Friday, May 18, 2007

i have homies

Last night, The Ant and I were invited to delightful pizza-making party. The interesting part of this was that we were the two (hot) white chicks there.

I'm officially allowed to say (because they said so, ha!) that we now have a whole set of new black friends. I don't care how many times these statements are swept under the rug in this country, what with political what-not, but in light of social segregation - and it's still large here - this is significant.

Perhaps it's just the way things are, but still in South Africa today - by large white people hang out with white people and black people hang out with black people.

Last night was fantastic for so many reasons. Firstly, we all started off drinking wine from a carafe, then heatedly discussed politics. Jacob Zuma in particular:
Peas: He can't be president.
T: But he's a great leader and did amazing things for The Struggle.
Ant: He also was involved in an arms deal.
K: They're all corrupt though.
Peas: Yes, but he was a dumbass. He got caught. Role models shouldn't get caught.
Ant: And he had a shower after having sex thinking that would stop him getting HIV.
T: We all make mistakes.
Peas: Sure! But saying that in court is not what a future president should be saying. He's lost his credibility.

The discussion was hectic. We decided to change the subject, even after we agreed to disagree: Jacob Zuma is a good leader who has, in the past, done much for the country and The Struggle - but would make a shit president.

We made pizzas, talked shit and made new friends. I hope as the token whities, we get to see our new crew again. They're all suave, dress to die for and love hip hop music.
There's no one else I can really discuss the merits of Jay Z's old work with, or why is unplugged stuff is so enchanting. My white friends don't appreciate hip hop like these dudes do - they know everything, down to what he was wearing in Jigga What, Jigga Who. That's impressive.

Man I ate a lot of cheese.


I are wearing the jean pant said...

I have a sudden melted cheese craving after reading this now. Damnit.

Peas on Toast said...

Can I interest you in some *cyber brie?*

Da Mario said...

Dear Peas, I just don't get hip-hop, but I do like pizza. Does this make me a racist? :)

ROFL...and how does it feel being a "token whitie"? hehehe...

Betenoir said...

Hmmm. I'm more of a Ludacris girl myself, but Jay-z makes for good karaoke.

And if you want to see obsessive hip-hop fandom, spend some time with white middle-class American kids.

Peas on Toast said...

Da Mario - lol. Most definitely. Not digging hip hop is not on, china. :)

Betenoir - it's funny, because that's exactly how my interest in hip hop evolved. When I lived in the States. Everyone listens to it, and I'd never really had the opportunity to really get to know it before then.

Ludacris is pimpin' all over the world, agreed. :)

I are wearing the jean pant said...

Yes peas.. I mean PLEASE... I mea... DAMNIT.

Third World Ant said...

what are the odds you got to mention TWO jay zee's in a post? incredible! yoyoyo, homie.

Peas on Toast said...

Jeanpant - *passing you a great wedge of brie*

Ant - yoyoyo homie! I realised that - now here's a thought: How about Jay Z for president, and JZ as the new and upcoming hip hop artist?

They should switch roles for week!

ChewTheCud said...

You and Ant are both lacking in badonkadonk though ;P

Peas on Toast said...

Chews - what the dickens is a badonkadonk?
A shag?

Champagne Heathen said...

And here I was thinking you were talking about the same JZ in both parts.

And that he recently had sung an unplugged version of his "machine gun" song with an acoustic guitar in a smoky packed club!

I'm also wondering what Chews is on about, but meanwhile....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my blog....!! *Pops open some alcohol-free some champagne"

Betenoir said...

Badonkadonk: the junk in your trunk that, when you bounce around to some awesome bass-heavy rhythms bounces up and down with you in a sort of badonkadonk motion. Used by Missy Elliot; often.

Slightly bigger than booty, I believe.

redsaid said...

I'm just ecstatic that you've finally EATEN something!!!!

So with some luck, you may eventually end up with some actual badonkadonk like me...

P.S. Where in the States did you dwell? When and for how long?

Revolving Credit said...

I my view anything that starts with drinking wine must be good.

Did someone say pizza, shit it's lunch time...gotta go know. bye.

ChewTheCud said...

Hehehehe - Peas and Champers - you're so white right now ;)

Betenoir is representing though ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Chews - Colonial Hip Hop???

Peas on Toast said...

Champs - Happy birthday to your blog babe!! Mine is currently two and a half now, can they still play together??

Bete - ah, ok. Junk in the trunk. Goddit :)

Redsaid - I know, I'm pretty ecstatic as well. I lived in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Rev - ...with extra anchovies?


Champagne Heathen said...

I'm white??? Nooooooo!!! AAAAAAAAAK! Why did no one tell me!!

Peas, for now, but if I see any hints of your leading mine astray with its devient teenage behaviour I might just have to lay down some socialising rules!

Now someone please hand over the non-alcoholic champagne! Or the D&G male model. OooOOoOoOoooO!!!

Revolving Credit said...

Now I've really been liking some Cuban Hip Hop recently.

Now that shits the bomb.

Check out 'Orishas' if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way- I can't stand peas on toast- I think your are an absolute
skank! Any girl that publicly talks about schnarfing fat lines of coke has to be
a SKANK!! And what's even sicker about the whole thing is that you're being
praised for being such a slapper!

Revolving Credit said...

"schnarfing fat lines of coke"????

Did I miss something?

jd said...


Peas on Toast said...

Anon - coke?? I can't honestly say that I've ever done a line of coke in my entire life.

As for skank, awesome. If only. I haven't been laid in quite some time.

But hey, I'm happy with my life, are you quite sure you're happy with yours?

Cleone said...

Hi love ur blog .. we're setting up Radio SA in the UK ... and want-want-want .. beg *sniffle* for you to get hold of us .. well me please ... would love to get you involved.
check us out
thanks peas rocks

Anonymous said...

All I can do is laugh at your pathetic sad white asses. Fracking stupid "liberals"...

John Doe said...

"Jacob Zuma is a good leader who has, in the past, done much for the country and The Struggle - but would make a shit president."

Sounds like Robert Mugabe 2.0.

Izz said...

Tell me where the next shindig is at and where. Sounds like the pizza party to social at!

Anonymous said...

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