Friday, February 24, 2006

it's working

This Alone Time thing has really worked so far. For the first time in days I woke up feeling a helluva lot better, and actually managed to undergo a small, yet casual stint of socialisation over a bottle of wine at our flat.

Small Bum even made an effort to bring his insect repellent and shower me with love and affection. Bless.

Third World Ant, us, and the others watched a bit of Horny Housewives 2 (this, sadly, is really the worst porn we have ever seen. When porn has a panpipes soundtrack in the background, right from the beginning you know you're in for a fascinating ride. Literally.)
We snuck off after a while to have a glorious banging session. It was superb. Nothing like a good bang. When feeling down and out.

PS: Never get a mate to pick up condoms for you on the way to your flat, thinking it will be discreet. He'll choose dodgy ones, and will make sure everyone knows in the immediate area what you're planning to do. Gaschmutzen.

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