Friday, September 08, 2006

bloggers to unite

So I’ve been given the go-ahead to make a pretty cool announcement:
I have been invited to attend as a ‘scholarship’ enterprise, the Digital Citizen Indaba (DCI) on Blogging in Grahamstown next week. Pro bono, as a guest. How delighted am I?

The conference is headed up by head-honcho bloggers, website gurus, esteemed journalists from print and web media, and…Rhodes University journalism professors. And after all my Rhodes talky-talk, I went home in excitement to eat a large and delicious piece of humble pie, while considering the irony of my previous UCT vs Rhodes rambles a few months ago.

I’ve never been to GTown or Rhodes for that matter, so I’m pretty excited. I also will be able to meet all sorts of interesting bloggers while down there. And apparently I have to drink up a storm at the Rat & Parrot.

I’m being flown down next week Wednesday afternoon and will be there over my birthday. I am very honoured to be a part of this, especially since my blogging domain only really extends to writing, notsomuch the technical-wizzardry side of things. I will learn more about my favourite hobby, which is helluva exciting.

Watch out GTown, I’m about to blow you away.
And thank you Rhodes U for inviting me along!


Vincent Maher said...

Expect Carly the stalker to contact you

TheOracle said...
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Anonymous said...

hi Peas,

Yes, according to mr. Colin Daniels from the New Media Lab
(Rhodes) it will be a very exciting time indeed. What with Chris Roper and all those 'head-honchos' you name, it will indeed. Unfortunately I have been with my head in the books and only heard about the indaba after the closing date for attendance, so now I guess I will just be looking out for anything interesting that comes from it.Im so glad to hear you've been invited though. See, as j-blogger, you really would contribute invaluably to it all. so, congratulations. well, time for me to start with that article about ADHD ( no really). by the way...Ive mailed you before about my study about blogging and that's how I know exactly what (re: indaba)you are talking about :)
Enjoy the rat and parrot...another cool place to visit is the suite ( if it's still there!)

JD said...

Too bad that you are coming during the vac! Sorry about it!

Champagne Heathen said...

Congratulations Peas!! That is excellent! Your hobby is making you famous. Now if they can just pay you vast amounts of cash for it, you're set.

See if you can score free gizmos as well for the rest of us.

Revolving Credit said...

Not sure what to say!

I think that now the cat really is out the bag.
R U taking off work to attend? If so, do they know why?
Cuz if they do, your entire office has just started reading your blog.

Do you get to wear a mask at the conference,probably not which means you're officailly coming out the blogger closet.

Interesting as I've been evaluating the stalker scenario as discussed earlier - Try and ensure that no pics are taken and published as I'm sure all the other media types will try to do.

At least the English chick who wrote the book only go 'out-ed' after she made the bucks off the book deal.

I caution you to consider the implications of this very carefully before jumping in.

Make your decision when fully informed and with your eye wide open, so that you may have no regrets.

We don't want to see you get hurt my dear.

(Don't forget to blog from the indaba)

That said, there may be a prospective job in the offing there somewhere
'Peas on Toast - Professional Blogger'

Peas on Toast said...

Vincent - girls stalking me? That sounds like fun ;)

Thanks Anon!

JD - So I heard. This may be better, at least I won't outparty the students. ;)

Thanks Champers!

Rev - I am taking leave to attend. HoweverI'm going 'on a holiday to Cape Town.' Yes I have thought long and hard about the implications of being known and recognised or where pics have been taken of me. At this point, I know I have to be careful. But I'm hoping that because I am in good blogging company, some of the people out there would feel the same as I do about trying to fly under the radar.

I'm therefore feeling better for it. A lot of us are in the same boat, and therefore will hopefully not stick out too much.

If something dodgy happens, I expect Mr Vincent Maher to ensign me with bodyguard and/or be my spokesperson. :)

Vincent Maher said...

Peas, as your spokesperson during Rat Night, I would like to suggest that you drink some cod liver oil before going out. That will give you a better chance of survival.

Peas on Toast said...

Anything you say Vincent, Mr Spokesperson. As long as you:
1) Keep me away from potentially lethal GTown inhabitants who may try to take advantage of my Ratted state

2) Keep me away from intrusive paparazzi-style cameras

3) Potential stalkers

4) Show me around campus

Revolving Credit said...

If anyone asks, tell them that you're ACTUALLY Joey Miller.

That should really get things started.
If Joey's attending, he can be you.

*scribbling sounds, making furious notes for the stalking books*

Revolving Credit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carlz said...

Oi - vince: can you keep your girl on girl fantasies out of this please. Some of us are trying to organise a professional conference here.

Peas - we are all looking forward to meeting you at the conference and you may need a new spokesperson - vincent is fond of beer

Vincent Maher said...

Carly you traitor. I will remind you of a few things you like more than beer... muaah haa haa

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - brilliant and cunning plan! Except now, of course, everyone will know I'm Joey Miller.
Joey, if you're there, are you cool with me being you? ;)

Carlz - OK, you're very welcome to take over as spokesperson when Vincent is dancing on the tables of the Rat. :)

JD said...

peas, there will be some around to take you on. Bring C, I miss that girl

Peas on Toast said...

