Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dear The Grey's Anatomy Crew,

Jesus. What a finale.

Despite the fact that everyone was using everyone's lines: (“I can't promise to be with you through sickness and through health,” - Burke, then Izzie says it to George.....yeah, maybe end of season has made y'all tired), a real little show stopper.

Fuck, what a firecracker of an episode. You had me sitting on the edge of the couch stuffing carrot cake into my face in an anxious frenzy.

Anyway, if you guys could just pass this letter onto the crew responsible for these characters and the storyline – I'd be forever grateful. I have shit to ask.

Why didn't Christina get her happy ending? And why didn't Alex run to Eva? Run to her, you big hunk of spunk. But no. He. Was. Too. Late.

Why, Alex, why? You are the hunkiest, most lovely, most sincere beautiful boy on the show, why do you have to be the ultimate Commitment Phobe? You're perfect in any which way. I basically want to spawn your children.
And yet, GOD! You've frustrated me, Al. You're amazing, but you can't just fucking let yourself love someone, can you? Your gene pool is exceptional, if I may so myself, and if I wasn't dating someone else, I'd really like to hook up. Well, actually, no, I wouldn't. You're a commitmentphobic ass. But...you were so close! God, Alex. The frustration.

Izzie, babe, you've really disappointed me over the last while. I liked you in the beginning. You were that feisty beautiful bird from the trailer park, and then you fell in love with George. (Whose completely ADD and annoying.) I won't give up on you – because maybe you'll end up with Alex, which would be nice. Alex makes anything look good.

Christina falling apart in her wedding dress. Good one guys. That was epic, I felt my heart breaking too. Jesus, the grief.
I wonder if Alex could make it all better?

George failing his internship. Nice work, I thought it would be Izzie. Nice that Alex passed his.

Meredith and McNotDreamy. I actually have no comment. Like, whatever man. I'll bet Alex has no comment either.

So. How the hell am I to continue on my monday night couch sprawls, semi-starkers, eating carrot cake and leftover pasta, without you? (And Alex?) Yeah, sure, you get this kind of fan mail all the time. (.....) And, admittedly, there were some hugely frustrating and irritating aspects to this programme. But I'm devastated you're gone. I'm gonna have to wait 'til February until the new series.

(When will I see Alex again? Does this mean I have to download pictures on Google Image? Like all the other undignified juveniles out there?)

And let's not go into the Home & Away saga. That's tomorrow's post. I know it's not your issue.

And no, I refuse to watch the next series on DVD. It won't fill my Monday nights.

Yours in will Burke come back, will George quit, will Alex find Eva (Oh God, Please find her!....Run to her....Go to her.....Be with her......And call me), and also please consider adding Colin Firth to the cast – Mark Darcy would be super steamy in a hospital,

Peas On Toast

PS: Alex, ag, nevermind. Sort your shit out. For the rest of us, please.

PPS: Sorry I didn't use your real names. Like, I know your name's not Alex in real life. But then, calling Meredith Ellen Pompeo and Christina Sandra Oh just sounds too formal.


3rm said...

burke'e not coming back cos isiah washington (sorry for the formality) was fired for being a homophobe.

who knows if its true cos if the dude that plays george is anything as annoying as george i also would've called him names

Peas on Toast said...

3RM - shitters, you're right. Burke has left the building!

Maybe...maybe...Xina will get together with ALEX.

Weird match, but EVERYONE DESERVES THEIR HAPPY FUCKING ENDING. What part of this don't the Grey's people understand??

Peas on Toast said...

Update! My mother just told me that in REAL LIFE....Alex is MARRIED WITH FIVE KIDS.

She saw it on Oprah. So it must be true.

I don't know whether to be relieved or cry.

3rm said...

five kids? sounds like he really knows how to pummel a girl through a matress...

Peas on Toast said...

3RM - Oh man, I need to leave my desk. And go take a cold shower.

So much for a productive day ahead. Nice one, punk.

3rm said...

and i bet you didn't even have the good sense to throw the bushwacker in your bag for such emergencies

Peas on Toast said...


Vimbai said...

Yes, sadly Alex is married (to a really pretty chick if its any consolation...altho i'm not sure how consoling that would be, hehehe)

Any scene were Christina shows any warm or vulnerable human emotion usually results in me snivelling my heart out!

