Thursday, June 12, 2008

i love mojitos

One of my friends is emigrating – not secondmentering, or visiting, or 'let's see how it goes' ing, but moving to London this week. She's moving there for at least 5 years.
I'm so sad she's leaving. We started organising our ancestral visas together, and had I not got my cool job, I'd totally be going with her.

Anyway, I'm jealous and I'm also going to miss her so much.

She had a little farewell drinkie-poo thing at Gypsy Lounge [kiff spot, BTW. Been there twice now, and barring the no toilets vibe, it's rather nice].

Also met an awesome new person, and what with going through the whole Uranus In My Venus/Quarter Life Crisis/Who The Fuck Am I vibe, it was nice to chat to a stranger so easily. What a pleasure!

And although I never speak about hip hop here [because I'm a white girl. I mean, come on], and a helluva lot of Monster Hits, it was still grand to talk to someone who knew a thing or two about G Unit and Dr Dre.
Jesus. It's been an age. The last time I talked rapster gangster motherfuckers, was in the States.

Anyway, my quote of the evening was, and I absolutely loved this:

“Monster Hits, you listen to Monster Hits?”
I don't only listen, I own.

[I explain a little about how seminal Mr Vain and The Urban Cookie Collective is, especially the heightened euphoria one feels on such music when absolutely and completely blotto.
But also how after Monster Hits 4, it was never the same because they put Scatman's World on the album, and us purists didn't appreciate this new commercial vibe.]

And I know my Monster Hits shit OK.

Don't fuck with it.

To this:

“So you're like the Burger King Girl.”
“Like, So Burger King has changed it's almighty and amazing 600g fries special to only 450 grams. And to you Burger King purists, you believe the brand is at risk, despite it's aforementioned fried conglomerate being one of the most popular foods of our time.

Burger King has changed, and you're not just happy about it. Back in the day, the 600g fries were what Burger King was about

I absolutely loved that. He hit the nail on the button/head/whatever.

How frigging classic? Good on him wherever he is. Fucking hilarious.

Loved that.


Ches said...

OMG, I'm the first to comment! [No pressure Ches, just be natural] least Venus is not in Uranus! :)
Pea's, I'm sure everything will start falling into place...I think humans and bears are similar. When winter arrives, we feel the need to hibernate, and a little hibernation never hurt anyone!

Peas on Toast said...

Ches - be cool dog, be cool :) HAHAHA.

For sure, us humans are all animals at the end of the day and GOD I'd love to do some hibernating. I'm thinking this weekend when everyone fucks off on their long weekends, I'm going to order Mr Delivery and watch DVDs in my hen pad.

Never before have I embraced being such a loser! Bring it the fuck on! :)

Ches said...

As Dr Alban so rightly sang on Monster Hits #1...'It's My Life!' Along with a whole lot of other unpronounceable versus!

Peas on Toast said...

Ches I still claim that the line 'I'm As Serious As Cancer When I Say Rhythm Is A Dancer' is poetry.

Pure unprecedented poetry.

Ches said...

What an absolute classic! 'You can feel it in the air...' Awsome!

Remember Snow, Informer!
"Informer, khkjsdg dghsdghkdshg dsgkhdfkgdgf yey yey, a leeky boom boom down!"

Pea's, my colleage is now singing Monster Hits tracks to me!! Ha ha...

Peas on Toast said...

cHES - HAHAHAHA! Classic, 'hjjkgh kjdfkjgh a leeky boom boom down..'

Was actually discussing having a Monster Hits party soon - had one in thrid year, so it's high time I had another! Come dressed in your Docs and pleated jeans china!

Sunrise Chip n' Cheez said...

Fuck Pea's, you cool as ice...(ding da ding ding) Ice, Ice Baby, you rock the mike like a vandor, will it ever stop, yo I dunno (ding da ding ding)...

OW sweet tits, I know that whole song off by heart, now that guy was Gangsta to the MAX!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Sunrise - Sweet tits, that's brilliant!

Another favourite hip hop line of all time:

'I Get More Ass Than A Toilet Seat.'

(Shake That Ass For Me)

Step aside Keats, fo shizzle.

Ches said...


I'm there like Snoop Dogg to a hot booty...Izzem to the Shizzem! Word!

Peas on Toast said...



It's going to be a corker. I'm going to whoreganise as soon as C is back from gallivanting across Africa. All the Monster Hits CDs, Now That's What I Call Music's, and Dance Adrenalines.

Jesus, I can't wait.

Lofty said...

I feel so at home! Vanilla fans? Awesome!

Just yesterday I quoted: "if my rhyme was a drug I'd sell it by the gram" to someone, and they were utterly impressed - until they found out it was a Vanilla-line...

I still do his trademark "V" sign with my hands - just can't get rid of it. He was a one-hit legend!

Peas on Toast said...

Lofty - Dude Vanilla is amazing. His real name is Brian Van Winkle or something like that, and now owns a surf shop in California because he's bankrupt. Poor bastard! Remember his first and only movie, Cool As Ice? Where he had bricks shaved into the side of his head - fuck he was hot. Anyway, I have the soundtrack at home, and although Ice Ice Baby is a winner - there's more, you have to get his movie soundtrack!

Lofty said...

He's still rapping and performing, can you believe it? Saw this pic of a show he did in Oz, and the crowd was massive!

And "Cool as Ice" was brilliant! If I wasn't in a conservative Afrikaans school, I would've chissled my hair and eyebrows Ice-style. He was my idol! Still remember buying "To the extreme", think it was my first CD ever...

You're right though, Ice Ice Baby was just one of the winners - how about "Play that funky music" or, my fav, "Havin' a Roni", cos I was THAT much gangsta back then...

Mini said...

Hey Pea Iam still awaiting my invite to the party?(I eagerly await).

"I know what I want and I want it now, I want you coz I am" Mr Minnie...Lmao

You know say daddy me snow me-a (gonna) blame
A licky boom-boom down
'Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me stab someone down the lane
A licky boom-boom down

Police-a them-a they come and-a they blow down me door
One him come crawl through through my window
So they put me in the back the car at the station
From that point on I reach my destination
Well the destination reached in down-a East detention
Where they whip down me pants look up me bottom

Peas on Toast said...

Lofty - oh yeah baby you know what I'm talkin' about! My favourite line in the movie was, 'Drop that zero and get with the hero.' :)

Mini - dude, that's frigging genius! Beautifully done! For that you're definitely invited - wanna MC? ;)

SheBee said...

can i just say, that i now have


stuck in my head now, because of your bloody label.

hee hee

Mini said...

I will definately attend!lol

MC ok...Sing I can't(hence you didnt catch me on idols) but I do a pretty good Bob Marley karaoke.Does Uncle Bob count?

Ches said...

All right stop! Collaborate and listen, Peas is back with my brand new invention something, grabs a hold of me tightly flow like a harpoon daily and nightly...will it ever stop Yo, I don't know, turn off the lights and I'll glow. To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle. Dance, go rush to the speaker that booms, I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom! Deadly when I play a dope melody, anything less than the best is a felony...Love it or leave it you better gain weight, you better hit bull's eye the kid don't play it...If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it....Ice Ice Baby! *Dun dun dun dddu dddu dun dun*

SheBee said...


That made me die from laughter!

Peas on Toast said...

Oh my wet testicle bag.

Chester that just made my day.

All right stop! Collaborate and listen...

Ches said...

Break dancing has never been that cool! ;)
Respect to ya ladies.

Lofty said...

... and word to yo mutha. Le's get outta here.