Wednesday, January 05, 2011

absolut spaniard

Three things.

The dark mornings and how they hermetically defy science
The shortest day of the year was the 21st December, no? That was more than two weeks ago.

Then why - Jesus God why - are the mornings suddenly dark?
I leave my house at around 7:45am. By this time, usually I can see things - like whole shapes of cars even.
Now? It's bloody dark. WHY? This is meant to be the upswing of summer. For. Fuck's. Sake.
Can you see what this is doing to me? This has made me more angry than is rational. I'm actually fuming. I'm enraged with winter. It's not logical to be enraged with a season, I wouldn't think.

Oh and I'm not the only person to have noticed this sudden blackness in the mornings. She might be odd, but my Aussie flatmate has noticed this too.

On flatmates, Spanish ones
As I mentioned, much to my utter irritation, the Aussie went and recruited a new flatmate without consulting any of us, which I thought was rather rude. Luckily, the new flatmate is a helluva nice girl.

If only I could understand her.

That's two people in a house of four I can't really converse with.

Although, to be fair, watching the Northern Irishman and this Spanish bird try to communicate is seven shades of interesting.

The chica is from Madrid, and has lived in London - the English speaking world - for a total of two weeks. On seeing my guinea pigs for the first time, pointed to them and said,

Peas: Ah! Those. Are. Guinea. Pigs. [protracted syllables]

Spaniard: No entiendo.

Peas: Right...I know the word in French if it helps? Les couchon d'Indes?


Peas: Dude. That is neither a cat or a dog. Are you serious?

Spaniard: Que?

Peas: Rabbit....bunny? Bunny no hop?

Fruitless operation, albeit great guessing games occurring in my kitchen as we speak.

Unrelated. I was part of an Absolut Vodka ad once

I found it yesterday. Got paid R500 when I was in third year varsity to be an extra in this crowd. Five hundred ronts as a student is a staggering amount of money for a tequila fund, trust me.

It was shot in Claremont, outside that large gym/shopping centre place, just of Main Road. They sat on a crane and made us run towards this car over and over again.

They gave us clothes to wear for the shot, so I grabbed a large pair of glasses and put them on my head. So that I could identify myself, come the day I find this ad.

And, henceforth, here I am:

Fascinating. Now am trying to source the Ovaltine ad I was in. I was an extra for a television ad filmed in de Waal Park in central Cape Town. Paid about the same amount, and had to dress up as a flute-playing band member.



Roxy said...

Peas it is absolutely FINE to be enraged with a season. Trust me. I woke up this morning and took Houston (my dog) out for a walk at about 6:45 and i was thinking "Why the f*** is it so dark, should it not get brighter with every passing day now?"
Soon Peas Soon! Let's hang in there!

The Chantal said...

Well I'm in "sunny, hot Durban" and for the past month we've had 1 nice day a week and the rest are overcast and rainy, really annoying!!!

Is the sun setting later? maybe that makes the day longer than the shortest day? I can't imagine going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, must feel weird.

Secret said...

So, its like 42 degrees, no wind and sweltering hot in Cape Town (for the past 3 days). At 7:44pm last night, it was a "balmy" 32 degrees.
Even sitting on the couch doing nothing drowns you in sweat.

Wanna swap?

Charmskool said...

Conejillos de Indias 'ems Guinea Pigs in Espanol.

Peas on Toast said...

Roxy - phew, so it's normal then? I'm starting to feel completely strung out - WHY IS IT SO BLOODY DARK?!
Hopefully your days get lighter too Roxy, holding thumbs for us!

Chan - phhhst, ahhhh what I'd do to be in bladdy Durbs, even just for ONE day! ;)

Secret - I heard Cape Town is ridiculously hot! Some mates of mine live in Stellies and were saying it's been 39 degrees at 5:30pm in the afternoon. Blows my mind - can't say I'd enjoy that...

Charm - classic thanks, will write it down for her so that she realises guinea pigs are neither dogs or cats!

Peter said...

Did you not get the memo?
Winter hangs around until March some time. Sure you will get tormented by some nice-ish days but it only really starts to gets nice in late May and then boom, it's winter again.

Peas on Toast said...

I simply refuse to believe this propaganda, Peter.