Friday, September 15, 2006

not coping

Hangover update: mock charging like a bloody camel.

Thanks to my camera, I have pieced together information from last night. We left The Rat at 3:00am, and Pflaumen and I apparently took an hour to crawl 2 kilometres up the road.

How to deal with mock charging in a serious conference (and try to listen attentively at the same time, whilst wearing sunglasses because the flourescents strobe lights were killing me)
1) Sit as still as possible. Don't move at all.

2)Close one eye at a time when you need to rest. Then you can still cunningly look like you're only half-sleeping.

I groped an ass last night. He didn't trun around. I think this happens a lot at this establishment. We sang karaoke into empty coke bottles. I think I hit on my driver. Everyone asked if I lunged Pflaumen. The answer is no. And no again. I couldn't see straight, so how would I have aimed?
The Guy From Canadia, the one with the handlebar moustache. Where did he come from and why is he in all my photos?

K shoot me in the temple with a weapon that kills on impact. I have to speak now for five minutes. To a crowd of people that has to take me seriously.

Deepak the sex guy just smsed me. The guy who is my client.
Seven NotSoYaygies.

Starting a stitch and bitch club. No more drinking.


duke said...

please. you'll be back in the Rat by 17.00.

Revolving Credit said...

Oh my sack, has Deepak not given up yet? We told you that the 'did we shag' question was going to turn him on. Now you're being stalked in Jozi, G'Town, Blogland and New Dehli...(possibly Canada)

Just go drink you hangover away...kinda postpone it till tommorow.

Peas on Toast said...

duke - don't njoke. people are already calling it again. im going to hide under a desk.

rev - im mock charging at your 'go drink again' comment my friend.

Apfelshtroodil said...

You must evacuate ze offensive substances or you vill be sick for ze longest time. do it now.

Peas on Toast said...

Apfel/pflaumen - ze offensive substances, zey haff made me thick today. I suppose that happens when you drink yourself retarded.

Not that I was the only tanked person there Mr Partner In Crime.

Champagne Heathen said...

Hey, didn't we once set a stalker onto you who was meant to have a german accent. Although we called him "Helmut" rather than "Apfelpflaumen"??

Good luck for the speech. You can always blame stage fright should you chunder while up on stage.

Maybe it's less the alcohol and just your body's shock at being in such clean unpolluted air there at the E.C. coast??

The Granny Wrangler said...

--whispered-- oo oo, can i join and be the bitch? ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Where is Phil..I mean Helmut.
The stalker..umm..spy ring is closing it noose around the Toasty Pea

Pflaume said...

45 minutes still we start drinking again :P

Peter Barlow said...

He he, you and Gregor were sooo hung over this morning...and what was "mock charging" all about?

Pflaume said...

Ha ha, Peas was mock charging in between the 'We Media' and 'Activism' panel.

Carlz said...

about the canadian - with tattoos and handlebar --- that would be my fault! A little snack earlier in the week that just kept appearing!

now listen peas - this is ground travel from jozi now - you will pull it together and you will go to Olde 65 tonight and drink jagerbombs with the gang for me! thats a jewish order!
regards - managment

ps: miss u already
pps: will def play in jozi
ppps: dont miss your transport back
to the airport PLEASE!

fida said...

WOWOW.....did my persistence finally impact on you!

but , for how long?

Pixus said...

Which res are you staying in?

Pflaume said...

I'm home. Safe. I hope Peas is safe too. I'm sorry about tomorrows post (mail). We saw a mongoos on our way home (?)

Carlz said...

Pflaume - mongoos - are u on my drugs?

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps!

OK am going to answer all your questions now that I'm not hung like a dog:

Rev: no deepak still thinks I want to have sex with him clearly. Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy.

Champs: yes this ECape air is so fresh, the hangovers are monsters champers.

Granny W: Of course.;)

Pflaumie: you're an animal dollface.

Carlz: I miss you my dear! I wish you didn't have to head back so soon, I had the best time and you were so much a part of that! Best you phone me up when you're in Jozi. I'm taking you out for the biggest night you could possibly imagine. Thnaks for being the best hostess ever, great work, the DCI was brilliant.

Fida: I'm a pseudo alcoholic. Chances are I'll be back off the wagon this week. ;)

Pixus: it's dodgy, I stayed in a male res called Adamson.

Pflaum: dude, what is a mongoos? Were you smoking something my dear? :)