Tuesday, June 19, 2007

infuriation & TV love

My father infuriates me sometimes.

Infuriates me to the point of blood boiling over and out my ears in a sanguine mess.
Like if you were suicidal, and you just needed that one little push to take you over the edge, so you listen to Air Supply?
Like that, sort of.

Sweating like Hitler's pitts after he realised the Reich had fallen, he was hyperactive when I Skyped him. He has these, howshalliexplainit...bursts.

Let me explain. Dad is eccentric nuts, if you will.

He's amazing for it. And everyone who meets him thinks he's the shit. He is, yes, yes, I don't deny that for a second – but having him as my Dad can be very frustrating sometimes.

No one gets why. But then they're not his daughter.

His concentration span isn't his strongest point – and last night I lost my rag. From whence does this hail? I'd had a long day. Full of meetings, the barking down of telephones thereof. Not to mention dealing with Pretty the maid being in a rather foul mood. (Yes....plenty of wine glasses....judge me! Not even bovvered!)

Dad I suppose exacerbated this, when I was desperately trying to get hold of my uncle (his brother.) And he'll talk about everything but what I'm trying to get from him: a telephone number. He'll excitedly recite movie lines, saying hello to my dog which barks/yaps down the telephone receiver....that sort of stuff. Whilst I'm frazzled.

It weighs on my patience. On the upside, he's a talented pilot, politician (back in the day), writer, photographer, businessman, computer geek, meteorologist. He's done a lot of good stuff.
But hell's bells above.

PS: A few pearlers I've heard come out of guy's mouths...bringing me to the reason men are driving me fucking beserk lately:

1)Have you got a black eye? (No?) Oh, maybe you should get some more sleep.... (Do you want a black eye, dickface?)
2)I'm clever.
3)Why don't you get married and have kids? (.......) (I have no words)

Good things:
1)You have nice legs
3)Nice stems
4)Great legs
5)Even though you're 26, you look like you're 21 (this was the best by far).

But boys still irritate me.
In so far that after an extremely emotional episode of Grey's Anatomy (Third season starts! Hooray!) last night, I nearly lost it.

George's girlfriend: “I'm making dinner for a guy I love, who doesn't love me back – I'm socially retarded.”

McNotsoDreamy: Tell her you love her, George. Before you die of the plague.

George: “Well I'm not sure if I do. But maybe...soonish.”

McNotsoDreamy: Soonish? You'll love her...soonish?”

And George doesn't tell her.
Strikes a chord. Makes me cry. After failed attempts to find love two relationships later.


Anonymous said...

Greys' just gets better from there. We're about 3 episodes into the 3rd season in the UK. I'm an addict.

Peas on Toast said...

Anon - Man I'm excited!
People have offered me the box DVD sets, but I am adamant that I will watch each Monday night...it's something to look forward to each week.

Poor Izzie.....she's my favourite. :(

It is the question said...

It's a zen thing, I'm convinced.

If you look for love you will not find it.

Your father barks down the phone? I don't do that. But I do talk to my dog in Cape Town over the phone. You know, just normal stuff like, "Hey girl how are you? Want to go for a walk?" Whereafter the dog goes mad begging my parents for a walk.

Peas on Toast said...

IITQ - No, my dog barks down the phone. While I'm in a crisis - always - he will put my dog's face next to the phone. It's the timing that gets me frazzled.

I ain't looking for love. Not anymore. But while I was in those relationships I was. Obviously.

kyknoord said...

Good thing he's in another part of the country, huh?
About IITQ's comment, I'd say love is more of a "now and zen" thing.

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - you card. Sometimes it's a 'now and never again' as well.

Nessers said...

From experience I have noted that love will only find you when you are actively not looking for it - it is crafty that way

8Ball said...

Ah, love.

I have been in love with a girl that could be your doppelganger (look it up) for about two years now. It has been one hell of a ride, we broke up, I tried to fall out of love with her, couldn't, and eventually accepted that she just may be the one. Scary for a commitment-phobe like me, but true. Fuck, I'm getting nervous just writing this, one more poen for the rest of my life?! And yet the thought of not having her in my life scares me even more

I need a beer, love is weird

Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - ok, people: and you! Where have I been looking exactly?? It's not like I actively go out and say, "Geez Peas,today you going to find loving. Today."

8Ball - that is really really cool, guy. Honestly - you're a lucky devil. ;)

boldly benny said...

Hey Peas, my father drives me wild as well! Whenever I'm heated up over some issue and phone him for contact details, he tells me to calm down and not get emotional. HELLOOOOO, I've been your daughter for 25 years and you're telling me not to get emotional?! OR he'll waffle on and on when I really need to get off the phone. LOVE HIM TO BITS THOUGH!

As for guys, bleugh whatever... we'll find someone, somewhere otherwise we'll just drink wine and have fun!

Peas on Toast said...

Boldly - har har mate, dad's = bananas. Myabe they'll find each other in a bar somewhere. Mine's also in Cape Town.

As for a love affair with wine...mine's going well. I can almost say I'll be in love...soonish.

Vimbai said...

Yay, i'm not the only member in the I'm-so-freaking-happy-Grey's-is-back club! I'm also happy i'm not the only one who got teary during the "soonish" bit, damn that pms!

As for your eccentric dad, he sounds like a character from a Freya North nove, you gotta love it...alas, you can't pick your family.

Peas on Toast said...

Vimbai - hi!
Ooh, that episode whilst during the throes of PMS must've been a killer! I wept tears...and I thank God I'm not about to come on.

As for pops, bless 'em - I have to keep him, don't I. ;)

Revolving Credit said...

"Like if you were suicidal, and you just needed that one little push to take you over the edge, so you listen to Air Supply?"

Was this suicide by asphyxiation??

So after you whole long rant, I take it that you failed to mention to your pater that you got engaged???

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - you know, I fear my dad just may laugh at me if I told him.

I'm thinking he's nuts; but not completely gullible :)

Air Supply - death by asphyxiation and toaster in the bath. Both dire, both lethal.

Revolving Credit said...

Peas, in case anyone failed to mention it to you, Greys Bodyparts is just a TV show, so no need to beat yourself up about the goings on of the characters.

While you're feeling all sorry for the characters, the actors are doing $100k or more, per episode...sorry, my ass.

For that much mula I'd be a social retard, cook dinner and do backflips in the seal pen at uShaka catching sardines between my teeth.

PS. Do you phone your dad for weather forecasts???

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - ha ha. His expertise lies in water condensation and precipitation. Or so he says :)

Yeah, it's kak. They get paid R100K to be all the things I am on a daily basis. And what do I get? Crap. That's what I get.

But it's all good over here - at least there's still Home & Away!

Revolving Credit said...

So like, hey Dad ,hiya , tell me, is it going to rain this weekend?..my fiance wants to know??

Peas on Toast said...

Hahahah - I'll Skype him now and ask. I'm not as frazzled as I was yesterday :)

Betenoir said...

FFS woman!! enough with the Grey's spoilers, I don't have dstv!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaargh! at least warn a girl.