Saturday, May 13, 2006

the pros and cons of blogging

The pros:
1) You can win awards. Yay!
2) Perhaps someday, somewhere, someone out there will realise that my crappy life is worthy of a book deal.
3) You get to vent all your anger, insecurities, secrets to a faceless blogosphere.
4) People comment. Sometimes it's nice, sometimes it's not.
5) It's fun.

The cons:
1) After winning awards, everyone you know practically reads your blog. Four more friends fessed up last night.
2) This means you cannot bitch about anyone anymore.
3) Writing stuff of a sanitised nature becomes boring.

I cannot really bitch and moan anymore. Which was the original idea of starting a blog in the first place.

Things that have already pissed me off today:
1) Having to reboot my computer tree times in ten minutes, because my server is not working.
2) Taxis no longer pull over and stop. They stop in the middle of the fucking road.
3) W is a bitch. She pissed me off at drinks last night. Will try not to let her piss me off today.
4) Ex S is confusing me. He's messed up. I'm messed up. All sorts has happened over the last 24 hours. It's hard.
5) Small Bum is still ill. And won't be joining me at a birthday party later.
6) I have to see Ex R later, as he will be there. So not in the mood.
7) I haven't had sex in TEN WHOLE DAYS.
8) I refuse to initiate anything!
9) Holy mother of Christ.
10) My boss never greets me, never tells me anything and expects me just to know. I'm so over this job right now.

Things that made me happy today:
1) It's Friday, thank fuck.
2) I have the next 48 hours to spend solidly with my vibrating companion should I choose. Must buy batteries this afternoon.

Life. Fuck it.


sheldon said...

...yeah it becomes a fine line. I often used (and still do) the idiocy of the corporate office environment for the butt of many of my posts, etc. But it appears the freaks read my blog every now and again. That can be quite compromising depending on the level of the freak.

But then I thought to myself... "I honestly don't give a floating turd!" I mean it's all honest and real occurrences that are posted anyway. You shouldn't worry too much either. God speed to the weekend!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Sheldon. Well that's the way I figure it too. People will know already if I'm pissed off, so actually what's the point in worrying.

Freedom of speech :)

Daedalus said...


Personally, I think you should have the freedom to say whatever you want in here hun. WeBlogs are about self expression and people choose to read or not.

It is a bit of an issue if you know those people but, phuck-it … if they choose to read your mind then let them.

You just need to be aware and watch out for the niggling problem that they will know more about you then you know about them. This might give people the *power of manipulation* – especially those you know.It is not like they are being honest on a blog in return.

Being a manipulator of sorts myself, I know that you might be divulging critical strategic facts that can be exploited by a skilled one.

In life we have *orders of involvement*. These orders literally run in concentric circles around the *self*. You are the first order of involvement (as your blog clearly shows), you are first off involved with yourself, then in the second order comes family and very, very close acquaintances. The third is your pals, the forth is those that work with you and ultimately those orders that involve the rest of the word. In other words you are less and less involved with those people. On the internet you deal with an order that does not fall within the personal orders, hence their *objective* and sometimes rude responses.

After all that … think about your orders and who is actually closer and further and be VERY wary of those in close proximity orders that reads your intimate thoughts here, it is much harder for them to be objective.

As for your boss - he is an a$$.

Martin said...

All bosses are, of course, asses.

Daedalus said...


Hey - I am a boss and my people love me :P

Suavé said...

Ag shame snookumsh! Its okay though (not having sex for ten days I mean). I guess when you're in a relationship you can bitch about shit like that. Being single it's always a roll o' the dice. And you dont want to crap out early in the game so you gotta take shit easy. It's like Russian Rroulette for your dick. Times' is tuff!

And bosses can be extreme asshole's. Look at me, I've been here 5 months and haven't said more than a couple of sentences to him. Ah well, I aint complaining actually.

Daedalus - well said. Ive only just joined the bloggin community and I must say its quite fun. But I dont look forward to the day the people I talk shit about read my shit. But fuck 'em. I dint ask em to anyway...

Peas on Toast said...

Daedalus - well that's what I tell myself. I don't want to hurt anybody on this blog. Unless they've hurt me, which then I'll vent about it. (Ex's, etc.)

Martin - Usually yes. My boss in the previous job, however, was not as ass. She was wonderful. Loved her. Miss her. :(

Daedalus - you sure? ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Suavebona - I actually shouldnt bitch, because sex is easier to come by than if I was single. But where's it all gone? ;)

Suavé said...

