Wednesday, February 22, 2006

getting domestic

I don't have a maid. This is unusual for a middle class person like myself residing in South Africa. It was by choice.

Every week I do the following:
Squeegie mop the kitchen, bathrooms and entrance hall area.
Vacuum the carpets and tiles before I squeegie mop
Scrub the wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom
Clean the oven
Clean the fridge
Do two loads of washing
Dust everything
Change my linen
Clean the toilet, put a toilet duck blue thingie in the cistern
Empty the rubbish bins round the house, and take out the trash
Clean behind and next to oven where food falls
Wash dishes
Tidy up, especially the lounge where my magazines are strewn everywhere

Every two weeks:
Clean the bath and basins with bleach
Dust the skirtings and windows
Clean the Sta-Soft holder in the washing machine because it clogs
Dust the gates

And as menial as it all sounds, I love doing it. Last night I did the full list and flopped into bed feeling great. It really forms an integral part of my Alone Therapy.

One disclaimer has been bought into Alone Therapy. I obliged to go for a drink with my best guy friend tonight. I will happily do this for perhaps an hour. Boys aren't bitchy, boys aren't hung up, boys don't analyse everything. So as long as I can still be sad and detached, I will crawl out of my hole for a little while.


Martin said...

OK, maybe I'm not perceptive enough (although I scanned through the last two entries, thinking maybe I missed something), but what's happened to Small Bum?

Peas on Toast said...

Martin - Oh contraire, you're very perceptive big guy!
Small Bum is still around, just don't have much to report there. Also don't want to make my blog solely about my boyfriend. We actually had our first fight on Friday - yip big step ;). But we're cool otherwise.

But will give you an update as soon as something scintillating happens in the medium of fantastic sex and/or drama. :)

November Rain said...

I like house work (despite what Fire thinks ) it is getting motivated I have a problem with once I start I enjoy it but I find other things I like to like blogging :)

Blog ho said...

i can be bitchy.

The Toothfairy said...

I've changed my blog addy. everything is still there, but its just a new address.

Peas on Toast said...

Toothfairy - ta, will change it in my blogroll.

Peas on Toast said...

Ho: Oh yeah?? Bring it!

It is the question said...

Just when I thought I had discovered the life of the rich and famous preppy girl, you spring this.

Good to know.