Thursday, April 17, 2008

goodbye chad

Yesterday, after a sanctimonious day involving “hangovers just aren't me anymore” self-speech, I went to pick up Chad. He might be small, he might be a rat, but he's my boy. Fuck, God knows everyone else hates his tail. But he's my pet.

And he was sick. I found him to be slightly cold body-temperature wise, and not running around, rather dragging himself across his cage and burrowing into my hair and remaining there because he has lost all his energy.

Then, after a long day he gave up and died. Chad went and died on me yesterday. Fuck man.

Timely. Like all things these days.

Rest in peace my little rodent.


c@th said...

oh holy shit peas!

sorry man. fuck fuck fuck X

Peas on Toast said...

c@th -yeah it sucks major ass :(

Thanks though. I'm going to have to bury him in the garden this morning...


boldly benny said...

Sorry to hear it Peas. Pets really do creep into our hearts and it's never easy saying good-bye xxB

Peas on Toast said...

Benny - they do hey? I'm gonna have to get his dad (3RM) to help me bury him.

Then I'm moving to Romania.

acidicice said...

That just ruined my morning :(

Sorry to hear that Peas.

Kel said...

Im so sorry.

Betenoir said...

oh no peas! not Chad! I'm so sad for you... *hugs*

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys. :(

Yeah he got sick so suddenly, usually he is a pretty active rat...I guess as far as rats go...and then he lost it. Just like that.

Poor little urchin.

Anonymous said...

Poor li'l guy. And poor you.
RIP Chad

MsBehavn said...

Shit, what a crap thing to happen. It had absolutely nothing to do with your fancy knickers or the German sausage, Peas. You have to know that, mkay?

Chin up, girl!

Revolving Credit said...

Chad Jean-Gilles O’Toast
(1 Oct 2006 - 16 Apr 2008)

Pet, friend, confidant, nibbler.

Lived the high life, partied hard, ate & drank anything, died so young.. life of a rockstar, baby!

Farewell my furry friend.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks chaps. I'm certain if Chad's little ratty soul is hovering above us, he'll be touched by your sentiments!

Rev, bless your obituary!

Jam said...

Not The Chad??!!

Chad, darling darling rat - may you rest in peace.

I'm so sorry Peas. So so sorry.


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks my sweetie. xxx

Revolving Credit said...

Are you going to have a wake?

The theme:
The Life and Times of Chad Jean-Gilles Craig Jesus Fabio O’Toast-Da Gama

Everyone needs to dress-up based on an event or incident during his short stay with us.

So get mourners to come to your house and hide under your couch or roll around in some wood shavings or try and squeeze their body thru some plastic tubing or maybe even rummage thru your drawers and nibble on your knickers!

c@th said...

truly sorry peas.

sick joke though. good thing you do not have to bury chad with a hangover.

(trying to make you laugh here)


Anonymous said...

shame lucy/penelope/lori/peas. did he choke to death on all the shit you talk?

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Rev, that's the first laugh I've cracked today - hilarious. A big stage filled with sawdust and nuts to nibble on! Classic! :)

PS: North Dakota. One of his names, I think squeezed between Fabio and Jesus was North Dakota. :)

Revolving Credit said...

Fuck off anon!
My hope is that you shove your head so far up your own ass that your own sphincter chokes you to death!!

Anonymous said...

fuck you, rev, you douchebag. go sit quietly and think up more shitty sexual puns, you fat virgin.

Revolving Credit said...

Come out from behind the anon and show your face.

You're obviously just a sad lonely person with no love or real freinds in your life.

You get off on rubbing someone else's sadness in their face..I'm not sure what that says about you as a person, but your not nice and most of us would rather not fraternise with you.

What is even sadder is that if that is how you plan to go thru life you will die a lonely, bitter, twisted person and on your death bed wonder why once, a rat on its passing, generated more public sympathy and out pourings of love, than the termination of your feeble existance ever will.

Sad, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

hiding? your real name is revolving credit, then? I think it's equally sad the way you jump in everyday with your lame, unfunny sexual innuendos. also, 20 people are not 'the public'.

and my death bed will not be lonely, rev. it will have your mother in it, like my regular bed.

Jam said...

You are an insensitive moron. Peas has been through hell in the last couple of weeks, and that's your response to yet another shitty thing happening to her? You are disrespectful, selfish and nasty. Get your own life. And go away.

Anonymous said...

karma's a bitch, kathy. and you of all people should not tell anyone to get a life.

anita knew the score. the rest of you sycophants are in denial.

Jam said...

And btw - to all "anonymous" flaming commentators here...stop it. There's no need to get personal and nasty in this space. You all really suck. If you don't have anytning truly decent to add, just shut up. Take your shit out elsewhere.

Jam said...

I smell fish bait.

Revolving Credit said...

Anon, what is even sadder is that, irrespective of how depraved, twisted, lonely and syphilis ridden you are, unlike you, my mother is a loving, caring and compassionate person and would probably be more than willing to attend and care for you on your deathbed.

Not that you could appreciate these qualities in a person, I suspect.