Tell me about it. Being single is a bitch. But dont get me wrong, I enjoy being single...sometimes. Its just when it hits about 10 inna eve' then your loins start having a very serious conversation wit you and you start scrolling through your blackbook for the missions that will just land you in a wasteland of poo. I guess it's a matter of the more you have it, the more you want it.

But dont sweat it Peas. He'll come around again, stick to your rule of non-initiation and your own Stinky Pinky(LOL! Is that too raw?). He'll be jumping on you soon enough. A man can only go without for so long!

Peas on Toast said...

Suavebona - I hope you're right. Surely it's just a matter of time until he's carrying his balls around in a barrow?
I wait.
Oh and my vibrator is named the Bushwhacker 3000. That's what it said on the box. :)

Daedalus said...


Welcome to the blogger realm.

I think people study psychology to understand themselves better. I was one of those people and that is where I really got into concepts like the Orders of Involvement etc. This (the internet) is a lesser involvement, unless you choose to actually meet the virtual people. Some prefer to keep them virtual.


I am more worried about *you* then the people you talk about. You do not talk about these people in a defamatory manner, as you do not really disclose their identity. They are more like *actors*.

I think you are more vulnerable though. They (the actors) can use your thoughts written here when dealing with you in real life.

PS: I am a nice boss. ;)

Che N said...

Talking about bosses - I have just started the revolution & resigned this week.

It did however take several days before my boss had a space to meet with me for an "important private" meeting & then he still answered his phone during the meeting. How to feel loved, appreciated & respected!

He also told me that he was extremely pleased with the work I had produced here over the last year. That is when I stopped & had to ask "You do realise I have not produced anything while being here, except for an exceptional i-Tunes library??"

Suavé said...

Bushwhacker 3000 - LOL!

Bush Whacker, Weed Whacker, HAHA! That's some funny shit ;)
(I shall keep further comments to myself). Sounds like it packs a hella punch. May it take you to the moon and back! In the words of Rick James: "Enjoy yourself!"

Bless your little heart Peas. You just made my day. HAHA!

fly said...

The worst is when the suckers start looking up to you...I run quite a large music forum and have become a bit of a mentor for some...I enjoy helping others and I believe that knowledge should be shared with thos eless fortunate and not kept to ones self (have you seen the prices of a sound engineering courses these!)... but... then you cant be incredibly personal or say things that might be offensive as it detroys their precious perception of you...eck...?!...some even get agro and annoyed if my views vary from theirs... :-O

I've now started doing things in secret so I can actually enjoy the freedom of having an anonomous internet lifestyle, blogging under different names, hosting other forums but the sneeky buggers still tend to find me :oP i'm safe hear (i think)...but now that youve mentioned being one of the most popular blogs my secrecy will not be safe forever...ce la vie...

start a new blog under a new name ;o)

fly said...

and i probably shouldve used spell checker on that last post... blush

Peas on Toast said...

Daedalus - thanks for putting it in perspective dear. People can use my information against me if they wanted to, sure. It's already happened. I just have to thibk my posts through before I just write these days, because now I can envision an audience. Before I couldn't. Now I know who is reading.

Che N - good for you china! An impressive iTunes library isn't anything to laugh about that's for sure. Hope you find something better. :)

Suavebona - I kid you not. It's really called that. But mine is nothing compared to the Midnight Intruder. I know someone who owns that. Yes I do. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Fly - well, as long as we post stuff in a public domain that is the Internet, people who want to find us, will.
Someobody important found Ant's blog yesterday. It's just par for the course I suppose.

Ani said...

I think your blog is awesome. I think you're awesome. And I don't think you should give a damn about who reads it or what their opinion is - what counts is that everyone commenting here digs it and most likely a lot more people than you could imagine (given the number of hits your blog receives daily!)

I talent like this is a damn waste if not to put to use as it is here!

Just keep it up - stir that pot a little.. it's the only way to live life fully!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Ani, what compliments! Thank you!

fly said...

Funnily, I've met most of my "net" friends (and yeah some meetings have been pretty strange I can tell you...there are some weird folks out there...)...actually I enjoy the interaction...but sometimes I would like to just throw the worst possible insults out there and just breath in with a sigh of relief...

