Friday, January 07, 2011


I went to get this dang mole checked on my back.

A hypochondriac tends to lose a fair bit of sleep over things like moles and such, so lately I've been idly wondering whether I have 6 months to live.

Fuck, the stress of being a neurotic.

Not overly impressed with the 'specialist' I went to. He looked at it and immediately referred me to someone else.

"It's irregular. I don't like irregular moles."

I'm now getting it taken care of at the Chelsea hospital in February. He said it's 'not urgent' but 'sometime within the next month would be good.'

I gave a sterling urine sample. He looked at it as if it was an astoundingly good paint job. "Your urine is a lovely colour."

He then drilled me on how much I drink.
"The British government says everyone should only be consuming one bottle of wine a week."

Have you seen your delinquent youth? Have you noticed that you people have a pub on every corner of every road in every town? Jesus.

The other reason I went to a doctor is because I've had five migraines in the short space of two weeks.

Yesterday at work, I had a pearler. I suddenly couldn't see anything, my vision completely blurred, my speech was slurred, the pain hit my cranium like a sledgehammer, and I was marched down to sick bay to lie down for an hour. In the dark. What the fuck?

The doctor gave me some prescription pills. But couldn't say why I was getting them. Not even an estimated guess.

So my nice friend is going to chiroprac (chiroprac?) my neck for me this weekend. She reckons it needs a good cracking and it might help solve the migraine issue.

Am I falling apart?


Mom on a Wire said...

I must say, when it comes to feeling poorly I miss my private healthcare from South Africa!

I hope you get rid of your dodgy friend successfully, and that your head resumes normal service soon!

cassey said...

It sounds like all of last year's stress is catching up to your body. I think being a hypochondriac is better than not being one - my uncle-in-law had to have his foot amputated for not going to the doc. Hope Sunday helps.

Peas on Toast said...

Wired Mom - I must say, I definitely thought about my lovely Discovery account last night. :(

Here's to pinning all hopes on the NHS!

cassey - your uncle had his foot amputated? Wow that is hectic! I suppose there IS light at the end of the tunnel for us hyperchondriacs. Eeek, poor dude!

cassey said...

Yip, he lost his foot because he refused to go see a doctor after he cut it doing some gardening.

Flirty 30 said...

Hey Peas

I wasoff work for 6 weeks with headaches so bad I couldnt stand.

Neurologists couldnt help, eventually they wanted to send me to a psychiatrist

Chiropractor knew immediately and sorted it out. After huge stress, the muscles from your shoulders that lead into your skull contract and that causes the headaches.

Hope you are pain free soon!

Charmskool said...

Ooh Peas Poppet! Being a hypochondriac is purely a matter of opinion. One man's hypochondriac is another's very careful person - ow ow ow migraines are awful (see previous comments lol) I agree the chiropractor(ess) will probably help. I love my drugs but would prefer not to get the migraines at all. May give the neck cracker a try myself. Had two migraines last week - I think in sympathy with you.