Tuesday, August 19, 2008

mixtape maximising mashup

OK, so am consolidating my music. Consolidating.
Because my most amazing stuff is still on cassette and is way dated.

Wait. You probably don't even know what a cassette is. Yes it's a South African band, but it's also an audio storage device, that records music on magnetic tape that is wound around two reels. Two words:
1) Vintage; and
2) Sexy

The tape, like shuffle socks, hasn't done helluva well standing the test of time.

Now, years and years of wear and tear has had a rather malleable stretch effect on my classic old mixtape compilations, and unfortunately much of this stuff cannot be found online, offline, sideline, anyline.

I’m starting to panic.
Hi-Fi Corporation doesn’t even sell cassette players anymore, not even at the headquarters in Chatsworth. And to their detriment, mind you.

The panic set in good and proper when on hoisting myself and my overused hamstrings into the car and whacking Camel Experience 1998 into the machine…I heard a loud and unbecoming snap.

It wasn’t my leg; it was worse. It was the tape.

It snapped itself in half, after 10 years of solid and unforgiving hard usage, it had stretched and snapped itself to breaking point. Now I could probably splice it with a piece of sticky tape, but I did that to ESP: Volume 2 already, and shit doesn’t sound like gravy.

So this is my list. I am willing to spend great big whopping amounts of greenbacks on the originals, and I am, too, willing to spend on ripped copies. I will pay for postage by any means necessary.

ESP: Volume 2
Cream Anthems 1999
The Camel Experience 1999
Sash! S4 (Can you dig it?)
House Anthems 1 & 2
Bump 2 (And the rest of the Bumps, as well)
Monster Hits 5, 6 and 7
House Vibes (The orange one with the banana on the front. Fuck yeah.)

Basically anything of that sexy crapness I can get my grubby buttgrabbers onto. Circa 1980-2001, if we're looking at timelines.

Tapes are fucking cool. But sadly defunct.

I have a collection I need to archive and update here. And I won’t stop until I find these.

You’re probably one of those people who received these very CDs in your Christmas stocking along with a luminescent rave stick in the early 90s.

And now they’re wedged behind your up-to-date, shiny new Parlotones CDs, never to be seen again. Covered in dust and just begging, aching, pining....to be heard.

Forgotten, neglected. Like an old Afghan.

Please sell me your sad, unplayed Techno Fabulous CDs, basically. This is not a joke. This is a matter of urgency so that I don’t lose my rag.

Help me to not lose my rag.

Losing rags always comes with a plateful of hot tempered impetuous angst.

Help me to help you to help me.

This is an appeal. Hear it.



kyknoord said...

I believe I have an old We Want More! Volume something or other (circa 1990)lurking in my "Stuff to play when I want the guests to go home" collection. How much is it worth to you?

Anonymous said...

2 things: 1. Can't you get some computer boffin to convert your stuff from cassette to cd? (I know of a guy in Cape Town who can do that sort of thing) and 2. Is that the latest Elle?

Peas on Toast said...


How much you asking? (I won't say 'Drayming' after you mention an offer.)

Great wine, great friends, GREAT music.

Anon 1) If I could find one who does this, then certainly. Do you know of anyone in JHB?
2) Yip

Jam said...

Er...I like the fact that you're an opionionated bitch. long live the opinion with attitude ;-)

Jam said...

long live bad spelling!

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - If they'd said 'blonde bimbo with big breasts and zero opinions', I'd have been most uptight.


How you doing Jammie?

Anonymous said...

No, sorry.

leez said...

You still have a cassete thingy player in your car?!!

I think my bro may have some Bob Marley tapes...

Peas on Toast said...

Anon - that blows.

Leez - half the reason I bought Ludwig is because he still has one.


Ches said...

Peas...I have house anthems 1&2, and they're not that old!

Peas on Toast said...

Chester! OK, thank GOD, this is EXCELLENT news.

Can I buy them/rip them from you? How much you wnat for them - this is a matter of dire urgency and excitement, that I write this.

The Divine Miss M said...

You're showing your age Peas.


Peas on Toast said...

Miss M - only 2 years 1 month till 30. Thank GOD.

Daedalus said...

You are still a spring chicken Ertjie, but, tapes?!? w00t?

The Divine Miss M said...

You're the only girl I've seen who isn't devestated about turning 30!

My one friend is almost hyperventilating when it is brought up.

I do enjoy bringing it up though.

She looks and sounds funny when she freaks out.

Miss T said...

Ok had a quick look and all I have that is remotely close is Monster Hits (no number but says 2004) and then ESP for superior raving (2000)

Peas on Toast said...

D-Guy - I have about 150 tapes still very much in use at home. Seriaaas. :)

Miss M - God, I still have to wait TWO MORE YEARS until 30. It just doesn't seem fair.

Tell your mate that when she turns 30 all her troubles will disappear. That's what I was told. Oh and also we'll be more beautiful than EVAH before.

Miss T - dude, seriously??? Can we organise a ripping/postage vibe at all? Give me a price, anything and I'll pay you for postage, shipping and ripping baby.

Ches said...

Peas...I'll make a copy of each and you can pop past the flat on your way home from work sometime and pick them up...

I've got fucking sore flu so I couldn't even offer you dinner or a drink! Sorry.

Will text you this week when it's done...

P.S. We'll call this 'back-up of a lost purchase' and not 'piracy'! ;)

Miss T said...

No worries at all-just let me know how you want it sorted. Do you need both?

Peas on Toast said...


Ches - thanks so much doll, and I get to evaluate your bachelor pad as well, yay! I'll bring your chicken soup for your flu and efforts!

Miss T - I'd LOVE both if possible Miss T - I'm thinking if you rip them, and send to me, and send me your bank details, and I'll deliver a suitable amount of cash in your account as well as an address you can send them to me. Would that be alright?

I'll pay you handsomsomely, I promise!

Revolving Credit said...

If you're going all retro, get an A-track player for your car.

Why not just get a mobile karaoke machine??
Go big or go home!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - I would, but its the tapes where the problem lies. They're snapping :(

Revolving Credit said...

Well then snap back at them and teach them who's boss!

JL said...

And then just before the shark ate his giant head it said, "I think I have Bump on CD and would pay someone to take them away", to which Alice replied, "aren't they your brother's so you can't give them away." And he had no head left but still the Bump 1 through infinity but his brother thinks they're gone so really anyone can have them. I just need a postal address. Seriously.

In return, get my name into Heat magazine for posting this http://thecurseofthedrinkingclass.com/2008/08/19/stay-in-school-grammars-cool/


Mail and Guardian for posting this http://thecurseofthedrinkingclass.com/2008/08/12/we-rock-grammar-more-than-mg/

OR the United Nations Peacekeepers ambassadors site/thing for helping humanity out like this http://thereslittletorelate.blogspot.com/2008/08/i-give-world-night-of-peace-see-how.html


even better - take the CD's. TAKE THEM before the Shark gets you.

Miss T said...

Copious amount of mula is not necessary-Just email me a postal address to biltongandcraic@yahoo.co.uk. I have this other CD you just might like that I'll throw in...It has "Camel Walk" by Southern Culture on Skids and always puts me in a good mood.Excellent for singing along to in the car

Peas on Toast said...

Right I'm emailing you both now! You've both made my week, infact all three of you - JL your brother as well, even if he'll never know it.

Oh God I'm excited!

rhigardt said...

You could always learn to tickle trout out of the water.

Google that shit, its crazy

Peas on Toast said...

rhigardt - seriously?? I need to take a look at this methinks!