Friday, September 19, 2008



I've definitely had more productive days. Yesterday, I spent the day conversing with my Hot Pom from Greece.
Lest us not forget, he just happens to be living in Belgium.

Shooting the breeze with a card, it so turns out. My stomach is in knots. Could be the pilates, but I laughed the entire day yesterday. The entire day. He’s a sweetheart.

What fun though.

More pressingly, I’m spending the day out of office at Smoking Rehab. The day has arrived; and if I'm not shitting myself.

I have a feeling today won’t be as great as yesterday. In fact, today’s course, that is magically meant to help me give up my biggest vice ever – might not be a gas at all. It might actually end rather badly – with me in a straight jacket. But as a worst case scenario, I don’t believe this will happen.

Heaven help me.

I’m holding faith in the late Allen Carr. Yes, you guy. I’m putting my future lungs in your hands, so you’d better come through for me buddy. If all fails – and it won’t – I’m going to try really really hard to get re-brainwashed by your affiliates running the show...

…But if it’s laborious and I end up turning into an instant psycho bitch from hell that should not be allowed into public spaces – I will slap twelve Nicorette pads onto my business end.

I guess that’s an out. As in, ‘I’m dying, fuck.’ I’ll just whack a box full of those babies onto my backside and hope for the best.

Because I have drinks at Moyo later, and it’s going to be hard work. Sitting on my hands sipping on a straw. I’m dreading this. And being sociable without my little pal, El Cigarettolina.

We’re allowed to smoke throughout this 7 hours-strong session today. Apparently I’ll walk out, looking at my smokes like how non-smokers look at cigarettes. Call me skeptical, but am going to give it my best shot.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Heavens Peasy!! Juggled with the idea of quitting with you, but decided against it... Sorry!

Please keep us posted...

Good luck friendsy!

Kitty Cat said...

Good luck! My mom quit after smoking for 20 plus years, and she's now hooked on Nicorette gum two years later.

Ordinarylife said...

good luck!!!!

Ches said...

Good luck to you next week.

Mini said...

So tell me,does the Pom read the blog?
Oh, and do i sense romance in the air?(You wanted a foreign dude so don't let it slip if this is good)

As for the gwaais I quit quitting!

Jam said...

Peas dearest....
I gave up two weeks ago and it's been so so so easy. I did the Allen Carr clinic, and went in there with as much skepticism as you have. I cannot explain why it has been so easy, it just has been. I struggled for one day with withdrawal really badly, but never once thought that I wanted to smoke a cigarette. Feeling so much better now too. Good luck!

JL said...

I'm glad Peas. This means you live longer. And we can laugh more. And then have knots in our stomachs too and then sell our organs because we should be working.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I personally cannot WAIT to find out how it goes!! I have the book, but I'd prefer to do the workshop!!

I think you should be very proud of yourself -WELL DONE FOR TAKING THE LEAP OF FAITH!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much guys!

I just returned, and have to say it was a brilliant session. Well worth it. I'm going to be dealing with the little Nicotine monster for the next week, but am pretty stoked at how positive I feel.

zuzula said...

alan carr did it for me! 6 years and counting (okay, bar the occasional blip Ms Peas on Toast!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should pass it on to someone else, like a physical item that'll be out of your hands. Could work. I'll take it, could help me!