Monday, July 03, 2006

manic and messy

Jeeziz Darryl. I am sitting at the backpackers in which we have managed to embellish ourselves in between party after party. I happen to be staying at a place within spitting distance of Virginia fucking airport - planes all over the place - what the fuck? It's like I'm on the set of The Castle. (I should be happy, but my due to my nausea and blurred vision from a killer of a hangover, I am not.)

Eye Guy and I had a steamy spa bath session where we massaged each other other, then things ended there because he has a girlfriend.
Moving on. The Durban July. I didn't even see a horse. Sure, I knew they were there, but for all I know I could've been in Armenia in some warehouse rave club.
Moogs raked in R20 from the winning horse - Eye of the Tiger - that's total winnings amongst the five of us.
E2, Third World Ant and I managed to get into every tent possible. And danced up a storm. Pity I stuffed my bra with Eye Guy's toe socks and lost one while he was throwing me up in the air like a pinata.

Moogs saw Small Bum. I did not. He was apparently drinking straight cane from the bottle and crashed our tent party. Moogs told him he's an idiot for dumping me. Damn straight. I love Moogs.

I got lucky not at the July, but at frikking Joe Kool's last night. With a handsome 30-year old that Moogs introduced me to. His name, unwittingly is the same as Small Bum's. If we ever shagged, no Freudian slip would jeopardise the situation. And he went to Rhodes. (Like a million years ago.) I'll call him Cute UnShaven Guy. We snogged, he took my number, lives in Jozi, so we'll see.

The boys are out on a yahct at the minute with Eye Guy's uncle. I passed - because vomaying off the side of the boat in deep swells isn't sexy.

I'm back in Jozi tonight. Let's hope I make it through the day. I'm off to meet everyone at uShaka Marine Park (?) now. Oh my Gad.

PS: I love Durban. Gotta come down and party here more often.


Jam said...

Thanks for the update Peas. I was sad to see you didn't make the front page of the newspaper though!
Please kiss the sea for me.

Marc said...

Welcome to Durbz...glad to hear you had fun and got lucky !!!

See only 45 mins(or 5 and a half hours if you DEAD keen) and you in party central...hope we see you here more often

Daytripper said...

Peas, I think that if you are so hung that a boat trip is out the question, a visit to U-shaka world and all its marine scents is going to have much the same effect!
Only there you will be vomaying into a little metal dust bin on a pole!

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps!

Yes, we gave uShaka a skip, and Daytripper, you'll be pleased to know I did no such spweing into little bins hanging off poles! :)

We fell asleep on North Beach instead, in front of that surfing championship thing. After a massive bunny chow lunch. Good times.

Cookie Monster said...

Porras go the better of the English... Angry yes I am. The french are our last hope!

Peas on Toast said...

Cookie - I'm holding thumbs too! While I munch on my motherland's camembert. ;)

Cookie Monster said...

Bunny chow?? That just spells Indigestion... Get any bargains whilst in Calcutta?

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha - I'm still digesting it as we speak. ;) (And it's been a good 18 hours...)

i_am_not_who_i_am said...

i should have warned you .....small towns are much much more fun!! roacks and rules the world mannnnnnnnnnnnnn!@#$%^&*

told u so!

fida . . .