Tuesday, September 16, 2008

speed wobble


After two huge highs that include a trip to Greece and a cracker of a birthday weekend, I've come a-crashing down.

I'm having one of 'those' days 24 hours. I suspect after some due sleep and the finishing off a major [few] projects, I will feel my normal 'like, whatever' self again.

But for now, Aunty Peas is feeling a bit blue.

Look, I have shit to look forward to, and good shit. Like South American travel in 3 months and my book being printed. That's not the issue. Something a little ridiculous has come to light and taken me completely by surprise.

It's ridiculous because all evidence points towards me feeling ridiculous; especially pouring one iota into over-analysing it. But being me, I do of course. The overuse of cognitive thought is exhausting, time consuming and it's not going to change anything.

So, as I was saying, I've given myself 24 hours. From around 9:30am yesterday I promised myself only 24 hours of being a complete girl, so I only have 2 or so more hours to think about this.

Then I'll bitchslap myself and get on with things.

This just frustrates me though, feeling like this.

And frustration snowballs. I'm not having PMS, I swear, but seriously. One little issue going around my brain seems to just flow into countless more irritations that just COMPOUND into:

Road rage before there's even a rage. The dude driving past me looks fucking retarded in his Oakley Eyebands. He's just an idiot, and his car is dumb and stupid too. And watch, he's going to...ah look, and he does. Fucking cut me off. It's like I know it's going to happen.

Someone reverses into my front bumper grill. It's not detrimental, I mean hey, I only sideswiped Ludwig last week, come on let's just fuck up his ENTIRE bonnet. Might as well. FOR FUCKS SAKE. I need a new grill plastic thingie now because SOME PISSWANKER can't FUCKING PARK and bumped into me over the weekend. Notwithstanding added expense; there's just foreseeable Fixing Admin.

I had a dream on the plane back from Greece that involved images of my car looking fucked up. It's come true. Shitwank.

Bad wardrobe sense for a Monday.
I think my dress was a bit short yesterday. People asked me to bend over to pick stuff up a lot. I didn't of course, but today I'm wearing bloody jeans. Buggers.

Arrrrrgh I just don't have the time for this annoying frame of mind..
I really don't.

Men really can be pestiferous.
Especially giving advice: Just watch porn Peas. Just watch porn Peas.
Seriously, that's just irritating.

But this too will pass.


Anonymous said...

Geeeze!! I had the same kind of week 2 weeks ago... Broke my complex's gate and deleted EVERYONE's remotes so the gate-guy screamed at me!! and just the next day some stupid taxithing drove right into my little blue car (standing all sweetly and still next to the road...)!!! AND THEN PEOPLE TELL YOU TO SMELL SPRING!!!! WELL, SMELL THIS!!

Good luck peasy!

Peas on Toast said...

Anon - Oh fuck! 'SMELL SPRING?' I would've told them to smell my knuckle sandwich! Can't believe a taxi drove into you and the gate scenario - arrgh, I feel your pain!

Elle said...

dude lock yourself in the house for two days... that's what I would do!

So sorry peas... hope all comes right! you've got about 22mins before that bitchslap. hopefully you dont need to!

good luck!

Peas on Toast said...

Elle - if only. I'd love to lock myself in, away from admin and work and stupid people...but unfortunately I have SO much work on my plate it seems pretty impossible :(

Probably don't even have time for a bitchslap!

Mini said...


Nothing will sort out this problem like a good foikin shag!

Road rage we all have esp me I wana kill any prick that cuts infront of me!

I have told you this before and I will say it again "Get a fuck buddy!"

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - hahaha :)

It's certainly not out of the question. The problem with fuck buddies though, is that fine line.

And once over the fine line, there's always More Admin.

I dunno. I just DUNNO anymore.


Kitty Cat said...

Good news about your book! What's it called and when/where can we get a copy? Being the newbie here, I need some filling in. That's cool. What's it about?

Anonymous said...

aaggghhh shamepies man!

good advice though: just watch porn. maybe go buy a few more sexy toys.

Peas on Toast said...

Kitty - thanks doll! It comes out in December! It's a novel based on a few things a few years ago, so I'll def throw up a link to amazon/kalahari up here the moment it hits the shelves! :)



boldly benny said...

I hear you. I'm racing towards year-end at the moment. I have far too much admin to deal with, nevermind work. There's no ways porn could help me out here! Just bring on December already, I'm developing ulcers just thinking about October and November!
Good luck - hopefully with some baby steps you'll be able to wade through everything.

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Benny you too? It's that time of year - where Spring has sprung, people are ready to party and hook up and just BE, and me? I have so much to still fucking do, and men in particular, are just at the height of my annoyance.


Revolving Credit said...

You say that like watching porn is a bad thing??

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - no definitely not bad. But that's a saturation point, like with everything. As in 'will this porn sort [xyz]out? No. It sorts vuw out, but xyz? Not so much. Get my drift? ;)

po said...

Hey peas, I read on Bridget McNulty's blog, that this particular full moon makes people feel off key and emotional for some reason. Maybe it is all because of the moon..

Peas on Toast said...

po - finally,. some sort of explanation! I must check this out - because I think I'm about to reach the end of a very short tether.

Argh I;m feeling down! :(

Max :D said...

Oh darling!!! will chat tomorrow dont make me worried!! love you beautiful gal!!! never fear auntie Maxie is here xxx