Wednesday, May 17, 2006

it just doesn't get better than this

The day just gets better and better.

Car service: R1 200
New front brake pads and brake discs: R2 064
New back brakes pads and discs: R2 100
New starter motor: R3 600

Grand total: R8 964

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Excuse me while I puke from shock. Excuse me while I reach for cigarettes I no longer smoke.
Can't afford that, even if I sold my body in the medium of self-prostitution on Oxford Road for five solid weeks.

So I just got the service.
I get paid in 13 days. Let's hope the brakes don't fail before then. Coem June, I will then get my front brakes done in a knock shop in Wadeville.
Come July, I'll get my back brakes done. Come August, if my starter motor is strangely and miraculously still intact, and I'm not pushing my car to start, I will try and get that done and pay it off over six months.
Anybody want to drive with me yet? (At least I have great music.)
My stepdad has offered to help me. I'm really not sure whether I want him to, bless him.

No word from Small Bum.


Billy said...

How old is your car? Still under warranty?

peanut said...

Peas, that is BS. Where did you take your car??
I know a guy in Kyalami who services racing BMWs who is no where near as expensive as that.
Let me know if you interested in details.
Definitley get a 2nd quote.

fly said...

ouch... :-O

what car you driving girl... ???

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - yes it is. Pity my warranty doesnt cover starter motors brake pads from wear and tear.

Peanut - this is what amazes me. One of my colleagues found me a place that I can buy the parts and get them fixed separately. This means my front brakes will now cost R1 500. A little cheaper, but nonetheless I can do them this month, which is gratifying.

Fly - not the cheapest car on the market it seems. The new (but secondhand) VW Beetle.

AnotherWhiteBoy said...

Hey Peas,

Seems like a shit load for a starter motor - check out these guys:

As for SB - fuck it you have built up a rather large fan club - know a few guys would would give their left nut sack to be in his position.

Hope u come right

Peas on Toast said...

anotherwhiteboy - oh you honey. You sweet thing. I'm not so sure that men like needy girls, nut neverthless you're the gin and tonic of my day. (Trust me, that's a good thing.)

As for spares - funny you mention that, I got quotes from them this afternoon. I'm off to buy my break pads from them tomorrow. They also quote a Beetle starter motor for a mere R800.

I hate it how mechanics rip off women because they know shit. Perhaps I should brush up on my car components in the meantime.

GoDsGiMp said...

Bleh I don't do cars.. Mechanics rip me off all the time, mechanics put me in touch with my feminine side.. they make me feel like a woman :(

zuzula said...

hey hon, sorry i didn't have time to check your blog yesterday. How annoying about your car. I don't know how much 8000R is but it sounds like LOADS!

and as for SB - is he hormonal or something? he's got one hot chick on his arm and if he doesn't appreciate that... time to find someone who does! tell him from me he needs to get his brain tested... x

Inyoka said...

Peas - ouch!

Did you take your car to the agent? They are always as expensive as hell.

In my book, garages are on a level with lawyers, accountants, estate agents and politicians. Greedy bastards who will always try to take you for as much as they can.

By the way... brakes are kinda important things, especially in Joburg! The last thing you want to do is ram some lawyer or accountant up the ass at the lights. Well, while in their cars anyway. If they were walking across the Zebra thingie it might be a pleasure ~;-) Whatever, It will cost a hell of a lot more than R8000.00.

Hang in there.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hey, what happened to your blog, i lost track of you? are you in hiding or something?

Peas on Toast said...

Godsgimp - That's what I used to say. Until driving one took up a large portion of my day.

Z - R8 000 is about £728. A fuckload basically. And no, I just think SB is Just Not That Into Me. :(

Inyoka - that's what I figured, if anything I need the brakes done. Going to work on finding someone to do them today. Cheap.

Janie - well hello there! Long story, my ex boyfreind found my blog. So I changed my address, and yes, in essence was hiding. But I figured everyone would find me eventually anyway. So welcome back! Hope all is good your side?

RobC said...

JFC... are the parts gold plated? My corolla's disc pads cost me less than 200 bucks the other day and I fitted em myself (ok not a thing a lady is expected to be able to do).
My sympathies...