Tuesday, May 09, 2006

stop thief

Fuck this shit.

It’s been six years since I have been in communicado through the means of cellular integration. Yet, the curse of 2006 strikes again, by eradicating or transferring this wireless phonetic connection into the hands of a dirty, disgusting thief.
My cell phone was stolen at the bowling club on Friday evening.
That’s two cell phones zyphed in the space of three months.

I was so royally fucked off, I dragged Small Bum along to Manhattan’s, the new overly-rated club in Rivonia, and stole myself a new cell phone. Well that was my intention anyway, until Smalls talked me out of it. The way I see it, I cannot afford to buy a new one, and every other thief in this country seems to get away with swiping them willy-nilly, so I’ll be fucked if I have to keep on buying one.

Couldn’t find any of my mates in the swirling cramped mass that is this new club, after having to queue. (Who queues? Queue For Robbie Williams by all means, queue for fresh bread at Fournos, but for a club that has zero atmosphere, and I can’t see my own feet because it is so full? No. Never again.) I couldn’t phone any of them. I couldn’t find them. The night was spent looking for people. Irritating on so many levels.

My social life dropped as a result of some godforsaken idiot that swiped my phone off a table at Zoo Lake. I hate that person.

And MTN isn't helping me reconnect either. I need three months bank statements in order to get a new phone. I cannot print out my statements from my Internet banking, they're not good enough. I need to actually step into a branch and have them printed out for me.
When do I have the time to fanny about like this?

I'm losing my cool. Fast.


acidicice said...

Yeah. It's a bitch having your phone stolen. It's a life line, really...not even always a social one.

You need to ask yourself at this junction...What is your network doing to help you? Agggh...I'll come of it (in case you didn't know I work for a cellular communications network, and if you haven't guessed already, it's not MTN).

NE Way...I hope you get a phone soon...and congrats on winning in the media24 blog competition you lucky cow!

GoDsGiMp said...

Fuckity fuck fuck. Don't you wish the thieves who steal our phones would at least leave them on for awhile. Long enough for us to phone them from another phone and tell them how low they are, how far they have fallen and exactly what quantity of faeces they should consume before we will be satisfied.

Shame Pea's a weekend in anger is never a good thing, I just spent the same. But since I am the resident optimist.. I think. Look at it as a way of expanding your communication horizons. Now you actually have to see people face to face, if they want to see you they have to come to you or you to them. And the element of chance involved- will they be home? Could be.. with a stretch of the imagination, like an exciting lotto draw, for your friends too cause if they not home they don't win the prize of getting to see you. Occasionally not having a phone can be liberating.

Peas on Toast said...

Acidicice - phew. Because I happen to not love MTN as such. The only reason I've stayed with them is to keep my number. :(
Cell C?

Godsgimp - You know in some strange way it was rather liberating. I had an excuse not to call anyone this weekend, and any urgent calls were dalt with on Small Bum's phone, bless his little heart. And the weekend better than I thought actually, since I bumped into most people I wanted to see on Saturday.
Still, bastard thief has no idea how irritating it is to sort out a new contract. Hmmph.

GoDsGiMp said...

Acidice: O my god youre one of THEM!! back evil doer!

Only joking.

zuzula said...

oh god that is SO ANNOYING! and afterwards, don't you always wish you'd listened to the spotty retard who sold you the phone in the first place and signed up for that insurance thing they always try to flog...

hope you get it sorted soon hon. Now you're a blogebrity, maybe one of the networks could sponsor your site and give you a free mob? (HINT HINT acidice!)

Peas on Toast said...

Zuzula - shait, you're couldn't be more right. The guy at MTN was a spotty, greasy tween. Stereotypes are a wonderful thing. :)

A blogebrity. Bless your cotton socks! :)
Acidicice, are you listening? ;)

Suavé said...

F**k! I had mine stolen in Melville last week. So I reiterate...Fuck! All I wish was that I had done the freackin' insurance deal they always try to hustle you into. All along I thought they were trying to screw me and now i see...

F**k. Im still pissed off.

Well I feel your pain. Its never a nice thing to happen, but I feel better knowing that someone else is feeling the same way as I am.

May their crotches be forever infested with unmentionable living things and leave them in a contant state of itchy-crotchyness!!!

I feel a bit better thanks. Anyway sorry bout your phone, for what its worth.

Peas on Toast said...

SuaveBona - I empathise chine.
Let's hope that the next public toilet they sit on is infested with crabs. And they spend the next couple of days scratching their totties proper.

HammerKop said...

I find it frikkin amazing that in a country where stealing is a way of feeding yourself, there are still people out there that actually want to fack your live up even more by pulling recreational pilfering... so many of my workmates/mates get held up with 9mills to the head and then you end up going out to blow off some steam and some dodgy teenager frikkin steals your phone while u r too pissed to notice... the shame of it all...

Incidentally... read a story the other day where some teenthugs stole this shop owner's phone and when he called it the chick that was with the thugs pants started ringing [while they were still in the shop]... now ain't that a homer simpson moment...!?

Oh, and as an aside... if any of yous ever frequent tokyo star in melville, keep you valubles under wraps... there's a crew that works the jol all the time...!

Peas on Toast said...

Hammerkop - thanks for the heads up. Third World Ant (my flatmate) had her phone stolen form Tokyo Star, and I had my iPod stolen from there as well. So watch your backs chaps!