I had a gay friend (he is still my friend but he is currently living in the UK) and he was the funniest guy ever....he would tell jokes about people that would leave you day though a friend of his heard a joke that was said behind her back....she went nuts...throwing her toys...."how could you ever say such a bad thing about me, blah blah blah" (it was a very funny joke btw)...she came to me for solace and I just told her to move on and get over it....she was friends with this guy for the very same reason that she was now hurt what, the guy made a joke behind her back ??? was in his nature to do so and you knew that when you became friends with also knew that you would be the butt end of some joke sooner or was par for the course...

Its the same with your write some very witty stuff....and im sure in person you are equally as witty...your friends should appreciate you for this, after all its probably why they became friends with you in the 1st place... ;o)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks fly, I'd like to think I'm witty. Most people just think I'm nuts :)

GoDsGiMp said...

Witty and nuts...


fly said...

oh didnt I mention that ??? ;o)

Peas on Toast said...

Bless. :)

Third World Ant said...

100% on the button, fly. peas' life is a bit like a tornado sucking everyone around her into it, because they're drawn to the nutty fun (and the drama) she creates. And I live with her, so bang I got sucked as far in as you can get... if you're not small bum, that is :)

Suavé said...

Hear hear! Me like the nuttsyness too.

Good on ya Peas!

zuzula said...

i think you're brave - only a few people that I actually know read my blog, and they were mostly invited (apart from the damned investigative journalist friend who somehow tracked me down... never tell those guys anything!)

If I was 'outted' I'd have to close the blog immediately - both for personal and professional reasons. But that said, I feel bad that people like you don't know more about me. We've been reading each other's blogs for ages and sometimes I wish I could at least tell you my real name!

Also sometimes people mention where I work on their blogs, and I have to fight the urge to defend it....

Peas on Toast said...

Ant - you love it :)
Suavebona - thanks guy.

Z - I was ust saying to Ant the other day. You were the first blogger I found when I first hooked myself up. And I've been reading you ever since. You have known about my blog since day 1 and obviously know a helluva lot about me.
You're the best, no really. And as I said, when in London...I'll bring you over some cane, and I expect you to show me where the party is :)
And if you ever find yourself in Joburg - you know who to call!

Other than that, I have never gone out to meet any of my other fellow bloggers. I met a couple of people at the Blog Awards obsviously, and I found it strangely surreal to be honest, but otherwise I've never perpetrated a meeting. Yet, anyway.
Some of the bloggers may turn out to be pyscho axe-wielding stalkers see. :)
(Just kidding...sort of.)

It is the question said...


Actually, the book deal's not unattainable. This story of a website publisher turned bestseller on CNN via Ninja Monkeys.

Also, there must be something in the air. First you blog about breaking SB's machinery, and then Kyknoord shares vasectomy info.

Man, us guys are under attack!


serendipity said...

I recently changed my blog. I had to beacuse too many people I knew were reading it. I needed to have a huge bitch and I couldnt do so if I knew she was reading. But I needed to get it out.

So I changed, and now I've got a new, anonymous blog, i can write what i like. It's great!

Good job on the not initiating thing. I bet its not easy. But hopefully soon enough, it'll be hard for him too. Pun, of course, intended!

kyknoord said...

I'm so with you on number one of your list of "Things that made me happy today".

Peas on Toast said...

It is the question - for sure. Lots of people have somehow nabbed book deals from their blogs. I'd love that to happen to me.

serendipity - i thought of doing that. starting a new blog where I get to bitch and moan like a mutherfucker. But the upkeep of two blogs seems like too much hard work.

kyknoord - hell yeah! Now I'm off to read about your vasectomy big guy. :)

Jam said...

I am feeling a bit like you about my blog. It's become increasingly harder for me to post personal stuff, knowing who is actually reading it. Then again, I have also decided that this is me, there are things I would say anyway and I'm not about to stop.

On the boss front - try and communicate with THE BOSS. If THE BOSS fails to reciprocate, pack your bags and find an environment in which someone appreciates you and is prepared to give you feedback.

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - I suppose it comes down to the old adage of not caring about what people think. It's hard, but I think I've finally got the hang of it!

As for my boss, and my job, I haven't been happy for a while. And now that I have been here for long enough, I'm going to keep my eyes open for new things. Overseas as well.

zuzula said...

Peas, I guess in blog terms you and I are old friends! I think you're great - and I'm sure that the day we find ourselves in the same city (and I'm sure that day will come), an epic bender will on the cards... be still my quaking liver ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Z - I'll start a cirrhosis sponsorship now in anticipation. :)

It would undoubtedly be the bender of the century.