Tuesday, August 17, 2010

jack & cold

Was told by a colleague the other day, unless you get a streaming cold for at least a month, your iniation into London hasn't happened yet.

Well, then I'm initiated. My immune system from the last few month's immigration stress has finally caught up, and I have an amazingly beautiful sounding cough, a streaming nose, the shivers, and a red nose.


Luckily, thanks to my latest books - fuck it's good to have some time to read again, the Brit is in Dublin for business this week - and I'm learning about British culture [above], and reading a sterling disposition on Jack the Ripper at the same time.

[I do that. Read a couple of books at the same time, all at once. Just to keep my brain on its toes.]

The Jack the Ripper one takes me through each one of the victims, each of the suspects, where and how it happened. As a 21st Century investigation.

Next time I'm in Whitechapel or the East End, I'm going to do the tour. Definitely.
I mean, I have my phone on my chest, Streetviewing where all these murcers took place as I read about them. Geeky or freaky?


Peter said...

The organised walks are okay, mostly run by actors and they ad-lib a bit for effect.

The Jack the Ripper walk is one you can do by yourself.
Get the directions and wander around by yourself, somehow it's a bit more real if you are doing it by yourself.
It's a fantastic area to just walk around by yourself.

After the walk you can have a drink at the Ten Bells (apparently Jack got a victim from there) or hang around at Public Life, some underground toilets converted into a bar.

If you are in the area, then you might as well stop in at Montezumas choccie shop in Spitalfields market and A Gold (the deli I mentioned previously).
If you do go to Montezumas, I can highly reccomend the coffee chocolate (I think it's called bean machine).

Flossie said...

Peas, seriously, register with a Dr there asap if you haven't already. I faffed around and got really sick and it was a nightmare, just ended up self-medicating.

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...


Peas on Toast said...

Peter - I think I'm going to do both to be honest - by myself and with a guide - I'm currently Jack obsessed at the moment, and am even considering going into forensics just so that I can solve this particularly mystery :)

Will definitely stop at the Ten Bells too, and have always wanted to see Spitalfields, so thanks for the spots!

Flossie - I fear I may have to sooner rather than later. I'm getting a really bad cough now and the people in my office are starting to look at me like I have TB. Not a good sign! x

Ilze said...

hey..whats the book's name?? my bf is obsessed with j the r at the moment! :)

Peas on Toast said...

Ilze - it's called Jack the Ripper: the 21st Century Investigation. Am loving it, you should def get it for your guy!