Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cosmo contemplations

Un Hombre Y Un Mujer – A Man & A Woman.

It reminds me of Ridge Forrester though.

That’s not good. Is it.

But one must always look at stuff with the glass half full: The song also reminds me of Tuscan balconies.

In real Tuscany.

Not in Fourways.


There’s a crackle in the air.

My strawberry cosmo tastes as good as the glass. Not that I was licking my glass, it just looked all frosty and had nice curves.

I dropped R17k on flights to Amsterdam and Berlin.

My boots really are made for walking. In a drive to get us physically active, my company has handed out pedometers. Gadgets you strap to your jean pant that tell you how many steps you’ve taken.

Fuck yes.

From general coffee machine loitering, random desk spasms, a trip to get ‘real coffee’ with Whale at the other canteen, I average about 4 500 steps a day. They want us to do 10 000.

That’s quite a jump.

Needless to say I have a bounce in my step.

There’s a crackle in the air.

And my hair feels good.

Good hair is something I never take for granted.

Apparently there are ‘chilled’ Germans at the visa depository.

If that’s true, how pleasantly surprising.

Relearning the Moonlight Sonata is proving taxing and time-consuming.

But deeply satisfying. And if I close my eyes, as I whisk - whisk - my hands across the ivories, it can be a grand piano with candle holders.

I have a muffin tray in my cupboard. Which I apparently own. When last did I make muffins? Must’ve been before I went through that knitting-everyone-scarves stage.

Reading my star sign is something I no longer do. Virgo’s always tend to get a mound of crap thrown at them in the cosmic world, while other stars seem to get all the good deals. Fuck that and screw you Virgo for being so goal-defying. You piss me off. I’m not reading you anymore.

That cosmo really was amazing.

Rocket's not a bad restaurant if you get seated on the deck.

But if I hear one more Phil Collins song I’m going to lose my rag.

Luckily I’ve moved on to the more palatable Notorious B.I.G and weird Spanish music from the 50s.

So shampoo my carpet and call me Deloris, may the crackle continue.


The Chantal said...

Awww I also wear a pedometer to work sometimes, I average 3800 steps a day here, pretty crap. Took it with me on holiday to Germany this past December, only wore it for my proper walks, did 43km in two weeks, in the snow :)
Will definitely take it again in May, gonna aim for 100km in 3 weeks.


Peas on Toast said...

Nice one Chan! That's a lotta mileage baby!

It's like having a race with yourself eh? 'Today I aim to do 200 more steps than yesterday.'

The pedomtre has got me. Hook line and sinker.

Plus it looks nice and geeky hanging off the old pants :)

tyrone said...

You should put your pedometer on one hip and your cellphone in a pouch on the other. But you must hang it horizontally...


Do you think a pedometer would also tick over during the funky monkey?

Peas on Toast said...

Tyrone - I reckon it would hey! Apparently it ticks over due to vibrations.


Mini said...


Peas on Toast said...

Mini - tell me about it.

Revolving Credit said...

Deloris, tell me, are you practising Moonlight Sonata in the office??

On the walking thing, how similar is dating to buying a car?

Do people prefer low mileage demo models?
If it's a high mileage model, would they expected it to be..umm..cheaper or would that depend on your optional extras.

Do you break down more often?
Do you come with a service plan?
Has your leather trim be well worn in by someone else?
Do all your knobs still work?

Just asking.

kyknoord said...

Nice poem. I'm not really into free verse, though.

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - I can tell you with wild fervour that knobs are in better working whorder than they've ever been :)
teeeeehhhhhhhheee :)

Kyk - do you like expensive verse? har.har.har.

Anonymous said...

Flip lady. I gotta try one of those cosmos.

Peas on Toast said...

Dolce - slightly overrated won't lie. Good at the time, but shitters what hardcore ass crap alcohol were they using? Paint thinner?

Head was sore this morning and I had one!