Thursday, April 24, 2008

bob's your aunty

Went out for a drink with Dick last night, before embarking on an evening with my girls for dinner and a few drinkiepoos. He's out from Australia for a few days for a wedding and such (the oke hasn't really had a chance to settle in his new place of lieu, although did say he's bought a Ute and has seen a kangaroo in the wild. Highlarious. )

He bought me this equally highlarious little book called Oz-isms. Where such phrases and words can be directly attributed to the Ozzie dialect, (and here I was thinking many were of Brit origin. I was wrong.) Translated directly from this book, here are some of the words I found particularly highsterical:

Bewdy - Beauty
Bluey - Redhead. (I thought that word started with a g?)
Bruce/Dong - A willy (How big's your bruce, Bruce?)
Brisvegas - Brisbane (abbreviated to Brizzy)
Cobba - a mate
Drongo - an idiot
Fizza - big build up; small outcome
Garbo - a trash collector
Hoyfaloy / Hoytee Toytee - upper class
Merkin - female nether region hair
Never Never - The outback
Pork pie - a lie (Is this cockney actually?)
Punished- smashed (love this)
Scrubba - a chav
Shark's biscuit - a body board (bewdyful)
Shemozzel - a large mess
Sparky - an electrician
Strewth - goodness me (I just love that the book includes this)
Tazzie - Tasmania
The Coathanger - Sydney Harbour Bridge
Trackiedacks - a tracksuit (most likely worn by a scrubba)
Unit - a big muscular man (Vernon is a Unit)
Vickta - a lawnmower (Can you just imagine: "The Vickta needs a Doctor, A Doctor for Vickta, Bruce - Doctor, Vickta! It won't start!")

Then there're the phrases:

Arse over tit - fall over
Blow ya stack - lose your temper
Did you come down in the last shower? - naïve
Fair dinkum - same as “True's Bob”
Flappin' ya gums - talking the hind leg of a donkey
Give 'em some curry - lay on the heat
Have a chardi and a vommi - drink wine then throw up
Lickedysplit - quick and smart
Lookamoy - look at me (Directly from the mouths of Kath & Kim)
No flies on you - you're sharp
Off like a bride's nightie - leave quickly
Pack a wallop - hit hard
Pain in ya pinnie - stomach ache
Tinny in a stubbie - beer in a cooler cup (they have an expression for this? Dinkum!)
Tight as a fish's arse - tight with cash (because fish's asses are toight?)
You pullin' me third leg? - you having me on? (And thereby yanking my Bruce?)
Two bob short of a quid - not the brightest crayon in the box

And my favourite favourite:
HAIRY CHEQUE BOOK - another name for a husbank.

C, Klo, L and I all went out and got a bit blotto, punishing ourselves on bottles of piss. (That's a beer FYI. A bottle of piss. Third time round: Highlarious)


Alex said...

yeah a fish's arse is tight, it's water tight ;-)

Peas on Toast said...

Alex - that's just dinkum! :)

Greg said...

Arf arf. My favourites (and i've been here a few years, mind) :
'ugly as a hat full of arseholes' (more commonly used than you would think)
'face like a dropped pie'
All time favourite...
'rangah : redhead -short for orangutan

Peas on Toast said...

Greg - Those are as mad as a snake! What a flippen cackla! Bonza my cobba, the imagery behind the expressions are bottla!

Anonymous said...

I'm surrounded by drongos

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - ah natta natta. You love the kit and kaboodel. :)

Jam said...

HAIRY CHEQUE BOOK? Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Peas on Toast said...

Isn't it a smoodga? As rough as guts, but fully sick!

Greg said...

Fuckin' balltearer! You're a coupla tinnies and a late night kebab away from bein' a true blue!

Peas on Toast said...

Crikey, I'm spewin' feathers here Greg, you're a freakin' corka! :)

All I need are some wharfie beetle crushers, some hell for leather togs, and I'll be dinky di Straya! :)

Ches said...

"Em' mate, just roastin the corn" - Means you need a pooh soon, ha ha!

Sorry, took me a while to get use to that one in Oz...

"Baaaaaaaa means NO!!!"

Nessers said...

A friend of mine in Australia uses this a lot "hung over like a bastard" I loved it so much I adopted it as my own grin

Peas on Toast said...

Ches - oh my GAD. Crikey, that's highlarious - I presume then Ozzie girls pooh? Cos Saffa ones don't! :)
Or maybe they're all just laying doggo.

PS: Got the trots means to have the runs :)

Nessers - love it - and don't you love the way they say bastard. The word. Hide nor hair, get off me hamma!

Ches said...

"Ah man, she/he's a honka!" Couldn't figure out if this was directed a pretty people, ugly people or smelly people...all the same over there I guess...or maybe that's a kiwi thing? Can't be sure!

Ozzie girls evedentlly pooh like a Rock Wallabie! Me never be seeing a Rock Wallabie pooh, so can't comment!

As for saffa girls, roses, just roses! :)

Apologies for the lavaotry talk!

Peas on Toast said...

Ches, what a little rippa! I might not pooh, but I sure enjoy a little bit of toilet humour!

Anonymous said...

I did tag you ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

Some of them are of English origin hon - but makes sense as many English prisoners went out there!

Two bob short of a quid
Pack a wallop
Pork pie

These definitely are!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Parenthesis!

Miss M - you're absolutely right, they'd HAVE to be. They're all English convicts anyway, aren't they? Kidding, kidding... :)

Let's not start a Barney Rubble now!

MsBehavn said...

I love this post, Peas. I laughed my ass off, mate!

Peas on Toast said...

Msbahven - Ta mate, you're as bold as brass! A bit of a hit & giggle :)

acidicice said...

Heads up! Apparently Vernon Koekemoer is in the new Vodacom ad. I haven't seen it yet, but I hear a rumour! Eyes peeled!

Billy said...

Classic post.