Tuesday, February 10, 2009

human germination

At the risk of associating myself with Right Said Fred: Let’s talk about sex baby.

Not me specifically, because that’s a) a very short, boring story at present, b) who wants to know anyway and c) come on.

Besides Cosmo running it’s countrywide online sex survey
(and bless, they featured my blog yesterday), it got me thinking.

Yes, sex is still a very-much taboo subject, even amongst some friends – particularly if you have some kinky vibe going on – but since I’m a person who is frank about sex, (come on: we’re on this planet to breathe, eat and procreate. Deny it as you will, but you know it’s the truth), I thought I’d pose some questions myself. Some that I’ve always wanted to know.

1) How do people develop fetishes? Is it nature or nurture? Do you look at feet when you’re 5 and get randy? Or do you find yourself in a compromising foot position one day and suddenly develop an irresistible urge to fondle said foot?
2) Threesomes. Seriously, do a lot of people do these? Like, how many in 5 people say?
3) Is anyone in agreement with me that The Mile High Club is a bit overrated and a bit cramped and a bit minging?
4) Where is the best place to have sex on the planet?
5) WHY are Irish accents so sexy?

And that’s about it, for now. The rest of the questions I’ll leave in the capable hands of Cosmo.


Nessers said...

I don't find the Irish accent sexy BUT if an Australian knocked on my door he would not have to as for sex he would just get it by way way of me saying hello *blush*

I think 2 out of every 5 people have 3somes (I know of 2 in one family and they are not husband and wife)

The mile high club is on my "to do" list

Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - NO WAYS. True blue? You find the Ozzie accent sexy?? I must be honest...jeez darryl...I dunno hey.
Hilarious :)

TWO OUT OF FIVE?? That's quite a high number - gosh, I'm a prude.

As for Mile High - has to be done at least once so you can get the t-shirt, but don't expect anything much in light of crazy amazing monkey sex. :)

tyrone said...

Hi Peas

1. Hmmm... I think it's nurture. Nature is responsible for the visual and chemical cues outside of our control... Our reaction to pheromones, our need to find the partner we believe will strengthen our gene pool, etc. The things that appeal to us sub-consciously in many ways. Nurture is responsible for the things that appeal to us but are not associated with this... For example, some guys have foot fetishes because the female foot is so feminine, and the femininity relates to some or other female force in their lives. The same could be said for the appeal of domination in S&M in that the person turned on by it, will relate the domination to some or other event in his / her life?

2. No idea on the stats... But I'd love to become a statistic.

3. Haven't done this either but would like to try. I think the crampedness is a small sacrifice to pay.

4. Anywhere I am. Tee hee! Seriously though, the best place, Keira's bedroom.

5. Irish accents aren't sexy... But British accents with sophisticated lingo are the BOMB! So no Chavs but a little bit of Keira or Rhona Mitra is WOW!

On the topic of taboo... I once reviewed the financials of a large chain of sex-oriented retail chain and you would be AMAZED at the volume of goods sold and the profits generated. This means a whole lot of people are buying stuff and partaking in their fetishes yet it's still taboo. And what's more, drive past a sex shop and there never seems to be a lot of cars outside...

Peas on Toast said...

tyrone - interesting dude, did you study nature vs nurture?
On the sex merchandise, yip - I am of knowledge that this industry does unbelievably well. Hence the cliche 'sex sells' I guess.

On this: But British accents with sophisticated lingo are the BOMB!

I agree with you 100%. It's s tough toss-up, between county British and Irish - both make me weak at the knees.

So Keira Knightley eh? ;)

Nessers said...

I have a scottish accent being a scot and lots of guys love it so maybe having an accent helps us get laid a little (mental note to self - talk to more people)

Spectacles said...

hurray 4 irish!! My male counterpart is irish, doesnt have the full accent but Im hoping a trip back to belfast will bring it back..

Peas on Toast said...

Spectacles - oooh you lucky lass, that must be good craic eh? ;)

Take him back to bonny Belfast to absorb his roots! :)

livingladolcevita said...

Because the Irish are naughty. And we all know bad boys are sexy. QED.

And I love having sex in water. There's something about all that wet schloshing about. Mmmm.

Peas on Toast said...

Dolce - oooh water sex is SUBLIME. Esepcially in, like, the Med - where there are no waves :) har har

kyknoord said...

The answer to #2 is obvious: it's three, otherwise it would be a fivesome, wouldn't it. C'mon Peas, I thought you were above trick questions.