Wednesday, September 27, 2006

geek dinner

There is a Geek Dinner being held in Jozi this week. Check out Cherry Flava for more details.

Reasons I should go:

1) I could learn more geek stuff.
2) I could perve at good-looking geeks.

Reasons I shouldn't go:

1) I don't know.
2) Reasons of personal significance.
3) I don't know.

I'll give it some serious thought.


joe said...

Another reason not to go:

* I won't be there! Is there a geek convention for Cape Town?

Peas on Toast said...

4) And Joe won't be there.

Not sure Joe, there's more info on the Wiki, so you never know, there may be one in CT as well.

joe said...

oh bollocks - I missed it!

Ok, so maybe you have to go now... to represent!

other-duke said...

I can see your future Peas... My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Nervous voter said...

You MUST go, geek chicks are hot 9except in Germany)

Freddie said...

GO!! worst case scenario... geeky fodder for those "too babelas to blog" blogging blocks ;-)

Revolving Credit said...

Jager Bombs?
Drunk flashed poen?
Pics on website?
Playgeek Centrefold?
Me laughing my ass off - Priceless

Bratwurst said...

go go go
you had fun at your last 'geek' meeting ;)

Carlz said...

you should definitely go - I think Mike Stopforth is quite involved in the organisation too - so you already know someone!! take one for us geeks everywhere and they have jam jars at primi - hello!!!!!

Slagella said...

I could perve at good-looking geeks

Good luck on that one darling, you'll certainly need it.

kyknoord said...

If you're worried about exposure, just wear a paper bag - the geeks will understand.

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha ok guys, I think I'll go. I've convinced Third World Ant (my flatmate) to come with me, so it should be cool. And Mikeypoo will be there which is great.

Koekie said...

I don't think it's even a question. You should go and bag yourself a geek.

Right, now bringing the topic swiftly back to drunken exploits: every time I venture past the Rosebank flight centre, I have a quiet chuckle and am tempted to ask the mannequin if he knows you.

Peas on Toast said...

Koekie - LOL! Perhaps I should lunge the mannequin next time, then I'm pretty sure he may remember. ;)

PS: Champers sent me some photos from the weekend. Hysterical. I have a beeyoody of you in your Union Jacks. :)