Thursday, November 29, 2007

contemplative dribble

I'm always amazed at our personal strength of character.

Take Sheena who has her shit full recently with a retrenchment and her boyfriend unexpectedly passing away – both at the same time. That would take heaps of resilience, I can only imagine.

The thing with these things is you don't die, even though you really, really want to at the beginning. Anything traumatic that we see through to the other side, we somehow come out feistier. Where at one minute we thought we were going to die of heartbreak, or grief or even anxiety.

We're tough creatures, and we really shouldn't doubt ourselves. Ever. I think that's the lesson here.
There's not much we can't survive (barring the obvious like being chowed by a shark, or other grievous bodily harm, or frontal lobotomies, or wearing Crocs and getting shot by the fashion police at close range.) We don't give ourselves enough credit. We're the species running the shit in this world, aren't we? We made nuclear warfare, Google, divorce and poverty, right? We're the one's running our own universes. Life's going to be the School of Hard Knocks every now and then.

But we also need encouragement from time to time.

The things that have given me grey hairs and extra wrinkles (new wrinkles=2, grey hairs=one so far, but just dyed my hair so will check again in three months), haven't killed me.
Sure, I wonder what type of creature I have turned into as a result of my bad experiences, but no one comes out of something big untainted. At least to some degree. We're jaded, and that's why we're strong, frankly. Only humans truly love in the world, so we all really do cause our own chaos. Animals are fickle, they don't stay with one partner more than 5 seconds than they need to.

Loves takes bravado, and it can harden your soul. It's never easy; but it's still the thing that matters the most.

Speaking of which, Mr 747 is back from Bangkok. I've really missed him. Poor dude is jetlagged to death, but it's good to have him back.


Not a fairy tale princess said...

I don't know peas, not everybody's that strong. If my boyfriend died I wouldn't even be talking to anybody, I'd be curled up in a ball somewhere. I wouldn't even care about the job. And if my baby died... I don't think I'd survive that. Shebee is amazingly strong.

Peas on Toast said...

fairytale - I agree. I can't say I suppose, because it hasn't happened to me. But although we all choose various ways to deal with this stuff (I'd also curl into a little ball, be on tranquilisers and not talk to anyone), we somehow are still alive and talking at the end. It amazes me.

The thought is too horrible for words.

kyknoord said...

It's an interesting thought - what if adverse circumstances did kill you? "Oh my god! The yoghurt's past the expiry date! Uuuuuurrrgh" [thud]

eric said...

hi peas
new to your blog - Love it!
just a question on your tags or whatever those thinggamijigs are called - what do your posts have to do with wibble? i see almost every single one has a wibble tag.

love your work


Not a fairy tale princess said...

P.s. I think some animals do love. They just don't fuck things up like we do or possess the capacity to hurt the other animals they love.

sweetass RSA said...

jip sheebs is amazing! what doesn't kill you makes you stronger is certainly true, although it really really really isn't nice getting knocked sideways by life!

another thing: i wouldn't be found dead wearing crocks, i don't care how freakin comfy they are, they are hideous!!! i should sign up for the fashion police, reservist maybe...

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - or like how chairs kill more people in a year than sharks.

eric - hi there! And thanks :) Wibble is my side-project business, the link can be found on the RHS.

fairytale - yeah Chad loves me. (My rat.) I know this because I'm the only human he doesn't bite. But he only loves me because I feed and hold him. :) It all comes with a price, see. xx

Peas on Toast said...

Sweetass - you've joined the all-saturated "Crocs Make You Look Like Fucking Dumbass" Facebook group, right? ;)

Amanzimtoti said...

I hate crocs too - they're so so ugly! Who invented them? That person should be shot in the foot! Apparently they've been banned in sweden.

Peas on Toast said...

Toti - banned in Sweden? Serious? God, I love the Swedes. Bless every one of them.

Peas on Toast said...

Ah, A Swedish hospital has banned them.

Amanzimtoti said...

I heard it in the news. Don't know how true it is. Apparently the swedes think it's a health risk to wear plastic shoes.

Peas on Toast said...

I'd have to agree that it's a health risk to wear Crocs.

You may be just be shot, and if not, you'll be ousted in many circles.

Dancer said...

Hey Peas.

I know I should comment on your post, but my brain is kinda sore at the moment.
I actually wanted to ask help of the lady who is sorted in the blog world...
Im having issues with my blog, I just switched from another site to I need HELP? please?

Thanks a mil.

Peas on Toast said...

Howzit dancer! Well I'm flattered, mainly because you think I'm sorted with blogger. I assure you, I'm completely technologically retarded. Desperately retarded tech-wise, but I can try? What do you need sorting out over there?

The Divine Miss M said...

Aw you're so in love aren't you Peas? :P

I agree, people are very strong and can overcome most things on an emotional level - well your average stable person.

@princess - that probably would happen (the ball curling up) but you'd get through it in the end, not everything is immediate.

Peas on Toast said...

Miss M - bless :)

Dancer said... I wanna change the general background colour of my blog, I have no idea how to do it, and i tried the logical thing and looked around...not that I got anywhere??!!

The other question is not so much about help, I think im sorted for now, but if i run into any thing else, I shall consult. How do I get more traffic to my blog. My prev blog was in a lil community kinda thing so it was easy to get hits, but this site seems fairly independant...Any tips?
Thanks a super trillion again!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Dancer - on the template - you'd probably need to go into your original template on and select a new background colour in settings I think?

And as for traffic, does your old blog domain still exist? Perhaps put a link on the old domain to redirect your regular readers. Worst case scenario, they'll Google your blog address, so if it's similar to your old one, they'll find you. It happened to me, when I changed this one.

Dancer said...

THanks Peas! I found a colour thingie on my edit page, ill just carry on screwing around with it! :)
Your are a super star! **

Peas on Toast said...

Ooh I helped someone with a tech query! * feels super chuffed at the minute *

Hilda said...

Hi Peas,
I'm dropping in for a visit. Thanks for visiting No Phat & Pink Chicks last week - much appreciated!

(For the rest of you folks, please come visit! Please excuse senseless self-promotion... ;-)

Also, shit, thinking about Sheena. Man, she's one tough cookie. My heart goes out to her, and I wish her well in her new life as she moves on!

SheBee said...

Hey guys.

Wow. I only just decided to check up on blogs.

Life is crappy right now. And its hard being me right now, I won't lie. But taking it one day at a time and hanging on by a thread, but threads are strong when you need them to be.

Thank you for all the love and support.


SheBee said...


*strong like mother russia*