Wednesday, April 19, 2006


As in tired. Exhausted.
A few Eastery points:

1) Small Bum and I never fought. Not once. In fact we got on so well, we became that sugary-sweet a lovey dovey couple I was referring to, for the weekend. Magic.
2) Nelspruit KFC has got to be the worst KFC outlet in the entire country. I had to articulate five times that I wanted a tower rounder, and even then it took him like 6 years to get it.
3) We went to the local watering hole in Hazyview: The Hysterical Hornbill. Hysterical it was, especially because we all pretended we were from Australia and the locals loved us. Actually they probably didn't love us as much as we thought.
4) I know I'm opening up an argument: but golf really is a ridiculous game.
5) Sometimes its easier to just pretend someone doesn't exist than argue with them. Passive aggressive behaviour is severly underrated.
6) It took us two hours to get out of the parking lot yesterday after the Robbie concert.
7) Robbie was incredible. Possibly the best concert I have ever seen. Pity he didn't sing 'Supreme,' but everything else was absolutely fantastic. I want him to be my best friend.
8) My jeans are tight. This is the result of no smoking. I feel fat and ugly. When I smoked I didn't have the time or capacity for so many fucking McDonald's burgers. This stops. Today.
9) Third World Ant and I are getting a maid. This manouevre is something that has taken time due to my thoughts on this, however, we really need to the extra help. Goddesses we are, domestic goddesses we are not. God knows we tried. I can't wait to come home to fresh smelling laundry folded on my bed, squeaky clean floors, empty rubbish's going to change our lives.
10) My dad is coming up to see me from Cape Town this week. He is a wild eccentric, with the pomposity of Crocodile Dundee. A handful, but always entertaining. He's coming up here in his newly-acquired aeroplane he bought to fly everywhere in his retirement. Bless.
11) My boss is in Cape Town for the week. This is the best news I heard all week.


Jam said...

Yay! Finally you're a "lovey dovey" couple, keep it that way!
Golf is a really stupid game. I do not care if this sparks an argument or not. It is a really boring game. And if you wanted to walk, why would you need to chase a ball to do it?
*mad jealousy about the Robbie Williams concert* (I missed it)

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - I must say, it feels so good that we didn't argue about stupid little things. I just love him more now.
Don't get me started about golf. Chasing a ball to walk, you cannot talk on the golf course (fucking absurd if you ask me) and it's completely chauvinistic.

I'll bet Robbie doesn't play golf. :)

Rays said...

And... has he said the magic 'L' word yet?

Billy said...

I cannot believe the chaos to get out of Pretoria last night. Im shocked to say this but where the f*ck were the Metro pigs..umm err...cops. I didnt move from my parking spot for a full hour, a parking spot i thought i was so clever to have got as well! Shooting my mouth off like i was a genius to all my mates who were in bed when i was still trying to round a traffic circle 8metres away from my parking spot. Robbie rocked but getting home was a mare. Not al all sharp today! I don’t function well on 4 hours sleep. At least we know that there are 60 000 other slow people around Gauteng today.

Peas on Toast said...

Rays - no. I hate waiting for something that seems so juvenile. He's got until June. That was my thing all along. It's stupid, but somehow this is affecting me more than it should.

Billy - oh my shattered fat hat I know. Two hours to get out of the parking lot, a fucking nightmare. We got home at 2:30am. I really am not functioning at all today. It's such a pity, after such an awesome concert as well.

Billy said...

It also proved a challenge to keep from going mental after being hammered as a moose by 6.30 and then sipping on warm coke till the end of the concert. Being hungover by the time you get in your car and grumpy 10 minutes later. I am not a patient man.....

I hope all the pigs had a nice rest while we all stared at a row or red tail lights!

It didnt damper the awesome show though, i still have very fond memories of the evening and that womens insane rack that was plastered all over the big screens at the start of the show!

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - how was that rack! Unbelievable! Silicone if I ever saw it, balloons! I'm all for it if it meant Robbie wanted to see my chest too. :) Did you notice, she started crying when he spoke to her. Bless.

We also sat in our 'well-chosen' parking lot before the show, sooping on leftover Kruger park drinks. I never got wasted (it's my new thing...I live a boring life) but was nicely buzzing before the concert, only to lose my sense of humour completely at the end.

peanut said...

