Monday, July 05, 2010

vasectomy kits on the tube

Well that was depressing.

I lost a fair bit of money when Brazil got knocked out on Friday. Then simultaneously was wrenched into a full-on depression when Uruguay pissed off Africa with it's dirty tactics against Ghana.

Everyone went home in a foul mood.

The following day, around 60 of us met up at Melrose Arch, more for vibe than proper support - when your teams have been knocked out, who the dickens do you support? I am nonchalant as to who wins now, although for my step-father's sake, I suppose I'd better go for Germany.

Needless to say we got wasted. Poen is out from London for a week, and so we threw ourselves into squeezy bottles of vodka, and ran around with Spanish paint all over our faces.

I can't remember how I allowed a Spanish supporter to paint my face, but I suppose I was wearing a red coat, so it was inevitable. Briefly remember meeting a Brazilian who looked so down and out, and sighing as he waved a German flag about only because he wasn't going to support Argentina under any costs.

The Spanish supporters were calling their vuvuzelas 'bubuzelas.'

I cried big hot tears with my mother on Saturday. They say moving house - nevermind immigrating - is the third most stressful thing a human can face. Up there with losing a loved one/grief, and divorce.
I am going to miss my madre something chronic.

I wanted to enjoy this transition period into a new life, and so far I haven't had any time to actually get excited about this move. So I went to Exclusive Books to get back on track, and bought myself:
The Best Moving Abroad Tips In The World and Pocket Guide To London.

The pocket guide is especially cool, as it's reminding me again why I want to live there. It also tells me random shit about the Great Fire of London, the plague, and where I can buy antiques on a Saturday morning. Also cool stuff like the weirdest crap that's been found on the London Underground (a vasectomy kit, for example.)

Now that I've sold my TV, and I can't watch E! trash, I might as well spend some time reading about my new city.


Anonymous said...

I never met a Brazillian I didn't like.

Peas on Toast said...

Kyles - Girls find Brazilians a little painful to begin with, but after the initial introduction, find them rather pleasing ourselves ;)