Friday, June 15, 2007

m&g podcast

We had to retake this one, because our first take was too crude and unbecoming.
Good fun though, even though Haralagreekguy and Maharajah were the people I had to spend my time with. Bless 'em.


It is the question said...

You know how you sometimes don't have a thought as to what somebody's voice sounds like, but when you hear it it is not what you expected?

You don't sound like I expected. But in a good way. You could do radio.

Especially if you're not all patronising and speak to the audience like pre-school kids (e.g. Tovey Kane - die, bitch die).

I think programmers think guys find that sexy. Woman who talk to their audience in a cutesy way. Fark. Like Elana Afrika. Or any other chick on the radio.

Drives me beserk.

Anyway. Back to the topic. Radio show Peas. Do it. You could be the female "shock-jock" and get banned like all the time like Gareth Cliff.

It is the question said...

Oh, and I'll be your agent.

I need to get rich off others' talents.


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks IITQ! I sound completely unlike what I normally sound like I it's husky. I could be a guy!

You'd be a great agent!

Anonymous said...

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