That wedding dress scene was so tragic (altho i was pretty peeved Meredith cut her out of the dress, there was no need for any cutting! I know it was symbolic, but i kept thinking "Now she can sell it or get her money back!")

FiOnion said...

Peas, my nickname for Meredith is "Frodo" cos she does that bambi-eyed, pore-widdle-ole me act just like the freakin' Hobbit! And at one time George was her Samwise...
I'll be sorry to see Burke go. The time he did that cooking thang with Izzie had me completely hooked. A man who really really cooks, *drool*, and who doesn't think cremating chops over flames is the height of culinary finesse......

Peas on Toast said...

Vimbai - Sigh, and I'll bet Alex's wife is a supermodel with giant noombies and great hair.

And yes, anything to do with Xtina and emotion makes me want to wail like a baby! :(

fionion - oh yes. Who would've thought Burke would walk away? He cooks, he cuts people open, he is sensitive and charming. I wonder if Meredith has furry feet like Frodo?

Nessers said...

More to the point what is with Meredeths sister trying to pick MrDreamy up in a bar exactly the same way her sister did 3 seasons ago??

Christina does not want a happy ending - she is worse than Alex at committing she likes being miserable cos it's who she is.

Poor Baily cos I hate the fat Tores.

And of course George failed - someone who cheats on his wife does not deserve to pass and have it all.

Alex only falls in love with unavailable women (Issie; Adison; Ava) but I do like him - he is a tortured soul and he can't get happy or you will all hate the chic he gets involved with and will stop returning every week to see the "what if"

I will be lost till Feb also

Betenoir said...

nGAHHHH NGAHHH nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngah *fingers in ears* not listeniiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng ! don't have mnet. you should totally have a spoiler alert there missy!

Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - shittters, you've done some philosophising there girl.

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Torres, and Bailey is my favourite character out of the whole lot - but shame, I feel sorry for her. Her stupid gutless husband keeps on kissing his mate in elevators, not to mention boofing her that one time.

Xtina loves being miserable, but I believe she was ready to not be miserable for once.

Bete - sorry my little lamb. But there was just no way I wasn't going to bring it all up. :)

PS: Spoiler alert! xx

Jam said...

Okay, here is my confession. I sobbed, hopelessly on the couch last night. I couldn't work out if it was because of the episode or because I too was traumatised by the notion of losing Grey's on a Monday night.
Yours in sniffles,

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - your confession is safe with me dollface. I was also close to opening the floodgates completely.

I'm dreading Monday next week. What on Earth are we going to do with ourselves??

The Divine Miss M said...

I've started watching season 4 and it is just soooooo much better than season 3 ;)

But ye, Burke got fired for being a horrid homophob but I'm in agreement with 3rm as George is a whining, irritating pain in the ass that I want to kill! *sighs*

Hey - you know that Addison leaves the show too?! Those parts were she went to LA (or where ever it was) were to introduce her new show that she has moved over too. Meh. She was my favourite character.

But but but but but but, I HATE MEREDITH! She drives me nuts! What a wishy washy annoying lead character. Her voice annoys me.

Oh but Alex. I love Alex.

Peas on Toast said...

Miss M - ah, I thought it was a bit dodge - that whole driving off to a new hospital vibe, and introducing new characters.

On Meredith - I actually do have a comment. "WTF". There's a man standing in front of her, and sure, he's a bit of a knobhead, but he says: "You're the love of my life." And what does she say? "We're late for the wedding."
I mean, seriously. Arrgh.

But Alex is niiiiice. He's such a...dreamboat. As my gran would say.

The Divine Miss M said...

What's weird though is that no one explains it on the show! She just isn't there in season 4. Really bizarre.

Meredith = total moron.

zuzula said...

oh i am WAY behind you here! why did xtina not get married?!

Peas on Toast said...

Zu - crisis doll, you've missed so much!

Burke left her at the altar. Serious to God. He decided, and thereafter told her that he actually didn't love her, but loved the person he wanted to be. Heccccccctic.

So he just up and fucked off. With the rest of his belongings too. Xtina was irate. It was insane.

zuzula said...

OMG. what a bastard!

G said...

Yes please to McDarcy! Peas' observation in this regard seems to have gone unnoticed - don't worry girl, I also feel that no version of P&P is complete without Colin!

PS. Didn't actually know his real name for ages...he will always be Mr Darcy...

Peas on Toast said...

G - touche. Am glad someone else agrees! It's not Pride & Prejudice without the guy.