Monday, December 08, 2008

so what do you d..zzzzz

I am suffering from exhaustion.
Look, I know when I'm tired and I know that everyone is fucking tired.
But I have never experienced the disfortitude to even talk.

Friday I had a quick gin and tonic with Doc at his furniture emporium. Knew I was tired because I didn't have the energy to even stand up, so kipped briefly on one of his Indian beds at the back of the shop.

Saturday, after twelve hours of sleep – twelve hours – I said 'yippee-yi-yay' to a fabulous party invitation at a loft above 44 Stanley. It was a Wimbledon-themed thing, set in this amazing loft apartment just above the Refinery. Complete with minimalist industrial finishings, I wish I had the mental capacity to absorb it all.

There were bar tenders serving mojitos from the huge kitchen counter, the tunes were playing and everyone was sparky.

I knew something was wrong when I couldn't speak. I had had twelve hours of sleep and a little snooze in the afternoon, but I still felt like I hadn't slept for five years. It was beyond the feeling of being run over by a bus, because I could feel that sections of my brain had literally shut down.

I nipped down to the garden for some quiet time and just so that I didn't have to talk to people, which is strange, because usually I love talking to people – especially after two strong as fuck cocktails. I had to sit, and also my mouth simply wasn't working or moving.

Just creating words like, 'Hello my name is Peas, pleased to meet you,' took monolithic effort. It was like I was dead.

I got more and more irate, almost panicking completely, when random strangers would approach me in the garden, to chat. Small talk is one thing, but small talk when you don't have the energy to even smile at a person?

Eventually after mistakenly plonking my posterior into a puddle, I lost it and burst into tears.

Doc, now on his ear, had to explain to me how I was to open his gate after he got a nice dude to take me back to where my car was parked at his house.

"Press the yellow button first, then the brown one. That's for the beams. The yellow first, then the brown. DON'T press the red, it's the panic button, and don't press the blue one because that'll wake my folks up."

Fuck. Getting into Joburg houses is more hassle than it's worth. Seriously.

Then I vaguely remember him saying to the guy who took me home, "She's terrible company. You don't have to talk to her, in fact, don't. She's too tired to talk."

I got home and slept for another twelve hours. Surely that would sort someone the fuck out? Twenty four hours of sleep in a weekend has to have some bearing, surely?

But no. On Sunday, I woke up and still felt like my asshole had been ripped out of my body. Mustered up enough strength to get the fuck to Clicks and buy me some vitamins and energy boosters. All in a vacuous haze.

I don't know what this is, or why I have zero energy to even walk around, straighten my hair or simply answer phonecalls from friends.

Been a sterling example lately of how you really can sit around staring into space doing fuck all. With no intentions of moving or doing anything except sitting, listening to your own breathing.

It's, I think, a mixture of the book, the overwhelming feelings coming with it, the hype, too much partying, work – work is a huge one, I have been working my butt off – a long, crazy year.

This holiday in a week's time, (I hit Argentina on Sunday), might, literally, save my life. Rehab. I've never felt so tired in all my years.

I'm feeling more chipper this morning. As in, I can engage in conversation without falling asleep midway through a sentence.

This week I have to:
1) Learn Spanish. (Aunt bought me a disc: Learn Spanish In One Week. Let's give this baby a crack and hope for the best.
2) Go on a date (yay!)
2) Try to claw through the week.
3) Decide, now that I have gone through my guidebook on Argentina, on whether l'll go north through Rosario (where Che Guevara was born), and up to Iguacu Falls or south to Bariloche and the glaciers.



Lauren said...

Maybe Pregnant Peas???? Sounds like "that kind" of tired!!!

Vimbai said...

Shame hun, you sound burnt out! Berocca does the trick!

At least you'll have Argentina...speaking of which, ummm, i have a xmas request: Could you pick me up a hot male specimen that answers to the name, Raul.

That's all i want for christmas :-)

PS We were at the same party on Saturday, how cool.

Peas on Toast said...

Lauren - no, I'm probably 99.9% certain that I am without spawn. And I really mean 100%, but saying 99.9% in case there was emaculate conception. ;)

Vimabi - no ways, we were at the same party?? Did you see me, sleeping on the floor at all?? I'll do my best to bring Raul back home for you - will lure him into my suitcase with promises of hot Vimbai love when we disembark :)

Jam said...

