Friday, January 04, 2008

dein beginning das 2008

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope it's gonna be a goodie. Without too many glitches along the way.

Speaking of glitches – this year's started with a rather unfortunate spate of the former.
An interesting few days spent on the Vaal River at Moogs' holiday place, with Mr 747.
Moogs' whole family was there, with their tiny offspring. Plural thereof. I settled neatly into the role of being Aunty Peas: “OK, who wants to wear my mood ring kids?”
Me, me, I do, I do!
“OK, go and fetch Aunty Peas a gin and tonic and we'll talk about it.”

Nostalgia, of when I was au-pairing seven children in rural France.

I rather liked being Aunty Peas. I've started calling myself Aunty Peas in the third person now. Even to myself, without even knowing. I've settled into the role of the crazy family flake very comfortably. Although Aunty Peas is dabbling with sobriety at the moment, but [a lot] more about that later.

The kids were cute, and Aunty Peas could hand them back when I was done talking about Barbie dolls and how one needed to do a pooh. (“Ah but Natasha....girls don't pooh. Remember that sound advice from your Aunty Peas.”) We got to sleep on a tent in the lawn – so although not miles away from Joburg in some tropical Millionaire's Mile setting where men in vests discuss their credit limits, ah no. We were in the “wild outdoors.”

Aunty Peas and her lover even took daringly, wild midnight pees at 2:00 o' clock in the morning.

But let it be said, nature is fucking loud hey. Birds frigging tweeting three sheets to the wind, never shutting up, never stopping the endlessly repetitive trill. Dear God, they make a bloody racquet. Aunty Peas is used to other noises, not this natural stuff.

One little dude asked where “my uncle” was - who had left to play golf with Moogs before sparrows had even begun thinking of farting.
“My uncle?”
That man sleeping next to you with the curly hair.
“Oh, right. You mean Uncle 747. He's gone to whack a ball with a stick somewhere, and Aunty Peas is [trying to] lie in.”
Why you lying in?
“Because Aunty Peas is hungover.”
Oh. Can I jump on Aunty Peas?
“My boy, if you do that, Aunty Peas would die on impact. You don't want her to die do you?”
But it would be fun!
“It would be dreadful. I'm counting to three. One, two...and you don't want to make Aunty Peas angry....”

It was nice to chill with Moogs again on his river. So, so nice.
We witnessed a Great Dane taking a well-executed dump in the middle of lawns of Stonehaven Country Estate. Adjacent to the marquee where people we getting married. In turquoise, might I add.

But 2008 started on a very, very serious note. It kind of all came to a head, lots of things. And whether relative to those around me and their responsibility in it, I have things that are in need of desperate attention. Just for me. And Aunty Peas' frazzled nerves. (“Fetch Aunty Peas her little white pills, the t-r-a-n-q-u-i-l-i-s-e-r-s, please my boy.”)

Amongst this public display of being a hippie-centric non-relative aunt.

Aunty Peas has finally had enough of her patterns, and her lifestyle.

A few things need to be fixed. I'll begin with giving up alcohol. I don't know how long for, it could even be indefinitely. I klapped a couple of rock shandys at dinner last night, and was annoyed to find it wasn't cheaper.

To cut a long story short, I am emotionally exhausted. So this year I'm focusing on me. And my peace of mind. And my confidence.

Those are my New Year's resolutions. My backyard needs to be relandscaped.
I'm putting the 'awe' back into awesome; the 'funk' back into dysfunctional.


SilverSabre said...

happy happy peas ;)

hope 2008 will be a complete blast.

Peas on Toast said...

Happy happy to you too SilverSabre!

Here's to a collectively wonderful year. (I always like the year's ending in an even number...I'm superstitious like that)

The Divine Miss M said...

Happy New Years to you too!

I'm in agreement with you about then alcohol. I think I might still have 1 or 2 drinks (who can get rid of gin and tonic completely?) but this year there will not be any stupid drunken pissups where I do something completely humiliating.

It isn't good for you when you wake up in the morning and cringe about what you did the night before! And that is before I even mention how I'm fucking up my liver.

I don't even really like being dronk anymore.

Antoine said...

Welcome to 2008 "Aunty" Peas. Trust you will be having fun and sharing the fun with the loyal fan base!!

The only issue I find when I give up drinking is I become all sane and not attempt off the wall stuff that makes life so interesting.

Peas on Toast said...

Miss M - happy happy babe!
I completely agree. There are many reasons as to why I have given it up for as long as I can, but a big part is that a) I don't like who I am when I'm pissed anymore, and b) I'm not enjoying it like I used to.

So far so good, 4 days and counting :)
Good luck if you try it too!

Antoine - happy new year m'dear! I hear you about the "sane" thing -I thought about it for a bit and reckoned, "fuck, I won't be the life of the party anymore...or will I?"
I reckon I can still retain my stamina socialwise, and if I don't, well, it don't matter! :)

The Divine Miss M said...

Peas I totally agree - I mean who wants to hang out with people who only like you because when you're pissed you do silly and crazy things. I've done enough entertaining things sober and I definitely like the person I am more when I am not drinking.

I'm not giving up alcohol entirely, purely because I quite enjoy the taste of wine and g&t but I'm not getting pissed anymore. A glass of wine here and there is absolutely fine, but I'm not using it as a social lubricant anymore.

This isn't a NYE thing though, I've been like this for a couple of months now and I still really like the sober Miss M ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Miss M - well done babe, for doing it for these last months. And I am just behind you in thought - I'm also looking forward to seeing things a lot clearer, not having loser's complex and waking up hangover-free (can it be? YAY).

So here's to us (and yes the occasional glass of red in the future xx)

Sheena Gates said...

Welcome home honey!

Hope '08 is less stressful than this last fucker ending in 7.

You need to concentrate on you. And your confidance even, if you insist. At least you have all of us who think you are bloody brilliant :)

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Sheena!

Thanks my dear, and hope you enjoying your time in Cape Town! You going just as the hoards leave - super sensible :)

And yes, especially for you, here's hoping 08 is WAY better than your 07!


Nessers said...

Happy New Year Young Peas - it's not the alcohol that makes you the life of the party it's your personality grin.

Hope you have a great 2008

KaB said...

Hooray...good luck with those resos!

As for the lack of booze...I'm of the same opinion lately but honestly...nobody really manages to pull this reso off...unfortunately we pin too much 'social' life against the backdrop of booze...pity but the truth nonetheless!

Happy New Year, Peas!

Revolving Credit said...

Well, well, well ....your backyard needs to be relandscaped.

So your going to herald the new year with a bit of anal bleaching??

Welcome back and Happy 2008.

Let's hope it's an interesting journey.

Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - why thanks doll, and to you too. I figure if I can sing karaoke sober, then why drink eh?


Kab - you're so right. Social=booze, especially in this town where's there's not much else to do. But I have a back up plan - I'm going to start finding some different things to do, instead of revisiting the same watering holes weekend after weekend. :)

Rev - not a bad idea. I should bleach my anoos. Then I'll feel like a completely new ho, hey? ;) Happy New Year my dear! x

Koekie said...

As long as you're not planning on putting the 'psycho' back into 'psychological', we should all be okay... all the best for 2008!

Queen of the Nile said...

Hello Aunty Peas!

Yay, I can access this from work! By the way, drinking over here is seriously expensive, so I have been having a pretty sober time... and it's actually not that bad!

Hope you have a fab two thousand and great!