Thursday, June 26, 2008

la ithla bonita

There is this wonderfully gay fellow that works in my building. He does a bit of admin for us too, and I think he is just the most wonderful thing since Fluffy White Rugs.

(FYI, I made the phonecall yesterday. Turns out the rug is here in Johannesburg, sitting at some rug depot/rug prison awaiting'll take another week. God, how will I cope?)

Anyway this dude is marvellous. He carries around trays of things with the poise and grace of a gazelle, something I don't have. Above shoulder, palm turned upward, sorta thing. He breezes around, giving orders, and helping us out.

I want him to be my best friend.

He's perfect. He got me quotes to frame my Warhols (ouch. Ouch. But the rug needs companions.), and he has given me a bit of d├ęcor advice. He's just so sweet, but two months on, I think he's only starting to take a shine to me now. Could be my new handbag. Or that he really approves of the Warhols. (Who the fuck wouldn't though? Andy Warhol is a god. He CREATES, ok), but he seems to to have a dry, hilarious sense of humour, and he certainly knows how to manage a room.

I mean, the reception area is a result of his mastery. This beautiful red fluffy rug (more practical and beautiful – but crazy expensive), and he's just a professional when it comes to everything it seems, including humour and utmost perfection.

I just love him. And he doesn't even know it. Or maybe he does.

I'm currently starting to think about my year-end leave. Everyone else is planning theirs, and I was thinking of where I should go, money permitting and saved:

Somewhere I can run around in next to nothing, a place where there's a foreign language of some kind (or at least a funny/sexy accent), and it's hot, and sizzling and cultural. A bit of city and a bit of ruralness.

Where would I go for thee perfect holiday?

(Greece in September is for work mainly. At least some of it.)
And I would've done a bit of Europe this year, so I would've got my fix.

Mauritius – hmmmmmm. No. Too many married/honeymooning/shagging couplets.

Mallorca? The Dove loved it, and said the people were fun and amazing and sexy and beautiful and warm, at least when she lived there. She knows people there too. Definite maybe.

Eyebeefa – In the event I was a complete chav in a tracksuit and bought all the Pasha CDs (although....they're rather fact they're smokin'....), and drank Stella and took Hex..tascy, then yes. But I'm also not 16 and stuff. So definite no. (Can't believe Whale even suggested it. Yes China, you.)

A ha! South America. Everyone just raves about it – it seems the continent du jour to visit. I mean everything from the lithps, the accent, the scenery, the fucking Inca Trail...apparently South America is, like, the Chosen Land.
Like London, it didn't appeal to me for years. Everyone was going and I didn't really give a toss. Now, because I saw London like I'd never seen it before, and I thought it was beautiful, as far as classic European cities are concerned.

Anyway, I'm planning on going to South America. Not to Peru or Bolivia (one day maybe, but not this trip). I am going to go to Rio fucking de Janeiro, if my plans come together. How the fuck is your father?

From there I'll travel to other places. Then I'll spend another week in Buenos Aires and travel from there too. City, mountains and beach, the whole shebang. Everything one wants on a trip.

I'm dreaming at any rate, it's my personal goal. There's a lot of hard work to be done before Christmas, nevermind the next week. Believe you me.


kyknoord said...

Give my regards to the girl from Ipanema.

Peas on Toast said...

...ith she a Spanith lullaby?

Jam said...

I tho want to go to thouth america. But to Peru...
Take me wif!

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - if I ever go to Peru, I will motht definitely like to take you, it would be thuper!

Mini said...

Sweet Pea


I am off to Beirut next week...Yippppie

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - oooh I forgot about Morrocco! A definite consideration - are there hot okes there though?

Enjoy Beirut, why the dickens are you going there?

Mini said...

I am not sure bout the okes coz I am a guy that does NOT check okes out.(maybe you could ask your gay flatmate?.lol)

Am doing a middle east tour,so heading to cairo,petra,damascus,beirut,etc....Cant wait!

MidniteGem said...

Before even reading the comments I was going to suggest Morrocco!! Am dying to head off there myself.
Oh and Mallorca is STUNNING..I love it there. I head there as much as possible as i also have a brother that lives there and puts me up in his apartment that is a block away from the most beautiful beach !!!

