skiing, soccer, rugby, mud wrestling, ice hockey, javelin throwing.
Fast sports, where things happen quickly, where my attention span, which is that of a yak, can be substantiated.
Cricket isn't one of them, but occasionally, I will embark on a festive session of cricket watching. Like this afternoon, a Pro 20 match at the Wanderers.

The reason I do this to myself, perhaps three times a year, is because the Wanderers is within apt walking distance from my house. I am usually roped into it by a group of boys, and well, the vibe is great, especially after a couple of toots.

The last time I was at cricket, I got to sit in a box, where free food and drink flowed effortlessly between us.

I got absolutely smashed.

A friend and I walked home, stumbled home in fact, along Corlett Drive flashing and mooning passing cars, then stopping for ouzo at the then-Plaka. Thereafter we played props on the island intersecting Oxford Road and Corlett, comprising golf swings on the pedestrian crossing as cars had to stop and wait for us to finish, doing the fandango on the island, and hugging the homeless guy that lives there.

I then went inside and projectile vomited everywhere but in my toilet, although it wasn't through lack of trying to aim directly into it. I never vomit. The last time I vomayed was in America four years ago, and I blame altitude sickness.

So let's hope this doesn't happen again.


sheldon said...

...yeah, too true. I too think cricket is about as entertaining as watching paint dry... in the dark... for Stevie Wonder! But I've been told Pro20 is exciting but cannot begin to see why. Still for some reason a mate got me a ticket for the Wanderers.

But, like you say, I don't fore see a reason to concentrate on the game tonight as there should be lots else going down off field ;-) Enjoy!

Peas on Toast said...

Yay! Finally a guy who can admit that cricket is about as exciting as a wet day in Benoni!

See you at the bar Sheldon. :)

Jam said...

If you have to watch cricket, do it live. Don't ever bother watching cricket on television.

I just have to SMELL alcohol sometimes and I want to throw up...of course, that doesn't stop me from drinking way to much of it and getting sick anyway.

Peas on Toast said...

Jam, I only have to sit in front of the tv when cricket is on and turn into an instant narcoleptic. So I never ever do this.

And I agree: one whiff of Amarula Scream, and I want to throw up.
Luckily I haven't ever been ill on tequila, I enjoy it way too much, less the feeling of death the next day...

November Rain said...

Even in my younger days I wasnt the athletetic type though I worked on it hard because thoug my body says no I cant do that my mind says oh come on

I love sports to play not to watch save football (only because of my dad)

Peas on Toast said...

Know what you mean Novy...never been the sporty type. Not that I don't enjoy it socially, but also because I'm uber competitive.

But I'm actually looking forward to this cricket thingie - I get to leave the office early. Hurrah! :)

Jam said...

Yippeee! I see that you have been nominated in the "Best New Blog" category for the SA Blog Awards.
Congratulations - it's so well deserved!

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - SERIOUS?? *Claps with delight and glee and runs off to tell everyone she knows*. Where did you find this out?