Well done on the no fight thing onthe weekend Peas, know how hard it is!!!Any tips, please!
Can I just say that while Robbie was fab, can I just say that the loos were vile. Yeuck.
Couldn't believe those boobs tho, my goodness, I had to blink!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Peanut - what we did was have a serious chat before we left. And decided that under all circumstances, we would be a team. It sounds very cheesy, and it is, but we'd be a team, and should we get the urge to argue about something we really really just had to let it go. And amazingly it worked.
As for those loos - not great. All I wanted to do was line up with all the men along the fence. Very unfair!
And as for those knockers, I just couldn't look away! It was almost a morbid fascination. I wonder if anyone got a pic?

A nony Mous said...

What an awesome concert last night .... but sorry to disappoint you ladies, Robbie loves golf:

"POP superstar Robbie Williams has said he wants to buy a golf course when he returns to England after his sell-out shows down under.
Williams, a golf fanatic, played at the exclusive Australian Golf Club, at Rosebery, on Friday, accompanied by the club's resident professional, Ron Luxton.
Despite the odd temper tantrum, Williams completed nine holes before bad weather set in."

LOL !!!

Stephanie said...

Two points:

- Golf is retarded indeed
- If you want to keep your hands busy so you don't smoke or stuff your face with McD's burgers then I suggest knitting. It's all the rage and you can form your own stitch and bitch club. Project #1: scarf or maybe a Bushwacker warmer..

Peas on Toast said...

A Nony Mous - you shouldn't believe everything you read in the tabloids. ;)
Wasn't it Robbie himself who said that tabloids like Heat magazine talk crap?

Hmmm. :)

Steph - hiya stranger! I actually tried the knitting thing a few years back in a pseudo-attempt to keep my paws busy. And I made the most incredible scarf. Perhaps I should take it up again and make me some mittins!

Phil said...

Proven fact. The closer you tried to park to the stadium the worse the traffic. We walked about 2 km to the car after the show and were home in bed by 12:15.
As for Robbie - Awesome
As for Golf - dont knock it till you have tried it - more than once.
As for those boobs - horrid. I am NOT a fan of silicon breasts and they were amongst the worst example of same I have ever seen. When that chick is cremated the molten plastic is gonna be a MAJOR health hazard!

Wezzo said...


Hazyview + Golf = Sabi River Sun

Is my Math correct, if it is you must have had an awesome one.

As for silicone breasts, the bigger the better. They gotta be huge for me to take any notice. Thats just me.

peanut said...

oh my goodness, where did all these boys come out from and turn this into a discussion about golf courses!?! Sigh.
As for silicone boobs, if that's your thing good luck to you, but DD?? (Or EE as that woman's must have been?) Go big or go home?! She has to be employed in the sex industry. 20 bucks there will be a profile on her in the Pretoria News this week!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Phil - I have tried golf. Twice. I hated it.
The rest I agree with you on. :)

Wezzo - Hey big guy. Close, close! Kruger Lodge actually. My mate had timeshare there.

Peanut - Told you it would start an argument! :) Bloody golf. Hmph.

GoDsGiMp said...


Glad no arguments in kruger, especially over some stupid bird i couldn't see anyway, stupid bush in the way.. christ. Sorry that was me.
I know what you mean about KFC Nelspruit, my folks live there and I spent last week visiting them. I find the best thing to do is point at the menu and not attempt speech. If you do need to speak it helps to keep words monosyllabic (err). For instance; "Me big chief, give um big bun, give um now!" as opposed to "If you would be so kind as to supply me with one of your delicious chicken filled buns, i would be eternaly grateful!"..
As for golf, so much goddamn land for such a small ball, and we have people without homes. Play ping pong instead, ball the same size.

Peas on Toast said...

Godsgimp - the guy who served us behind the counter, Shadrack, was so unbelievably incompetent, he even asked what kind of Coke we would like with our meal. This is a man who works in the service industry, who constantly supplies people with soft drinks ranging from a complicated spectrum of Fanta, Lemon Twist and Coke in its purest form.
Oh well, next time, if there ever is a next time there, I will point.

Ping pong is also a helluva lot more exciting than bloody golf. Not only is golf is elitest and patriarchal, it's also boring. I suppose I just don't get it. Perhaps if I swallowed a handful of ecstasy tablets before tee off it would amuse me. The mind boggles.

acidicice said...

See? That's why I don't stop smoking. It's terrible, I know. I'll slit my wrists if I gain more weight. I'd rather die of cancer. Seriously.

Have you seen the new Johnson & Johnson "Holiday Skin" cream? I thought of you when I saw the ad.

acidicice said...

P.S. OMG!!! Your father has his own aeroplance?!?!?!

Peas on Toast said...

Acidice - yip you'd better believe it. It's only a four seater, but flying is his life, so to him its like owning a car. A complete necessity.