Thursday, August 27, 2009

closing time

It’s not difficult for me to locate the galvanized, steel-encased sadness and regret inside me.

Of years gone by. If I allow myself to do this, that is.

It won’t make me cry, but it can. Even if I’ve put [most of] it to bed.

Dinner with very special people who were like family to me for years, and after a few glasses of rouge, ended up chatting for hours.

And it was good for me to know that, in a parallel universe, people are different.

Sometimes it’s not how you’d expect; sometimes it may not necessarily be for the outward good. Maybe it’s not even static.

It makes the gap wider, more recognisable, and it also freezes time. The past.
Trust me, that’s a good thing.

And it makes things more understandable, and in some cases, bearable.


Anonymous said...

Peas.. im trying to figger your post.. its there im sure.. will have to contemplate this post like a Greek philosopher... will be back later to comment.. deep! so deep! :)

Peas on Toast said...

Levi - ahaha and yet shallow, so shallow :)

Ag, it's more just me making sense of stuff and thinking out loud, if you know what I mean.

po said...

Deep Peas, deep. I am going through a "girl interrupted" type phase of self-psychoanalysis right now, and I think it must be a good thing, trying to deal with things rather than avoiding them? I hope it works for you!

Peas on Toast said...

po - good luck with it all po! Sometimes I think everything is done and dusted, then other times I don't. I wonder whether that ever changes. Who knows.

getaway said...

Sharing a similar deal of 'girl-interrupted'. Feeling like an alien making a public appearance before the enlightenment period - freagin alienated and enjoying it. Enjoying the difference as much as others seems to depend on the 'same'.

Po - I think introspection is key in socialization, ought nothing be wrong with that!:)

Profoundness peas - looks so good on you.

Say, did you ever engage in that sob you mentioned?

Peas on Toast said...

getaway - so you too eh? Maybe it's the chnaging of the seasons ;)

I have indulged in my, indeed. Thrice even.

It's been emotional ;)

getaway said...

Sweet :)

was thinking of ya when Diemersfontein delivered a box of wine to one of my colleagues - Viognier tho.

Anonymous said...

Im here for you Peas, next time in Durbs give me a shout. We can have a dop and get all morose an crazy and then have stacks of fun an get totally out of hand! in hand.. whatever!

Revolving Credit said...

If contemplation really does make the 'gap wider' then you should be comtemplating your ass off during peak hour traffic!