Tuesday, November 18, 2008

pianos & languages

Check it out. A spider bigger than a...clam? A man-made island off the Dubai coast? Bigger than a large hairy thing, has made its dubious way into my living environment.The lamp is in the frame for reasons of depth (didn't want to get too close in case it pounced with its 8 eyes like in Arachnophobia), and also to show how big it really is.) Although the picture makes it look fucking miniscule, this really isn't the case. Believe.

In light of developing myself into a well-rounded person, I investigated the following the last night.

(No more self-help books. Got enough of those. And there's only so much you can do in that realm. After a while, it comes down to experience and self-acceptance.)

But, there are other things that need to be actioned. Dreams of mine.
The one was to write a book before I was 30. Can tick that off now and focus on, well the next one maybe, and two things that need urgent attention.

1)Learn German, Spanish, Portuguese, business French and Italian.
I did Italian at university, and it is about as polished as my limited German, and I can hold a conversation in French. I used to be almost fluent, but these things tend to disappear when you don't live in a country where the language is spoken.

I figure business French will help me in my career, sjoosj up my existing French and I'll also get to mingle with other business Frenchists. So, I'm looking into joining the Alliance Francaise at the beginning of next year.

I figure they'll throw in a few cheese and wine evenings too.

Spanish and Portuguese are probably more pressing, since I'll be needing both of those quite soon. Fuck and I really want to learn German, so that when I eat eisbein, wear a dirndl and drink tankards of beer, I can sound like I'm the business while I do it.

Fuck. One thing at a time. I'm obsessed with languages, but I'll get confused with the multiple verb conjugations if I do these all at once. And frankly, I really don't have the time right now.

2)I need to buy a piano. I play Grade 7 music. I was one of those instrument nerds at school that would belt out a sonata with my eyes closed. Then the folks got divorced and mum had to sell my piano.
I have one of those lifelike keyboards at home, and it's a good one, with touch sensitive keys, foot pedals and all the octaves, but it's just not the same. I've been wanting a piano for 9 years. There's nothing like banging away at a keyboard, believe me.

So I investigated. And according to one site, a Steinway goes for around $20 000 these days. Fuck me over a workbench. That's another kind of insane.
I'd love a grand piano, but I have not the space. But a Steinway is the Mercedes Benz of pianos; the sound and the quality is like fresh, hot chocolate brownies. Or say, a not-gay Mozart on a platter, ready for fornication.

Thus, I'm looking at investing in an upright piano, and at this stage, I think I can forget about a Steinway. With this economic recession (“Peas,” says my ever-imploring mother, “are you aware of this global recession right now? Have I told you about it?” Have you flipping told me about it. How could I forget). A Yamaha (the Toyota model), is more my price range.

I'm hitting the auction sites like a harpischord whore on speed.
I'm bidding, and apparently now I have to buy it if I win the bid. That's quite a binding deal.

Maybe then I can irritate my neighbours with Bump 2 and rusty Beethoven.

Fuck yes.


Gold digger said...

Those are called Rain Spiders (figures). Someone once scared the bejesus out of me by insisting they always travel in pairs. I don't think this is true. They're not poisonous or aggressive, just very intimidating.

Michelle said...

I have an upright piano for sale but you'd have to migrate it upcountry from the Cape...

Have had the thing since I was a kid with a 12-speed bike and scabbed knees, and it's got the best touch I've ever found - but one has to prioritize when it comes to matters survival and thus it has to go.

Comes with a full me-ownership history and many tales to tell.

Peas on Toast said...

Gold digger - they travel in PAIRS??
Which means one could be hiding in my slipper?

Michelle - ah man! Why do you have to sell it? Can you not store it somewhere at all?
It sounds great - much better than the one I think I've accidentally bought on an online auction site. Shit.

catwoman said...

Hey Peas.. why don't you just rent a piano, look in the yellow pages loads of places. And they tune and deliver.

Peas on Toast said...

catwoman - oh wow, I wih I'd known this last night - that sounds WAY more sensible. Shittttt! I'm waiting desperately to be outbidded on the aution, because it looks like I'm an owner of a piano otherwise!

Shadow said...

RE: they travel in PAIRS??
Which means one could be hiding in my slipper?

...Or your frilly and amazing and awesome nappy...
Much more cozy I recon.

Shadow said...

Oh, and according to wikipedia, they can attain a legspan of 250-300 mm (Huntsman / Rain Spider)

Revolving Credit said...

There's nothing like banging away at a keyboard

Sounds like you've used blogging as a musical substitute.

Peas on Toast said...

shadow - great! So they're shacking up in ym doondies making millions of legspanny spawn.


Revolving Credit said...

I'm sure that once you've got the piano well be banging away on the keyboard, in more ways that one.

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - if I can get it through my front door.

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

Thank you for the warning that a picture of the spider was coming up. They totally freak me out - and you know they are always plotting about a way to jump at your face.

Have fun with your piano. I find the Monty Python Penis song goes wonderfully well with the instrument

Peas on Toast said...

Aunty - I have shitloads of Andrew Lloyd Webber....it just doesn't have the same ring though does it?