Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is it normal?

Following Third World Ant’s post on ‘Is it normal?’ I thought I’d compile a post on my habits as well.
(Do yourself a favour and go to There are people that have asked whether shitting their pants at 17 and drinking their urine is normal. You decide.)

1) I play with my hair. I twirl it in my fingers, especially when I am stressed. I hate doing it, but I can’t stop.

2) I am, like Ant, a naturally fastidious and somewhat anal Virgo. We like order. But, due to my lifestyle, I’ve had to settle for organised chaos. I create large areas of mess very easily. Papers and coffee cups pile up on my desk, shoes and underwear are often strewn across my bedroom floor, but I hate it. So by large I create mess, and when it gets too much, like after three days, I clean it up. And by that I mean I get manic. I put the remote controls in straight lines on the coffee table, I straighten pictures on the wall, I arrange my papers in a perfect pile. Beyond the illusory orderliness however, lies mayhem of monolithic proportions, like in my desk drawers. It drives me nuts knowing its there.

3) I constitute the large amounts of cheese I smash in my face on returning home from work to a habit. Loving cheese and eating cheese as I do can only be a habit.

4) Smoking. I no longer do it. However until two months ago, it was my biggest habit. And I still crave it like an e.coli organism craves a Shoprite steak.

5) I usually always put my panties back on right after sex. This usually alleviates a wet spot.

6) I am obsessed with being everywhere at once. It’s almost a problem. I need to be where the action is all the time. I hate knowing I’m missing out on stuff. It’s exhausting, but I go out four, five times a week. Whether its coffee, a club, a bar, a fucking library. I often end up overbooking myself as a result, and have to attend three different things in one evening.

7) I never pick up when the landlady phones me. I know at some point I’m going to have to face her, but I need to mentally prepare first. Let’s just say that my phone doesn’t light up with “It’s the Fucking LandLady” for nothing.

8) Before I do anything vaguely productive in the mornings, I blow my nose and drink a cup of coffee.

9) I play songs over and over again. I have to kill them. If I get obsessed with one song, guaranteed it’ll be dead within a few hours. For example I have six CDs in my car shuttle. I haven’t changed these CDs in six months. Nobody wants to drive with me because they cannot stand listening to the same stuff again. I can quite happily listen to a song on repeat for the entire afternoon. I’ve done it plenty times before.

10) I phone my French Grandmere once a week. She’s the most incredible woman I know. I also get to speak French with her, obviously, as her English isn’t helluva good.

To conclude, I think I have obsessive compulsive disorder. Less the manic hand washing thing.


Dave said...

FOMO (fear of missing out), you got the disease too huh?

What I love - going out spontaneously and having the biggest baddest party ever hooking up with hot girls instead of sitting on the sofa at home watching DVD's.

What I hate - staying out until 6am with an insanely slim hope of the night "picking up", then realising whe nothing happened that FOMO took hold and I should really have gone home at 1am!

fly said...

Sounds entirely normal...actually you bear a lot of traits I wierd... ?!

GoDsGiMp said...

Well I'm definitely obsessive when it comes to cleaning things.. I mean things can be dirty, but leave your empty glass on the table and watch how quickly I pounce on it, and my fingers start itching when I see ash fall outside the ashtray.. sacre bleu

Anonymous said...

I've had a CD in my car for the past 2 years and it doesn't get old.

Anonymous said...

Mine's neatness and tidiness.

I can't bear working or living in a mess. So, a great deal of my time is spent tidying up after myself and my family, mowing grass, strimming (English for that quaint occupation known is SA as 'weed eating' which, when I used it for the first time here triggered a number of suspicious looks!)trimming hedges, tidying shelves, unpacking dishwashers, washing and polishing cars. Oi!

I don't do windows.

No domestic help here in the UK. But at least we don't have dogs so no landmines to pick up!


Peas on Toast said...

Dave - crumbs it even has a name - FOMO - I love it! Had a severe case of it on Saturday night. It wasn't even like I was at home. I was having dinner with people, while all my other mates went out. It's ridiculous.

Fly - good to know we're vaguely normal. :)

Godsgimp - I'm like this with dishes in the sink. I hate seeing them pile up, I get quite antsy about it.

Anon 1 - which CD?

Anon 2/Inyoka - Landmines aren't something I deal with either...thank God!

fly said...

ah on the CD suprised so many peeps still have CDs in their cars....ive had an iPod installed for the last year and ill never look back...I do still tend to listen to these albums to death tho...they are on weekly rotation

Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
Frou Frou - Details
Postal Service - Give Up
Massive Attack - 100th Window

And my absolute worst....ill loop it over and over..

Bjork - Hyper Balad...I just cant get enough of this track :oP

I think everybody needs their intricacies...its what makes you, you ;o)

Anonymous said...

ah on the CD suprised so many peeps still have CDs in their cars....ive had an iPod installed for the last year and ill never look back...I do still tend to listen to these albums to death tho...they are on weekly rotation

Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
Frou Frou

Peas on Toast said...

Fly - (I assume that's you below as well)
I do use my iPod in my car, but then I'll go for weeks without charging it and have to listen to my CDs again. And even then, the songs on my iPod are also very overplayed.
One being Frou Frou's 'Let Go.' :)

fly said...

no thats not me !!! its happening again...I have a stalker... :-O

I think bloggers going into wierdness again...

Frou Frou is one of my absolute favs, but she brings back bad memories so Ms Imogen Heap has been shelved for the happier sounds of the postal service...but only for now... ;o)

Peas on Toast said...

Fly - she's sad alright. She was around doing my monumental break up. So listening to her can be hard work. But I still manage to do it.

fly said...

Actually I was just thinking of oddities....well if I have any (I feel im fairly normal :oP)and one thing that grinds drives me flatmates not putting the dishes to dry correctly in the dishdryer thingy...

You see cups have their "own" special little area....plates go in another and knives and forks yet another....I know this is shocking for some, but some clever designer has actually designed the dishdryer with a purpose in mind and it only really works if used correctly (crazy I know)...its much like trying to drink tequila from a it can be done but there are far better ways... ;o)

Now for some reason this has seriously confused some of my previous flatmates (?!)...plates are flat so they go in the only place it would seem logical to put plates....they do not lie down...and the cutlery does not lie next to them....nor do the, they stand upright so that the water can drip off them leading to a very nice dry effect after a short while (this does not work if the glasses are placed the wrong way round either)...why people cannot get this right stuns me...but hey

Peas on Toast said...

Fly, you sound perfectly reasonable to me.
But may I recommend a website?
Brilliant stuff. He's evil, but he has written copious posts on dishwashing and dish dryers alluding to your problems. You may be able to identify.

(He's a little pyscho, but always an entertaining read guaranteed.)

fly said...

brilliant !!!

luckily my current flatmate is female and knows how to use this strange contraption...but the previous ones, man oh man :o?

Peas on Toast said...

I could write a book about my third year flatmate. She'd resurface from the filth in her bedroom every five days. I'd have to venture in there to find where all the cutlery and crockery had gone. It was facking disgusting.