Tuesday, December 21, 2010



We are stuck in Vienna as most of Europe is closed. As in all airports shut, including Heathrow due to stupid fuckbag inconveniently shit jizzsack snow.

How to turn an amazing long weekend in two new beautiful countires into a cluster fuck of chaos. From nice weekend away into 'fuck. We are trapped.'

It's like when the volcano erupted in Iceland, people pissed off and trying to get somewhere, queue rage, trying to get on overstuffed trains, me losing my rag with a rude queue pusher lesbian at 4am this morning. Lack of sleep.

Good thing I've bought extra underwear. Know Vienna airport quite well now.

I wonder if we'll get home before Christmas.


Spear The Almighty said...

Good luck! Stuck in a airport = hell.

cassey said...

I hope that you get to leave the airport soon.

kyknoord said...

How sad. It's a glorious day here in Cape Town: hardly a breath of wind; temperatures in the low thirties; and no snow whatsoever. How much do you hate me now?

Peas on Toast said...

Spear - have found a safe house! With wifi and coffee - our office here in Austria. Better than the awful airport.

Cassey - I wanna come back home!!!

Kyk - Nah, would MUCH rather be in a manky German-speaking airport freezing. Much rather.