Getting sick? Sometimes the imminent onset of flu or something can make you feel tired. That said, this time of the year is hell in terms of being tired...just count the days and you'll make it!!!!!1

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - fuck I sure hope it's not flu. Touch wood, I can't get sick now. Four days until I am on leave.

And five until Argentina! It's comign so quickly now!
You on leave in two weeks babe?

Whale said...

Yoh Peas...I'm tired....of you. Jokes. WFH.

Peas on Toast said...

Whale - Yo dude, don't wanna hear from you for THREE WEEKS china. ;)

You gonna miss me though. I know you are.

boldly benny said...

Go get a Vitamin B shot - they save my life! Pop into Dischem in your lunch break - they're the best!

I can relate to your past few posts because I am exhausted and emotional - the tension of year-end always runs me a bit thin. I started crying in front of my IT manager recently because I didn't like the way he spoke to me - how lame, usually I'd just roll my eyes and ignore him.

Bring on the holidays!

Peas on Toast said...

Boldy - that's exactly what my dad said! Vitamin B has seemingly saved lives all over the planet :)
What with your mechanical boot my girl, and dragging that around can't be easy, no wonder the tears!

C2 has one at the moment too. The ultimate in ball aches!

Sunrise said...

Crazy as too, after surfing and riding on Sat, I was at Spiga smashing a few beers, next thing I knew I was passed out on the floor having a fit, hellsteath, I had a hyper glycemic attack, it was my first.

Pretty much, if you do too much, and eat too little you suffer from this.

Peas on Toast said...

Sunrise - a glycemic attack?? Shitters china, that's not a laughing matter!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I also had a mishap of my own at the same party. I remember puking on the couch but don't remember how I got there in the 1st place! I apparently puked on a couple of people before my boyfriend was called to take me home! I'm so sorry if I puked on any of you. I drank too much tequila! Pearl

Peas on Toast said...

Pearl - wahahahahahahaha :)
Doll I love you man, sorry babe but that's classic!
Was it those mojitos? Or just straight tequila? Cripes, I doubt you were the only one babe :)

icepick said...

Me very interested :), whats with all this vitamin b hype? Does it work? mildly? Peas u tried yet?

Peas on Toast said...

icepick - I heard it's brilliant, also good with the skin and everything. Just a pity I don't have the energy to get to the pharmacy itself.

I need a delivery man :(

Jam said...

Two weeks. I've never needed it more.

icepick said...

Decent. Id be thinking of getting a shot. But if i remember correctly, it leaves a much unwanted sting?
Walking could be difficult afterwards..

In your case, delivery sounds like a plan. phone a chemist and use a old grandmamas voice. I think they do free delivery for the elderly. ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Dude -ME TOO!! It's that time fo the year -I became a vegetable this weekend! *sigh* sometimes you just need that!!

PS> Thanks for the comment - you made me smile! x

CALLIE said...

Just a response to your Argentinian dilemma, sorry to hand out unsolicited advise, but I've always been one to dish out my 2 cents, regardless :)

I would definitely go to Iguazu Falls; it is absolutely spectacular and one of a kind! Don't know how much time you have, but would also consider a trip over to Mendoza - the Malbec wine region. Deary me the wine tours there are dangerous.
Also, randomly, Uruguay is just across the water (only a few hours on the ferry) and a day or two spent in the historic town of Colonia del Sacramento is definitely worth while as well. If that doesn't float your boat you could hit up the resort town of Punta del Este for some hunky men!

Hope you have a great time!

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - excellent, hopefully the next two weeks will fly!

icepick - I may just do the voiceover for my ran so that they deliver me the goods! :)

Blondie - I had to comment based on the fact that it's true babe :)
And lad o hear I'm not the only one burnt out - its sucks balls!

Callie - thanks so much for your advice babe! Yip I've heard Iguacu and Mendoza are incredible, and I will definitely pop over to Uruguay as well, I hear it's not far from BA. Thanks so much for your advice, am getting tremendously excited! xx