Monday, September 15, 2008

the annual

Ah man, what a smash.

As each birthday comes and goes, and as we start hating the day more and more, I still love it for one reason: a jolly good excuse to have a party with your nearest and dearest. A chance to get most of your best friends into one room. I love them all so much.

The Roseboys proprietress played out of her boots. She started dancing on the tables at 6:00pm, so we knew we were in for one helluva party.
She even baked me a cake, (which I later forgot there, along with my memory). She made jugfuls of this so-called 'Jungle Juice,' which pretty much left everyone swinging after only two glasses. That stuff was insane. And fucking tasty, might I add.

My mum and step-dad were particularly hilarious, not to mention ever-so-slightly embarrassing. She kept on pulling me aside, after one too many glasses of Jungle Juice, with my hot male friends saying, 'Now Peas, isn't he gorgeous? Look at how gorgeous he is, what a total hunk. You should marry this one.'

Oh my GOD, LOVE it when mum gets hammered.

She did that to about 5 of my mates.

Although that said, some of my male friends were loving my mother. One sent me an SMS saying, 'Oath I want your mum on the great wall of China.'
Nice one Ranga. I let her know. She was very flattered. Although, admittedly, it's too late. She chose a mature-aged German fellow with which to sexually orientate herself on one of the Seven Wonders Of The World.

My step dad was a card. Trying to set up Little Poen with his son. Who lives in America.
They both started rapping off in Portuguese to 3RM, and he doesn't speak one word of his mother tongue (blasphemy I say), and she kept on asking okes if they were Poen's boyfriend who is a game ranger in Kenya. ('Are you the bush gigolo then?')

There was much dancing and tomfoolery, and sadly the last two hours are pretty much unaccounted for. Whale was buying Jaegers, the Jungle Juice was working its magic, and I briefly remember dancing about, although of that I cannot be certain.

Then Poen told me the next day that my nipple was sniper-firing her boyfriend. 'Poen don't you wanna pop Peas' boob back into her dress?'
Then 3RM reminded me that Top Gun – the movie – is 22 years old.
Shut the fuck up. I've been watching Tom Cruise for most of my life?

So apparently I'm old. Oh well, whatyougonnado?

There were big plans to go and shake ass at Movida afterwards, but at that stage none of us could organise a piss up in brewery because we were all over the place. Ches followed me home to ensure I didn't kill myself, and then told me he stumbled into a flower bed whsilst trying to jump over it and lay there until the security guard could help him out.


As with all birthdays, you never get to spend ample time with any one person, but instead flit about talking to everyone. But I had such a good time; having my friends in one room leaves me so happy.

On my actual birthday, yesterday, I went out for lunch with the folks and did some Diemersfontein winetasting with Poen at the Inanda Club.

Then. For a walk around Emmarentia Botanicals with A New Friend. Ended up spending hours with this guy talking everything from soap dishes to nuclear reactors and isotopes. Love that. Ending off with a few drinks at the Shebeen in Greenside.

A nice, unexpected birthday really.

At 28, I feel good. Good and happy. I am so lucky.


Sadie said...

That sounds fantastic. Although not being able to have a solid chat with one person is what I dislike about hosting a party. But still-an-all, it's downright lovely to have everyone who gets your jokes in one room. Even if you do end up face first in a toilet bowel at the end of the night.


Peas on Toast said...

Sadie - Exactly,. you spend the evening spending bits and pieces with everyone...and then you have memory loss! Ah! Love it though, wish we could have more birthdays in one year! xx

Elle said...

Awesome Peas! I dont think my 21st was even that rawkus! glad you had a blast!

So how old is your step dad's son in America?? ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Elle - shit, I just saw pics for the first time from the evening....hooo boy :)

My step bro is 22. :)

Elle said...

LOL... on facebook? I must have a looksy.. LOL...

22?? well what do you know.. so am I!!! hehehe

Peas on Toast said...

Elle - well if you've ever in Phoenix! ;)

Whale said...


Dude, it's not a great advertisement if your 21st wasn't as raucous as that. Take mine for example:

Dinner in a mansion, my favourite food: ribs, my favourite drink: brandy and coke (I was cheap then).