But that's fine for she is the saint and you are the sinner.

Now go back and lay down on that cardboard box you call a bed and contemplate what your contribution to humanity is beside spreading hate and tainting the genetic pool.

Anonymous said...

have a bath, then. must be kwam 'jam'. Jam. Geddit? no, you haven't got it in a while.

Jam said...


Anonymous said...

she's a saint rev, right enough. I particularly enjoy her laying on of hands, if you know what I mean.

I mean hand jobs, rev. from your mom.

at least my genetic material doesn't end up like yours, rev: in an old sock next to your computer.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. the simple death of a rat and suddenly revs mom is giving handjobs to strangers.
this must be a case for CSI: blogger losers

whooooooo are you? whowho who hoo?

Revolving Credit said...

You seem to be a bit of a mommy's boy?
Oedipus complex hey??

Best we warn your father. His life may be in danger.

Unfortunately my mother is probably more woman than you could handle, but then again, you knew that, that's why she had to help you clean up after you what creamed your jeans.

As I said earlier,sad, so sad.
But then, we should not be surprised, you're probably one of those people who masturbates at funerals.

PS. the whooooooo are you? whowho who hoo, what was that sound? Was that you coming in your hand again?

Anonymous said...

the csi anon comment was me, another anon, revvie.
don't get all worked up here, boy. do you know how silly you look defending your mother on the internet. I mean really now. unless you are gonna send her this link to show "how good you did on the intahweb today" in anticipation of a pocket money increase so you can go buy more bar ones at the bp shop, you aren't really helping youself here buddy.

happy snapper said...

aah, Im sorry to hear about Chad, Peas :'(

Revolving Credit said...

Shame, no love in your family either?
If it helps I'll share my Bar One.
Maybe it will take you mind off it.

But please wash your hands first.

tuberider said...

Just a thought I would like to add to the blogosphere.

It's always interesting to me how people who are nasty or have unkind things to say generally do it under a cloak of anonymity. We all free to choose how much of our identity to reveal online, but invariably people who have the most derogatory things to say always do it completely anonymously. It’s very rare to find someone bold enough to say nasty things AND reveal who they are in whatever form that takes. To me it suggests some cowardice or lack of conviction on their part.

Anonymous said...

other anon is right, rev. let's get off mothers...after all, I just got off yours! no, i'm sorry, that's rude. I apologise, you son of a whore.

your mother's fat, rev. had to slap her thigh and ride the wave in. after rolling her in flour (to find the wet spot, you see).

I knew she was your mother cause she said her son was a whiny poes who has never felt a woman's touch.

Anonymous said...

I have a tube you can ride, sweetie. anonymously.

Billy said...

Sorry to hear about Chad. Hope things start improving for you!

Anon: WTF?

Revolving Credit said...

Shame, none of the anons appear to have a loving nurturing family, therefore do not take pride in the their parents and upbringing.

Just spoke to my mom. She wants to know if you were that annoying packer at the Spar that kept luring at her??

She realises that it was not the yoghurt, that you had professed to have dropped while packing, that caused the mess, but rather you jerking off at the check out and yet again creaming your jeans in public.


Anonymous said...

who taught you how to write jokes rev? Corky from more is nog 'n dag? you're lying about speaking to her, cause i'm cybering with her right now on msn. her screen name is massivecocksuckerlikemyson@wol.

KaB said...

Oh no...the Chad was rad man!

Peasy pants...I'm sure he loved you dearly & that he loved having you as a were cool to the little thing...think only good things!

As for Anon...oi vey...I really thought this kak was over...honestly...there really is nothing annoying & the best thing to do would be to ignore them fuckers!

I hope all the peeps out there will do that...ignore them & let them bitch among themselves!

Peas...sorry dude!

Revolving Credit said...

Dude, I'm chatting to my mom right now???
So I have no idea who you're trying to shag on-line?

Best you call your mom and make sure that she's not on-line.
Damn, you're cyber-stalking your own mother!!!

Now THAT is sick!

As I said earlier..Oedipus Complex.

Jam said...

LOL. Rev you're classic.

Revolving Credit said...

Hiya Jammi ;)

Jam said...

Anon, dear. I find it thoroughly entertaining that the comment that sparked the ensuing comments had something to do with Peas' rat "choking on all the shit she speaks."
Seems to me that you're the only one speaking shit, as you've just proved from your last coupla comments.

c@th said...

fuck yes! let's have another anon commenter fucking up a fucking shit time in peas' life by being, mmm, lemme see, a total fucking shithead who's obsessed with fucking his own mother!

Oh yay. Shut the fuck up anon. That sounds so stupid. If you have something to say, have half an erection enough to write it with your name. Anon. Really.

I have one word for you - TNUC. Yes, TNUC. It's a backwards CUNT. And that makes it fucking useless.

About as useless as the boner you think you got last week when someone looked in your direction.

Bye now.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daisy said...

RIP Chad.

Chin up rock star, things can only get better from now!

Loving the blog x

charmskool said...

