Tuesday, June 17, 2008

buckets, film appreciation & wine

I spent much of Friday over a bucket.

Love that. Gastro. Or something. It wasn't pretty.

Anyway, after I finally came up for air on Saturday, I had someone over for lunch. The dude I met in the week, the one who knew a thing about G Thang.

We talked travel and living in places like, say, Dubai.
'Dude it's like Rhodes in the desert.'
Peas: Ha ha ha. But we are already in Rhodes in the desert. Johannesburg.
'Yeah, except maybe with more Steers outlets.'

I love that. Come on, even Rhodes people have to find that funny. Thoroughly entertaining afternoon drinking wine with an interesting stranger, laughing myself stupid and hanging on my balcony listening to bad music. Perfect Saturday afternoon stuff really. And the sun shines on my balcony!

I gave him the Monster Hits experience, which, it seems he remembers well. It's only right I spread the Monster Hits love.
Three words:

(He's unbelievably hysterical. Possibly one of the sharpest cards I've met in a very long time.) He bought over lunch and wine, what a kiff afternoon.
Peas has a new, like, friend.

Have rediscovered the sheer ingenuity of the Usher Doctrine. God I'm loving him all over again, and since I'm so kind when it comes to sharing the love, I thought it apt to explain to 3RM why Usher is so amazing:

'You need to appreciate, dog. RnB is a power ballad mixed with a bit of rap. Power ballad + rap. It's the perfect power collaboration. It's two amazing genres mixed in one.'

3RM: Dude. It's like mixing custard and Marmite.

Peas: You make that sound like a bad combination. That's not a bad one. I'll tell you a bad combination: dumb and dangerous.

3RM: Well yes but...

Peas: 'We were talking ostriches the other night. And apparently they are super aggressive and their pissed-offness has left a few human fatalities in their wake.
Dumb and dangerous. Now there's a lethal combination.'

Sunday I joined the Dove and company for some dinner in Melville. Had a glass of wine and suddenly my two cents' worth of film appreciation turned south:

Dove: 'Yeah my favourite James Bond was Thunderball.'
Peas: What? No way guys, SuperPussy.


Peas: Oh crapsticks. Oh Jesus. I meant Octopussy. You know the one starring Roger Goode.

(Jesus, what did they put in my wine? Roger Goode from the Saturday Night Surgery?)


SwissTwist said...

Me tinks me should find where to rent this SuperPussy!!

Sounds like a fantastic weekend, Ms Peas, its good to see you smile again!

Peas on Toast said...

Swiss - ha ha :) I can't believe I said that to a whole bunch of unknown people.

It's a club in the redlight district of Bangkok.

Mini said...

Sweet Pea

Well I am a guy and sex is always on my mind,but seems to me that you kinda suffering from a male thing.I mean first G thang,than superpussy,What next?......Mind you I still recommend friends with benefits>lol

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - suffering from nymphomania you mean? ;)

Nah, I'm having trouble kickstarting my mojo full throttle truth be told. I expect the handbrake to lift as soon as I get used to my immediate lifestyle and surroundings though :)

(The relief I tell ya) ;)

happy snapper said...

SUPERPUSSY! Dude, you crack me up! ha ha ha! Sounds more like a bad porno to me :

"James Bondage stars in SuperPussy".

As for the new..erm..friend...thats great news. Meeting new ppl and actually hitting it off is always fun. Its like, you can feel that glimmer of hope slowing creeping through, like despite the shit thats happening, things might actually get better.
Go Peas! You Monster Hit his ASS! In a metaphorical way of course... ;)

Leila Starfish Pan said...

ok this is getting weird now.

you say "crapsticks" too? although im more inclined towards "shitstick"

tally ho

Peas on Toast said...

Snapper - I could see Roger Moore in SuperPussy. I really could. He's an aged 007. His career in mainstream action is over. I reckon he's gone B-Grade, whatchareckon?

Leile - crapsticks, it just sounds so....right somehow. :)