Monday, March 16, 2009

organic craic

Wow. How flippen unexpected. I think it’s been at least 6 months, since I had a weekend like this one. As in, not the usual. Just a fucking fantastic incredibly and surprisingly good weekend.

Nothing was planned, yet the coolest and most interesting shit happened.

I’d pretty much lost faith that this town had anything interesting or slightly different to offer me over the weekends. Boredom had fully sunk its teeth in; predictability seemed to be key for every weekend in this place.

Until now. Maybe it was just one funny set of circumstances, and maybe I just needed this escapism or a reminder that in fact – you break out of your comfort zones - and interesting shit can happen.

Firstly, last minute, on Friday I went out with C2 and N. To a place I used to go to regularly, about, shit, 2 years ago? Not Manhattan’s or anything like that – just a bar I used to regulate. I haven’t been in yonks, mainly because it was always the same, saw the same people, did the same thing – every Friday, so it had become the predictable side of boring.

But I haven’t been in so long, and C2 was on fire – so we went along, klapped a couple of mojitos, chatted to everyone, and generally had the biggest jol.

Plus I was wearing the red shoes, so I felt somewhat good as it was.

The only blight in the evening was actually rather funny. You get pushed around a lot at these types of cattle barns as it is – you forget fast, and that’s one thing, but I’m standing there, chatting to a mate, with a full mojito, and next thing: this tiny little aggressive Lebonese man, properly goes and socks this big dude in the face.

The dude ricocheted across the bar area and right into me. I vaulted off him, drink raining on everyone and skidded in the blood from his split lip.

A little revolting, but I was keen to give the Lebonese china, now on his phone to all his other chinas, wearing a gold chain that, if he jumped into Harties, he’d sink to the bottom like a lead balloon, a piece of my mind. C2 convinced me otherwise, which is good, yes.

But besides that, I got home after 1:00, and had a surprisingly wonderful time.

The next day I went to the first gathering for the travel club I’ve joined. The Ant came along too, which is great because she’s very good at breaking the ice and being wonderfully Italian, for breakfast at that Bryanston Organic Market. Never done the hippie ethnic bothnic market, was rather nice.

I met an Aussie, A Swiss guy, A French boy, two Thai ladies, An Italian, and a bunch of other Saffa travelers and had a chilled breakfast talking about travel, their respective countries, why they’re here, and cool stuff to do and see on the planet. For hours.

It was so cool. Most of the foreigners were here for contracted work, interestingly.
A few of us later then decided to carry on and go to the Irish Festival for St Paddy’s Day. Hell, any excuse for a beautiful, creamy, frothing Guinness.

And any excuse to celebrate the Irish - how much I love their craic.
Even if the Blarney Brothers were the main act.

It was raining – quite apt – but we had Car Bombs (Baileys + Guinness), and tankards of the creamy shit, while listening to music, wearing green, and entering competitions for free trips to Emerald Isle.

There was that Riverdance dancing, and a granny in a wheelchair – who’d been there since 9:00am and had slotted 24 Guinnesses solidly for ten hours, and was still going strong. Had to be Irish.

To indulge the French guy, we went to a restaurant for dinner for confit du canard (slow roasted duck), and a glass of Bordeaux. I spoke French with him the whole night, while the other Saffa spoke German.
I felt like I was travelling – in my own city. What a peach, seriously. This shit gets me going, can I just tell you.

And I can do this once a month, how much fun!

I spent an afternoon with The Dove yesterday, sitting on her balcony, lapping up the now wintery sun, talking shit over green tea. I love this girl like a sister.

Just goes to show, that every now and then if you’re hesitant to do something because it’s daunting, or venture out of your comfort zone even slightly – you can end up enriching yourself, or even just the weekend, more than is ever expected.

I have a hen’s party to whorerganise this week, so Saturday should be incessant fun too.


Monkigirl said...

Hey Peas

My Hen's party is also this weekend! We'll probably end up at Manhattan's by the end of the evening.

Peas on Toast said...

Monki - congrats girl! It should be a gas, enjoy every moment of it! :)

We won't be in JHB, but I'll raise a glass in yoru honour :)

Revolving Credit said...

Did you ever figure out what caused the fight?

Peas on Toast said...

Nope I didn't - but the okes nose and lip were properly smacked, and Leb guy was on the phone nattering away to his chinas, whilst being escaorted out by the bouncers.

I'm guessing chicks and booze. And the intwining of both thereof. ;)

Revolving Credit said...

So was that the closest you got to a bit of slap and tickle the weekend?

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - what does a slap and tickle entail? According to the Book of Rev? S&M?

Revolving Credit said...

Have you got a latex outfit to go with those heels? and a paint brush?

kyknoord said...

So did your new shoes survive the mojito/blood incident intact?

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - they now have splotches of mojito on them. But this is why I buy patent wipe and it's all gooood :)

Revolving Credit said...

So, the latex body condom makes you spill proof.

Peas on Toast said... just gotta cut it off at the end of the evening due to mass sweat production.

Wore one once. Back in my heady youth.

Miss T said...

enjoy the craic on St Paddy's lass...I'm off to the parade in Kildare street. My friend has bought a green feather boa for us all,so all set!

Peas on Toast said...

Miss T - aw man, it's funny, I actually thought of you on Saturday and wondered whether you were out parading on Dublin's streets - or saving it for the proper day! Enjoy it, and please have a few Guinnesses for me whilst you wave about your flashy green boa! :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That is brilliant - I LOVE spontaneous weekends!

Sounds really really great! Message me about this travel group - I'm so intrigued :-)

Peas on Toast said...

Blondie - gonna message you today my girl and tell you about it for sure. xx