Erm excuse me Peas are you still out there? If you are still reading this and haven't given up in the face of all the name-calling and mother-slagging (shaddup you lot I'm a mom)- I am so sad for you about your little pal. I hope that you aren't too lonely without him - to others he may have been a rat but he was the dude you came home to.

Jam said...

You've gone all quiet. You okay dear?
Tired of everyone arguing with you yet? Tired of being anonymous yet? Taken out your mood for the day?

MsBehavn said...

Peas, luv, it's time to turn on comment moderation or at least allow registered users only.

Hope you're holding up, dollface :)

Revolving Credit said...


Anon, while I cannot condone your on-line maternal predation & subsequent buggery, I am at least comforted by the fact that it hopefully draws you closer to your mother..which can apparently only improve your disposition.

But now this, 'eating dick' as you so eloquently put it..hhmm.

I'm not sure, does that make you bisexual or trisexual??

Confused, let me explain.
Besides harbouring motherly sexual fantasies, apparently added to that, you're a knob gobbler.

So know: Bisexual
Well, you apparently are a partial to a bit of wood munching. Now the question is, do you slobber up to lumberjacks in general or do you also try an keep this in the family.

You've had the bottom 2 ribs removed and are now able to wax your own wand. The benefit here is quite obvious.
Firstly you will blow your load in your own mouth and hopefully that will shut you up.
Secondly, you won't be creaming your jeans and therefore will save your mom an unsavoury laundry task.

Why trisexual you ask:
Cause you're willing to go down on women, men and yourself.

Anonymous said...

rev, I know you think that everything you just wrote is hilarious and really stuck it to me. it wasn't. just for that, i'm taking the back door with your mom. without butter.

you are honestly the biggest fucking retard in the world. I should have pulled out of mommy and spared the world from you. my mistake.

people. I have a confession to make. it's my fault chad the rat died. I hid him in rev's mom's pants as a joke and the smell got him. sorry.

Revolving Credit said...

Dude, I wouldn't stick it to you, promise.
You seem to have me confused with one of your cousins.
You're the anal rectal ranger, not me.

And the only way you may have injured poor Chad is if he died laughing, watching you attempting auto-fellatio!

So honestly, tell me,
spits or swallows??

Jam said...

ah come one...with such amazing comments, we really really want to know who you are!

Anonymous said...

I try to swallow, but your mom always gets there first.

ok virgin boy, gotta go. been fun pwning your little bitch ass all day. maybe one day you and I can have sex.i'll be your first man-on-man that's not a priest or your dad.

Revolving Credit said...

Umm..did you just admit that you swallow.
You've also just propositioned me???WTF??

You're a ladyboy aren't you?

The only reason you're trying to cosy up to your mom is so that you can lend her clothing...hahaha

Well, goodluck with that!!

Ches said...

Chad, no!
I'll always remember those lab experiments myself and Chad went under...I was the cosmetic testing Monkey, Chad, the antibiotic testing Rat...he kept me sane!

Seriously tho, shame Peas, not nice timing. Sorry he passed... :(

Jam said...

So sad,
Anon has fled - probably because he was unable to match Rev's sparkling wit.
What a coward.

Anonymous said...

sparkling wit? I said I like boys and girls, and he said it back to me. that's not wit. yes rev, I fuck boys and girls. you're upset cause one of the girls is your huge, dirty whore of a mother, and one of the boys isn't you.

I changed my mind rev. I won't fuck you now. I shall have to find another single, lonely, fat, ugly virgin loser. luckily, this is the blogosphere!

I didn't flee jam. that was your ex, remember?

Jam said...

which ex would that be?

Anonymous said...

all of 'em, I guess.

Jam said...

You mean, you don't know.
So you just don't know.

Revolving Credit said...

While anon's commentary doesn't really bother me, what I find most disconcerting is his appauling use of the english language.
I'd venture to say that even Vern would talk circle around him in open dialogue.

But then, the alumni of Prieska Agricultural and Fashion Gynasium have never really had a major impact on our economy.

Now if only those lady rent-boys actually paid income tax.

leez said...

Peas...? do us a favour and delete all those disrespectful comments. its getting a bit tiresome. rev has his own blog.... why don't they fucking crap on each other there?

I don't really believe in domesticating animals but i am sorry that you lost a friend.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jam said...

Right Anon. You know my name, wouldn't you say it's fair that I know yours. Come on you coward, tell us who you are...but then again, clearly you like to hide behind this anonymous persona so that you are able to be as revolting as possible.

Revolving Credit said...

So anon, how was Prieska Gym, is your family proud of you having passed grade 7??
At least you have the ladyboy fashion thing to fallback on.

Nessers said...

/me just shakes her head at everyone who is replying to anon - don't you realise that you are just fueling this person as opposed to just ignoring them which is what I advise my kids to do to people who are being mean - ignore them and they eventually get bored and leave - argue back and they stay

Really guys you are helping this individual to stay by your acknowledging the comments IT writes

Jam said...

Hi Nessers
There has been some method behind the madness of Rev and Jam today.

Kel said...

Very clever Jam...getting the shite out the hole.
hope you find it.