Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm not every woman


“I'm Every Woman,” which I sang on a microphone, wearing orange sunglasses. Causing almost every single person at the Colony to evacuate dancefloor almost immediately.

It was beautiful to watch. Just how powerful really, really terrible singing can be. (You have Idols on one side....and then this, on the other.)

Waking up with “Corne” and “Twakkie” written onto my love handles in magic marker, and I'M EVERY WOMEN [sic] on forearm.

Drawing a mo on about 8 guys with the magic marker, and witnessing a dude on his bachelor's wearing an adult diaper.

But some of us were still responsible, at least to some degree. In that we took a cab.
Forgot where my car was in the morning – 'twasn't in the garage.

And woke up with a prize set of loser's, because that's all I'd really like to remember from that evening. The funbus stopped abruptly at around 1:30am, at least for me. I got it off as fast as possible, my night was over.


kyknoord said...

Magic marker? Better than a tattoo, at least.

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk- In context - always in context - yes, better than a tattoo.

Jenty said...

Thankfully magic marker comes out! PMSL!! Sounds like a ripper of an evening.

Peas on Toast said...

Jenty - yeah, one would think! However even after a lots of scrubbing, shades of "Corne" and Twakkie continue to obliterate my love handles, and as a result, have worn an extra long shirt into the office today....I wouldn't want to look like a skank or nothin'.

Nessers said...

magic marker comes off with Deodorant *smile* and second thing your soap is on all day sundays for you to watch *grin*

Peas on Toast said...

*grin* thanks Nessers, didn't know about the deo, but did know about the Sunday omnibus. I try to catch it, but with other stuff on and a huge chunk taken out of the day, I've missed it for three weeks in a row now...but yes, at least I still have th chance to see it. :)

Chester Pillow said...

You don't want to know where 'Popeyes Olive' was written! Sorry I missed the concert!

Peas on Toast said...

Oh my fuck, CHES! I forgot, or did I?

I wrote on you didn't I? *hangs head in shame.* I don't remember you leaving with a Rob Mugabe mo, but did you allow me to name your love handles???


Chester Pillow said...

Peas, Ches has no love handles, just a love handle ;') and he wouldn't have been too happy to see a magic marker. You did make me munch some of your apple tho, ha ha haaaaaaaaa...
I had already been written on actually...'Help, my hedgehogs an orphan', 'My mole needs a hole', remember, or not!

Peas on Toast said...

Sweet Jesus. And it all comes flooding back.

The apple. The hedgehog orphan scenario...and the fact that no one wanted a piece of my apple.

I love randomly munching on an apple in a club, a vomit pit like the Colon and, like, in my car. People don't understand.

But thanks for the flashback dude, I totally forgot about that. Yikes :)