Tuesday, February 28, 2006

rain ruins cricket

...well that was a waste of time.
We walk merrily down to the cricket on Friday afternoon, anticipating a heady night of drinking and cheer, only to sit huddled wet and grumpy under one umbrella. Everyone else seemingly left the stadium, so we trundled back to my place and played drinking 30 Seconds, unwittingly thinking that was it.

When someone turned on SABC 3. The bloody game had resumed, and by now we were too drunk and grumpy to go anywhere. Then all our mates passed out in our flat.

I didn't leave the house for the rest of the weekend. I ate half a trifle, had lots of sex, then decided to not have sex with Small Bum for the rest of the month because I feel like the guy in this relationship.
I swear to God he pulled the "Honey I have a headache" excuse yesterday. I want him to want me, crave me and grovel for my body. I feel that cutting him off from passionate banging may just do this. He however thinks I won't last. Challenge me.

PS: Jam tells me that I have been nominated for the SA Blogs Awards. Possibly in the "Soap Opera" category, one would presume. So chuffed!
*clapping hands with glee, blushing with praise, and currently phoning all the people she knows, including Small Bum, who has no idea that his sex life is documented over the Internet.*
Bored? You can check out the other nominees and/or vote for me at www.sablogawards.com
Good times.


Billy said...

I bet my left nut you dont make Saturday before small bum gets his teeth rattled in a mad shag.

Peas on Toast said...

I hope you're not too attached to your left nut big guy.
I'm determined to see this through, even if it is like the movie Forty Days

I will be having lots of sex with myself though, to bide the time and frustration.

Martin said...

OK, hang on...

There isn't much challenge without totally denying yourself, now is there?

Or are you scared, or not up to it?

Third World Ant said...

Yeah Peas! Martin's right - No sex, not even with yourself... and you can't hump the sofa leg (or mine either!)

I have a friend who made a R10,000 bet he wouldn't do the deed for a year, he lasted till third week January.... I don't think the stakes are high enough here to keep you committed to your pledge!

Peas on Toast said...

Martin - no a little kaffufling never hurt anybody. I just won't have sex with him for a month. Not scared, very horny and am seeing if I can hold out for the month.

Peas on Toast said...

Third World Ant - As I said, I can possibly, maybe just possibly last a month without sex with him.
But sex without myself?? Are you shitting me??
Do you want me to die?