Wednesday, March 26, 2008

and...we're back

Arrgh. Back to reality.
Why is Joburg so dank?

I mean, seriously – why is it like I'm sitting in some Cold War-riddled Soviet bloc, God, hello depression.

I mean my scarf is coming along like a peach and the colours are all multi and shit, but it's back to reality. And reality is exhausting. This constant “I'm gonna conquer the world anyway” attitude I've adopted is all very well, and it's working alright so far, but it's still a little demanding nonetheless. I have to drive and I have to do stuff. Which I'm doing, with crazy fervour. The stuff, not so much the driving.

Argh. Can something cool just happen soon please.


Anonymous said...

Time to make your dystopian post-apocalypse/economic meltdown/environmental collapse movie, perhaps? We can get Revo to direct the sex scenes.

Peas on Toast said...

Ah, you mean the local version of Twin Peaks right?

Please can I play the woman with the eye-patch!

Rev can be...Bob, Kyk you can be...Leland Palmer...and, oh wait, I want to be Laura! After she's wrapped in plastic and shunted down the river.

Tam said...

Ok this is a long stretch - I think the Time online sudoku is totally cool, do you do that one? It's my new addiction.

Just remember all us random plebs believe in you, supporting you in whateva you do. Good luck, sweet peas :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Tam! I play the one, but my scarf is taking up so much of my time...sigh :) It's coming along, and it's going to be FABULOUS!

Thanks for your comment angel pie xx

MsBehavn said...

Y'know, winter's coming and there might be a huge market out there, Peas.

For your scarves.

And for you too, of course. Just don't want it to sound like we were going to pimp you out *laughs*

Chin up, lass! You're back in Joey's. That's worth a Heroes' Welcome right there!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Aw bless you MsBehavn :)

Arrgh. Life had turned around considerably - well as considerable as you can get, until I arrived back here and everything seems to be shrouded in this veil of depression.

Thank God for genuine mates and family eh?

Nessers said...

maybe I should take up knitting - tell me where you get the tools required for this skill *g* and that way if I am bad at the knitting I could stab people who upset me *wg*

The Divine Miss M said...

Why don't you take a shit load of acid? I'm sure something cool will happen then ... :P


Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - yay! Wanna join my Stitch n Bitch Club? All it takes is 1 x knitting needles (mine are pink...gotta love it), and balls of wool. Then it's easy kapeasy. I'll show you how to do a stitch. Then you can bitch while you do it.
It's great therapy.

Miss M - I was thinking methamphetamine. Didn't Ernest Hemmingway dabble in it a bit?

The Divine Miss M said...

He might of done ...

However look at how he ended, frikken shotgun to the head with severe liver issues and alcoholism. Do you really want to go there?

Peas on Toast said...

Damn straight. I can think of more dignified deaths myself.

So maybe I'll stick to the occasional glass of wine. It works!

The Divine Miss M said...

Yup. If you're going to go do it in style - none of this leaving other people a horrid mess to clean up.

Inconsiderate assholes.

Wine is good. I've become a fan of Port of late. Very stylish you know ...

Nessers said...

Oh I like clubs like that - count me in I have blue ones at home I will get some wool tomorrow and start knitting scarves too cos I can't read patterns hehehe

Revolving Credit said...

Yay...I get to be the director of porntography!!

Has anyone seen my casting couch???

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hmm...something cool...something cool...Weel, I would tell you about the Lotto this weekend for 40 million rand, but I'm gonna win it so...back to the drawing board I'm afraid!!
Glad you made it back ok!