Thursday, February 19, 2009


Arrgen. Too much Groovy Kind of Loveing.

To distract from the all-encompassing mood of Phil and his love life, I cruised off to a birthday dinner for Dr T, and caught up with The Ant.

She’s renamed their Devil Spawn adopted dog from Satan, to Sandton.

After her engagement party and a frankly, tether-ending behavioural problem from said hound, not to mention neighbours who thought they were running a coven, they finally made the change.

To something closest to the word ‘Satan’ in order not to cause too much canine confusion.
Henceforth, Sandton.
And since he’s been called that he’s stopped howling at the moon at midnight.

No. Fucking. Kidding.

He’s been exorcised by name-change.

Peas: Well he was possessed by the devil that dog.

Ant: Correct. And because our real dog [real dog?] is called Roma, we needed a location name – and Sienna in Italy seemed too big of a jump.

Peas: I think you should change his name every 6 months. Transgress. Keep up with the times. His next name should be…Saxonwold.


Transgress on name changeage. Keeps things interesting. Keeps him on his toes if the devil ever wanted to come back and possess him and stuff.
Sandton’s good for now, but next week? Besides, Saxonwold as a name is all the rage.

Ant: It’s a suburb. And it’s the only thing called Saxonwold.

Turns out, Sandton pulled a femur out of the flowerbed.

Not an animal leg bone, more like a homo erectus-slightly human looking one.

Gilb reckons it’s DEFINITELY human after years of forensic experience from the University of CSI.

And Ant doesn’t know where said evidential leg bone most foul, is right now.

Peas: Dude. Someone got murdered in your garden.

Ant: Get this. Sandton was still called Satan when he uncovered it.

Peas: Get out.

Ant: And I don’t know where he’s put it.

Peas: Do you not find this problematic? The devil had something to do with this, AND he’s hiding the evidence.

Ant: Well look, we’re still not sure. We haven’t found, like, the skull and stuff.

Peas: Right.

Ant: So at the party at my place this Friday, we’re going to play ‘Find The Femur.’

Peas: In.

But really, about the Phil Collins entrapment before I start pawing at my face:
The word ‘groovy.’
Smacks 80s. In a slightly unfavourable way.

I reckon the song would’ve been more successful if he’d used ‘Rad.’

We’ve got a rad kind of love would’ve been diaboloque. Osmotic.

I am sick today. Been up since 3am vomiting and with cramps. It's really really awesome.


dorothy said...


mylifescape said...

party trick > pin the femur on Satan! hahaahhhaa

Peas on Toast said...

thank yu dorothi :)

mylifeesacep - why hello! Pin the offending femur on Satan - YES! How much fun would that be after a coupla cane and cream sodas? ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Good grief... um... Get new friends! LOL, or at least friends that call a St. Bernard "Fifi", cos that's always funny!!

Sorry you're not feeling well!! Hope you're better today munchkin! xx

Peas on Toast said...

Blondie - shame it's not their fault. Part of their lease deal was that they had to look after this dog, so they were forced to kind of take him in - and with a name like Satan, could you imagine ;)

Yeah pukey thursdays are never great - how you feeling after that horrible traumatic thing dude?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You know I'm just teasing :-) Hahahaha - it is still one of the most classic stories...I mean a dog called Satan. HILARIOUS!!! ;-)

We haven't heard anymore news from them so I hope she's alright! Argh....can't get the image of her out of my mind!!

Peas on Toast said...

Shame babe, I can only imagine. I mean I wasn't even there and I can't get the image out of my mind either!

Shame dude, I hope you start sleeping easier as the days go on! xx

Nessers said...

ou can't sleep try this - sushi followed closely by sex - worked like a charm for me last night (just had to share cos there is no one in my circle I could share that with heheh)

Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - Finding sushi won't be a problem. But the latter, I'm single and turning to nunnery for support.

kyknoord said...

Sounds like you have a serious case of suburban bone fever. You didn't let Satan - sorry, I mean Bryanston Ext 3 slobber all over you, did you?

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - no, I haven't seen Soweto Deep in quite some time ;)

sarah said...

Hey! Suts here! Oh my god, I just found your blog randomly and put two and two together - its just fab! I love it - well done!!! Have a GREAT time in Berlin - I was there last May for a weekend of random underground clubs, and fun-ness... Living in Switzerland now! Your blog is a lovely piece of home! Thanks!

Peas on Toast said...

SUTS! No flippen ways - THere's a blast from the past hey? What's it been, 150 years?? So you've moved outta NYC and in Swiss - fantastic, whereabouts??

I must say I cannot wait for Berlin - am focusing so much on what to see and where to go and how we're gonna get there right now, it's too much fun :)

Hope you well stranger xx

sarah said...

I know!!! Too long... I left NY in mid 05, went backpacking in South America, where of course I met a Swiss man, and a very long sometimes-painful but great "should write a novel about this" love story later, I am now married to him living in the French part of Switz... in a "city" called Lausanne - like 30 minutes from Geneva - yup yup!

Love your blog, and will pick up a copy of your book in SA when I am out for Easter xx :)

Peas on Toast said...

Suts - oh my word, it sounds like heaven. I went to Geneva quite a bit when I lived in Grenoble - and have heard Lausanne is beautiful. Good on ya sistah - meeting a Swiss dude whilst in South America! Are you still working in the same industry?

So great to hear from you, and enjoy your time back here in Easter xx

Grog said...

If Saxonwold needed an image makeover they should look no further than their very promising Road names - for the unititiated every road ends in 'wold' - I'm a big fan of the road called 'Methwold'....Gotta love it! he he.. Imagine: A Disneyesque Methlab Heaven for wealthy junkies, or even ex/current/debt laden politicians - Could be sponsored by SAA? I'm pretty sure I saw Joost running down the road wearing only a sticker on his sorry A$$ - I sat next to him and Amor on a Kalula flight once - how bluddy embarassing! (for me that is...)