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - dude that is so exciting - and such interesting places too! When you off?

PS: I don't have a gay flatmate. Or a flatmate :)

Midnightgem - Oh fabulous, about Mallorca and Morooco - The Dove had pretty much the same to say about Palma, it sounds amazing!

harold said...

two words dude:



Peas on Toast said...

harold - where is BAMBOOZI lodge mate?

Peas on Toast said...

PS: Three words.

harold said...

peas: this is the last time i will alert you to the wonders of google...


the vibe has landed

Peas on Toast said...

harold - ah the wonders of Google. Had no idea the company actually existed at all? ;)

I'm closer to the search engine than you may think, oh wee Harold. :)

Love Mozambique, been there and done it - but why is Bamboozi so fantastic?

harold said...

and i quote "...Somewhere I can run around in next to nothing, a place where there's a foreign language of some kind (or at least a funny/sexy accent), and it's hot, and sizzling and cultural. A bit of city and a bit of ruralness."

oh, and its realtively close by (even from sKaapstad)

and did mention whale sharks ?

whale sharks.

Peas on Toast said...

harold I completely hear you mate, I have snorkelled with the whale sharks in Tofo before, it was amazing!

Bamboozi's sounds wonderful, there's no doubt about that. Thing is...I'm lookign for something slightly foreign, or at least where I haven't been before. However, will keep it on my list for the next time I'm in Mozam!

PS: Feel. The. Vibe.

harold said...

sorry, to answer your Q:

bamboozi: the vibe. methinks it rocks

in my humble opinion of course

harold said...

have you been to the land of the thai ?

did a stint sailing the andaman sea.

so worth it. two thumbs up on the harold's-places-to-go-o'meter

good luck!

(*whats that boss ? back to work...*)

Peas on Toast said...

harold - I have definitely been to the land of the thai. But would like to venture out East again and do a bit of The Nam and the Cambodia sometime too. GOD so many places to see! Such little time! Thailand is just incredible when it comes to food, scenery, city, people, cheap knock offs, everything.

Lisa said...

I iz jealous

Sunrise Chip n' Cheez said...

Hell's-Steath, your rug has a lot to live up, I hope all fantasies are fulfilled on the holy grails of rugs. Good Luck! Shite Sticks, I also would love to go South America, I have always wanted to Run with the Bulls in Pampalona, that would be uber cool!

MidniteGem said...

ok so i have to ask ...sunrise... the south america comment and the running with the bulls is 2 separate comments right?
Cause Pampalona is in Spain... correct?

Peas on Toast said...

Lisa - if it pans out, then yes you can be jealous with pleasure :)

Sunrise - yeah babe, you mean the Pamplona in Spain right?

Revolving Credit said...

"Somewhere I can run around in next to nothing, a place where there's a foreign language of some kind (or at least a funny/sexy accent), and it's hot, and sizzling and cultural. A bit of city and a bit of ruralness."

Since I assume tha you don't speak fluent Zulu, does it qualify as a foreign language to you??

If so, then if sounds like you'll be spending the festive season reed dacning in Kwazulu!

Peas on Toast said...

Eshowe baby, should I do it?

Or how about...Ulundi?


Mooi River? ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Peas On Kraal!


There's a Zulu on My Toast!

Peas on Toast said...


Do you think I can get away with a loincloth and a spear?

Revolving Credit said...

How about a rug and a bottle of bubbly?

Peas on Toast said...

Now you're speaking my language.

Revolving Credit said...

Are you wearing the rug or the bubbly?

You do realise that you new best gay friend will help you choose the rug, but will be useless in you getting the rug burn!

Maybe thats why you need the champagne bottle?

Revolving Credit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peas on Toast said...

Rev - yip, which is why I'd want him as my NBF, not anything related to carpet burn. I'm sure he'd agree too :)

Champagne bottle? hahaha

happy snapper said...

Aah, South America, nice one Peas! I have family in Paraguay. I would love to go and visit there. Im sure you're gonna have a blast!
I wanna go travelling now though.... :( hhhmpf