Drinks in my room: 1 bottle of Gold Lupini, 5 joints...other things when my mom eventually left, stoned.

Actual party: 3 rock bands. 1 in my lounge, 2 in my garden. Bonfire that exceeded the height of my double story digs. Whole of campus invited, 300 people attend. Cops 'shut it down' at 4am.

Actually looking back on this comment...I'm a dick, so sue me.

Charmskool said...

A great birthday party, Diemersdal wine and a "new friend". Your "B" cup runneth over it would seem. Ah 28 - you have no idea how much fun you have yet in store - to paraphrase the Carpenters (hardehar) "you've only just liiiive"

Peas on Toast said...

Whale - dude! Can you whoreganise my 29th for next year boet??

Charm - not a shabby weekend at all, eh? And my puny little B Cup certainly did runneth the fuck over hahaha ;)

Elle said...

@whale - LOL.. my 21st was smack in the middle of everyone's exams and between being sued and trying to get my masters proposal sorted a fairly "tame" party wasn't all bad... that is not to say it didn't have it's moments... 3 rock bands?? dude I am jealous!

Whale said...


you're actually really sweet. Sorry I dissed you. Masters at 21? Dude?! I took 4 years for a BA...I went the experience route ;)

Alison said...

why why I do declare you South Africans know how to party!


Elle said...

@whale, thanks! Ya I am taking the academic route.

Maybe you can plan my next birthday and hit me with all the experiences I have missed out on. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks lovely Ali!

We most certainly do-phew, am still recovering! :)

Miss T said...

Happy Birthday Lassie!!!Glad you survived it :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much Miss T! I hafta tell ya, that ESP album?? Momma, it's rocking my TITS off right now - love it! xx

Shadow said...

"Then Poen told me the next day that my nipple was sniper-firing her boyfriend"

"So as we're talking, my bikini top decided to unravel itself from around my neck and fall. The. Fuck. Down"

I'm staring to see a pattern here.
Are you sure this was 'accidental'

Peas on Toast said...

Your 'staring' to see a pattern, Shadow? So am I ;)

No but seriously - I'm not usually an exhibitionist! I say usually.

Mini said...


Technically you are exactly a year older than I am so I am entitled to called you Aunty Peas.

"I'm gonna send you to outta space,
to find anotha race"

If only more people could have fun like you the world would be a better place!(Rock on!)

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - hold on, was it your birthday on Sunday too?? HAPPY HAPPY! Aunty Peas is sending you lots of birthday zen! :)


Mini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mini said...

Nah babe.I am OCT 5 but thanx anyway

MsBehavn said...

Happy belated Hatching Day, Peas.


Peas on Toast said...

Mini - oh cool, well it's close enough! We're December/New Year's shtoinking babies :)

Msbehavn - Thanks me darling! xx

Kitty Cat said...

Happy happy happy birthday! I'm turning the big three Yip. But birthday's are always fun, 'cos you feel so loved!

Peas on Toast said...

Ooh Kitty, the big 3 eh? That means you're two years more developed/in the throes of your sexual peak than I am! Lucky girl! ;)

Kitty Cat said...

Ha, if only it were happening that way. I think I was doing better at 27...sorry to disappoint

Peas on Toast said...

No, I REFUSE to believe it!

When we hit 30, we're going to go OFF.

Research tells me so!

Joe said...

So is there romance in the ait with this guy who you so happened to spend some time in a romantic surroundin with?

Peas on Toast said...

Joe - hahahaha :)

I really have no idea.

DT said...

Happy belated Birthday Peas - I am so glad you seem to be having the time of your life!! 28 was my biggest year - full of changes and excitement and adventure and you have a really good start!

idlelayabout said...

mm, diemersfontein, chocolate... [drools] Apparently their vintner ran off to KWV and is now making something called Cafe which tastes like chocolate AND coffee at half the price :-}

Ches said...

Thats the last time I do midnight steeplechase in the front yard! ;)

Peas on Toast said...

dt - thanks my dear! Nice to new know 28 is a good vintage year, rather like Diemersfontein wine! ;)

idle - serious? Gotta try that SOON, because that 2008 Diemers was sure delicious and if this tops that, well then hurrah! :)

Ches - But why?