Wednesday, August 15, 2007

groups we want to create

The Dove and I were amusing ourselves to the point of hysterical distraction last week. We'd like to start our own Facebook groups, and we know that the following – although sick and deluded - would be very, very popular.
Two members-popular maybe. Hmmm. Two very enthusiastic members who fancy themselves a bit of a card:

Our Potential Facebook Groups:

When I Can't Access Facebook, My Scrotum Explodes And My Balls Fall Off
When I Scratch My Ass, I Have An Orgasm
My Ass Is Smaller Than George Bush's Intellect
Sometimes I Just Wanna Pick My Nose In Front Of People To See What Happens
When Facebook Shuts For Maintenance I Sweat Excessively
I Am Willing To Change My Surname To 'Scrotum-Licker' To Keep Facebook Alive
Satan Loves The Missionary Position - Ask Me, We Did It
I Act Mental In Public So I Get The Best Seat On The Bus
My Mother Fucked The Postman....And Now We Get Milk Half-Price
My Nipple Is Bigger Than Your Nipple Group
I Have Taurettes Fuck You Shit Fuck Asswiper Shithead Syndrome Society
Who Ate All the Pies, Mama Cass?
I Boofed Danny K In the Manhattan's Bathrooms
I Spank My Boyfriend With A Wet T-Shirt Cos It Turns Him On
I Ate My Foot Cos Jesus Told Me To
I've Had Sex With All My Facebook Friends
I Want To Spit Roast At Least Five Of My Facebook Friends
Say 'Yay!' If You Like It From Behind
I've Chundered On Someone's Shoes Before...Possibly Twice
Eat My Shorts Meredith Grey
I've Had Sex On A Xerox Machine
Facebook Stole My Social Life And Now Mark Zuckerberg Is My Top (and only) Friend
Barbra Streisand Was My Bitch Back in 1963 – No Seriously, She Was My Bitch In 1963
What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas – Or Does It? Share Your Secrets Here!
I Had Mumps When I Was Five. I Also Enjoyed Eating Ants. Only Sometimes, However.

PS: Peas On Toast was mentioned on CNBC Africa last night. My comrade told me so. I was (sort of) on the telly. Well, no, I wasn't on TV, but my blog got a mention. Blessaroo.


kyknoord said...

How about an "Apathy" group? Kick out anyone who joins for missing the point.

Peas on Toast said...

I'd join a Cayenntology group if it was on offer, Kyk ;)

High in Dubai said...

Well, while I was in Dubai... Some-one did actually pick their nose while I met with him one on one!


SheBee said...

I lolled at the say "Yay!" if you like it from behind.


What is CNBA Africa or whatever?

kabintsimbi said...

Too funny...oh my god, could you imagine...I reckon you'd have a joiner or two!

Satan & the Missionary position is just priceless!

Congrats on CNBC Africa...job well done don't you think?!?

Peas on Toast said...

Dubai - in front of your face doll? Like as in, a good little dig right in front of you? Niiiice.

SheBee - It's a dsTV news channel :)

Kab - so you'd join our group? Yay!
Thanks doll :)

Revolving Credit said...

You're such a groupie!

Revolving Credit said...

You want a group, here's one.

Peas on Toast said...

I'm a groupie Revvie, just like you.

Daedalus said...

Pfheck!... long time no visit ... ak... but do not say we did not invite the groupie, as I just realized that we "did not" and quickly amended the mistake on facebook.

Peas on Toast said...

D-Guy - hey stranger! Thanks for your invite, I will get on it, you're a star :)

Daedalus said...

I prefer to be more like a comet ... stars and rather big and stagnant.

Peas on Toast said...

You're a comet, then.

I'll be the star :)

Daedalus said...

big and stagnant? ... you are way too bloody small.

Peas on Toast said...

...shiny and twinkly?

Daedalus said...

Hahaha... twinkly yes.

Peas on Toast said...

Awesome :)

I'll bring my bling to the next 'blogga' meet ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Peas, it makes you sound like bling??

Peas on Toast said...

As Big T says: I'm Blingola Blingshasa dude ;)