Wednesday, August 08, 2007

there's a public holiday tomorrow?

A nice distraction from my currently A3-two-litre-turbo head yesterday, was a lunch break spent under a duvet (my gad, it's cold), eating Woolies soup with a currently very-green looking Mr 747. Men are funny when they sick, like they need extra affection and attention - which I don't mind giving on any occasion – I mean, I'll stroke a stomach, sure.

And yes, to his credit he ate an off-pie. (Who ate all the pies now eh?). The pie went down like a Croatian shithouse, clearly. 'Cos the man's bowels had taken a beating. Or so he nicely described to me.
But there's nothing nicer than spending a lunch hour in front of a couch, under a duvet, with a nice male.

It's a public holiday tomorrow. I only found out yesterday. Whaddoyoumean it's Women's Day already? Fuck – see? See where my head's at? Everyone's been talking about a 'long weekend' like it's next century, and hark! - what a pleasant surprise – it's bloody tomorrow.

Me and Mr 747 are driving out to the country for some time out. When I say country, I essentially mean Midrand. The town of Irene, that little oasis between Pretoria and Joburg filled with cows, the fresh stench of bovine by-product, trees and shit.

Distractions are good for my mental health. But I sure feel guilty by them right now. This public holiday, although nice, actually scratch that - although fucking fantastic - sets me back a day. A day of business; a day of finding a new flatmate. How am I not going to stress? I'm turning into one of those, No can do, Kevin. I'm working. Christmas Shmistmas! Step aside Santa, I got shit to do types. Who knew?

I went out for a fantastic dinner last night with the usual crew. Fuck, another distraction and time away from the desk. Time is money.
Tick tock tick tock.


Leigh-Anne said...

Where have you been Peas??

It's a day in honour of women. My English teacher (dear Mrs Fletcher, I wonder where she is now?) told us she hates Women's Day because of the double standard it represents. If Women's Day is supposed to be about how equal women and men are, she asked us, then why is there no Men's Day? So in fact Women's day isn't about equality, it's another subtle form of oppression!

In my opinion it's about showcasing how we are so different and so superior to the lesser gender, that we have a special day of our own to celebrate!

Leigh-Anne said...

Oh, and your second last paragraph?

Are you turning into a... Boss? Or an employer? Or some other equally base form of life?

Who are you and what have you done with our Peas?!

Peas on Toast said...

Leigh-Anne - he he, I know where am I?

I am sort of a boss, in that I have to run the business. But I'm not the top dog. Crusoe is the lucky man in that position :)

I agree about the equality of Women's Day. Perhaps there should in fact be a Men's Day - but they have a day every bloody day, calling the shots, getting higher salaries, being chauvinistic, so really they get 364 days and we just get one :)

Rock chik said...

Hey, ive just discovered the world of peas on toast... WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Brilliant blog, i reckon Womens day is all about people wanting the day off. Long since iv met anyone who even takes time to appreciate the meaning behind, what is supposed to be a whole lot of appreciation for the FAIRER sex. But then again, thats just us, greedy little suckers who love nothing more that to sleep in and forget the arse you call boss

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Rock chik! Welcome! :)

Yeah perhaps it's just an excuse for a day off - and really, I shouldn't be complaining! x

kyknoord said...

Holiday? Who has time for those?

Mike said...

Pies - the new black.

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - not you, I hear! Good luck with the convincing your co-worker that water doesn't flow upwards on an average day...x

Mike - Pies: the new black, the new camp, the new retrosexual, the new metrosexual, the new gourmet baked confectionery. Any way you look at it, pies are taking over the world.

SheBee said...

Yay - long weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!!

enjoy Irene, I love it there, its my dads home town..

Peas on Toast said...

SheBee - oh bless, my step-dad spent a few years there as well. It's beautiful innit?

Enjoy the long weekend doll. x

ekke said...

Don't be so hard on yerself lass. it's just life. Somehow we all get through it in the end.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Ekke - yeah, bring on the holiday, actually, stuff all this desk shit.

tyrone said...

You actually get a lunch hour?

tyrone said...

In that case things can't be THAT bad Peas! :-)

Peas on Toast said...

Tyrone - not usually. But I squeezed one in yesterday :)