JD - I'd so love to bring C. As a GTown postgrad, she's practically famous there I here. :)

C - what do you say to a holiday in Gtown??

Jam said...

Brilliant Peas! Be sure to drink up a storm for us JHB bloggers (and, and to talk some sense, which you most assuredly will)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Jam! I most certainly will. xx

TheOracle said...

Peas, a birthday at the Rat and Parrot will be one you will never forget but will be hoping you didn't remember. Look forward to it! I think you will be pleasantly surprised by our little town. Pack your best scoring knickers and loads of dosh for those delightful little bombs you are so fond of. See you next week!

C said...

Peas, I'd love a holiday inthe Gspot...especially with you to paint the rat red with!

JD, miss you too, best you get your ass to JOburg!

Jam said...


Peas on Toast said...

TheOracle - I certainly look forward to it, and trust you'll all show me how it's done in GTown.

C - Imagine? I'm thinking the town couldn't handle the both of us dollface. ;)

TheOracle said...

Easy C, you can't have him just yet but he's on his way nonetheless. Got our hands full here with little C, the best protege yet.

Peas on Toast said...

Ah bless Little C! Apparently she won't be down there (vac and all), which is a big pity indeed.

Revolving Credit said...

TheOracle, my impression is that our lovely Peas is an invited guest at your digitalblogger/web shindig.
Surely she shouldn't have to bring 'loads of dosh for those delightful little bombs'

Surely you entertain your celebrity guest on your tab, or is that not how it's done at Rhodes

(Peas, if I score you free drinks you owe

Peas on Toast said...

LOL Rev!!

I'm fairly capable of buying my own kinatsies, but I'll be super impressed if anyone remembers my birthday and buys me a drink to celebrate my transition from mid-twenties into late-twenties. *shiver*.

PS: Vincent just taught me how to do links. This is very, very cool. Shut up tech people, if you're about to comment on that. ;)

Champagne Heathen said...

Not to fear Peas. If Rev is serious about his stalking research, you'll have some guy with a Cape Townian accent, dressed in a black trenchcoat and sunglasses, buying you many drinks on the night of your!

TheOracle said...

Rev - I'm quite sure that the University learned their lesson the hard way and no longer front vast amounts of cash for bar tabs. Anyway, the rule is that if you are a) from Joburg and b) have a job, drinks at the Rat are on you. Birthdays excluded of course Peas!

Peas on Toast said...

Champs - Lol! So Rev, making the trip to GTown then? ;)

jd said...

Oracle - ad said that peas must come to the palace. He'll drink for the money!!

C - I'll come soon, keen to send it with you again

Peas on Toast said...

TheOracle - I'm going to agree with you there: if the Rhodents I know are anything to go by, offering a free bar tab would saturate and bankrupt the town.

Champagne Heathen said...

To theoracle - the scary thing is I really did have that exact rule at varsity!

Peas on Toast said...

JD - um...what's the palace? And, um, who is ad?

JD said...

Peas - my digs and my digs mate

Revolving Credit said...

Champs & Peas - 1st rule of stalking, blend in.

No trench coat or accent.
Just another really pissed oke, too drunk to say much at all.

Won't really need to work to hard on the disguise.

other-duke said...

aaah, the mouse and budgie. what a manic place!!

techy hey. so does this mean you'll be fixing my blog now.. :)

kyknoord said...

That's well deservered, sweet Peas. Hope you have a blast. BTW, when you have the chance, come and visit my shiny new digs at

It is the question said...

Jeez Peas! Well done!

I believe you are the South African Carey Bradshaw...


Billy said...

Nice one! Wont be long and you will be penning that book deal.....

Peas on Toast said...

JD - Sounds good. Am I invited? ;)
Rev - mental note, drunk guy in te corner. :)

OD- - Ha ha! Don't jump the gun big guy, I've just learn how to link! :)

Kyk - thanks my dear! I'll be sure to check out your new digs asap.
IITQ - Thank you dear - me? Carrie Bradshaw?? *blush of praise*, wow! :)

Billy - thanks my friend. ;)

JD said...

Peas - of course you can!

Peas on Toast said...

Yay! :)

Somabula Blog said...


You lucky fish!

Give my regards to my alma mata. I did my ug degree there, as well as a pg degree and also 9 years of lecturing before moving to the UK.

As to the UCT-RU thing, I did some pg work at UCT as well. Sorry to say it - UCT has the scenery, but RU has the vibe, even though Grahamstown is a dump - ESPECIALLY without the students there.

Enjoy your birthday on Wednesday.

Inyoka (as The Python today)

Heartwarmer said...


what do you reckon is going to be on the agenda. I can't imagine there being much to talk about blogging? You?
Yeh, be sure to blog about it. I'm itching to know what the heck they are going to be Indabing about.