Monday, January 10, 2011

best mates or



Dwayne is pregnant.

Watching them yesterday, and saw Dwayne looked rather bulbous.

Turns out, Dwayne has a vagina.

And they've been humping each other senseless.


So. We are going back to the bloody pet shop tonight, and demanding a refund. With interest. I mean, how's that for return on investment?

"Herewith your cash cow. Who is up the duff. Can I have a boy now please?"

Devastated, as Dwaynetta has such beautiful and unique squirrel-like colouring.

Seven shades of shit, and schoolboy error number 1: Get the vermin properly sexed by a vet. Because it turns out even if it looks like a penis, it's actually not.

I'm sad. I cried buckets last night. What the fuck.


Roxy said...

I'm sorry Peas you are crying. I really am.
however I am laughing out loud. Not because you're crying.
Seriously this is hillarious.
IMagine what Dwyanette feels. She's got a vagina that looks like a penis. Now that must be traumatic!

cassey said...

Lol...ok not a big one because you're upset about it, but still lol :) Why not keep Dwyanette after she's had the babies, and have her fixed?

Gail said...

OK i am with the ladies here, thats really funny!

But i am sorry that Dwayne is knocked up, maybe Dwayne II will have a real willy!

Spear The Almighty said...

That happens if the bitch doesn't want to take the pill.