Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Oh crapsticks.

I went to a specialist yesterday, finally after booking him about 3 months ago.

I have been told by doctors for years that my various symptoms indicate that I have endometriosis. He did his check up, and said two things:

1) I have a healthy uterus (gee...thanks), but it sits inverted, which exacerbates endometriosis. Only 5% of women have this. Great.
2) There's a 70% chance I have endometriosis, and I'm going to need surgery. 'Keyhole' or laproscoptomy surgery.

The reason I need this is simple: this could affect my fertility. Not that I'm thinking babies right now, and am still uncertain as to where I stand with 'spawn.' But this may change, and I do want the choice. And if this affects it, I want to ensure I've done everything to ensure that I do have the choice one day.

My big headache is simply this: When. Next week in South Africa? Or in the UK?
It's looking like, because I simply have no time right now, I'm going to have to get this surgery on landing in the UK.

I'm scared. I don't care how not-drastic and straightforward this surgery is - I'll be in bed for like two or three days - I'm still scared.

I have private health care for the UK, but moving there, getting settled in and surgery?

I have a searing headache this morning. Just trying to get my head around all of this.

I'm completely overwhelmed.


kyknoord said...

You should never have surgery when you're stressed. It's better to wait until your muscles have unclenched.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Kyk, I'm trying to gauge whether you're being deadly serious or not so much :)

Either way, it looks like I'm probably going to do it in the UK. I'm a little concerned to say the least!

Anarchee said...

Hi Peas, as I understand it, with endometriosis, the surgery isn't urgent. Avoid doing it in the UK at all costs - the NHS sucks and I was reading an article today about how they do hysterectomies on women with the condition that don't need them. Rather stay on your medical aid and have the op the next time you visit SA. Our healthcare is way better. Here's the link to the article I am talking about. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1284776/Robbed-femininity-How-thousands-women-having-needless-hysterectomies.html

Best of luck hon xx

cassey said...

Don't worry about the inverted uterus, I've been told it tilts into the correct position during pregnancy. About the surgery go for what ever helps you stress less about your future fertility. Hope you're feeling ok...when I found out I had fertility issues it set off all sorts of crazy. Hope you figure out what works for you.

Peas on Toast said...

Anarchee - thanks so much. I have private healthcare over there thankfully, so wouldn't need to go to the NHS thank goodness. And I wouldn't ever succomb to a hysterectomy at all, unless they told my my uterus was going to explode, not a chance!

Thanks for the article link, I'll definitely check it out!

cassey - phew, that's what I thought. I'm stressing about my fertility, I can't believe it - i can't believe I'm stressing about it when I don't even know what my future holds in relation to even wanting children. But now that it's been put to the test, I'm freaking. Eeek!

Jemimah said...

Peas. I think the prospect of surgery alone is scary without other complications! IF the surgery is NOT urgent, I think what matters as much as where you have it, is the support system available to you. I mean sure its a 'straight forward' procedure but it comes with the emotionally heavy stuff i.e. issues of fertility and whatnot. If your UK peoples are there to support you and hold your hand that should go a long way to easing any pre-&post-surgery anxieties.

While we prostrate ourselves and supplicate to the Fertility Goddess, a wise bird once told me, when it comes to 'spawning': we still have choices!

Becks X

cassey said...

The stressing about future fertility is normal, I think it's because woman have been identified as woman because of their ability to carry children, so when that is in doubt, it makes you question everything and feel that you are a failure of a woman. That's when you need support and those around you to tell you that you're not, and that these things happen. So I'll say to you what was told to me "These things happen, and it's not your fault." Hope it helps

WontDieWondering said...

Dude - Do yourself a favour, delay your departure and get it down in SA. You know what you getting and its sorted one time.

Uk is a ball ache - first you have to have a letter from your nhs dr before you can go claim from private (AFAIK) and its not a guarantee.

We might mock SA in may things but private healthcare in SA is world class

I dont fucking care how much you want to move, you will regret it once you land!!!!!!!! dont think I have emphasised my point enough, but people only hear what they want to

Good luck :P

Flirty 30 said...

Dear Peas

I have had Endometriosis, and I have had the op.
It is not as bad as it sounds - they make 2 small incisions, blow you up with gas and zap it away with a laser. The most uncomfortable part is the bloating afterwards. Stock up on some Myprodol and be prepared to fart alot! Oh and you won' be able to bend at the waist for a day or 2, so get a comfy bed with high pillows so you can watch lots of TV.
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line!

Good luck with the move and everything - I still feel sad to see you go even though we will still have your blog - it isn't the same.