Monday, June 06, 2011

feet relief

I think I've turned a corner.

I was sick on Friday, and clawing the walls in pain due to some stomach ailment, and then for the first weekend since quitting, got through it without hating my life.

Cigarettes weren't the foremost item on my mind this weekend. People around me weren't giant, talking cigarettes.

Could it be....that I am actually getting used to this torture?

I remember dancing to the entire collection of Monster Hits in a club that never left the 90s, in Southampton - of all places - for hours. And didn't think of a cigarette once. Even after a Jaeger bombs and vodka spritzers.

But I guess Monster Hits will do that to you, because it's so shit hot.

I decided when we got home, fully hungover, that I'd do a foot detox.

You can buy these foot pads at Holland & Barret (a 'natural' chemist chain here). They were half price so I thought what the hey.

The idea is to stick the little sachet of Crystalised Magic to the bottom of your foot while you sleep. Only one foot per night.

Then, it apparently warms the foot, so you perspire out all your toxins. The next morning, you peel it off and there's this brown gooey sludge there. After two weeks of doing this, the sludge will start looking less brown.

Well let me tell you this for free: it was minging.

Do these things work? I'm skeptical. Sure, the crystals draw stuff through the feet. And supposedly the foot maps out your internal organs, if reflexology is anything to go by.

I have a searing headache this morning, so maybe it does do a little more than nothing?

But I dunno.

We watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape? last night because we don't have Internet or a TV yet. And for the third week in a row, on Sunday night, bawled my eyes out.
It's getting old.


fuzzy logic said...

Err, no it isn't. It's just a chemical reaction with the moisture on your skin. On a similar vein to those foot spas you get, where the water turns brown. I strongly recommend reading Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science" to make you even more of a cynic ;-)

Peas on Toast said...

Oh no, this is what I feared.

I just wasted twelve quid right.

OK, so even if it's reacting to my sweat - is it not helping just a tiny teensy little bit, at all?

Flarkit said...

"Gilbert Grape" is easily Leonardo's greatest role, ever.

Glad the withdrawal's not driving you over the edge :)

po said...

Shit that movie is too sad, I don't think I could watch it again. As far as I know, fuzzy logic is correct, cos stuff does not just leak out from your skin, but we do sweat out some toxins, sooooo I dunno. Finish them anyway.

Peas on Toast said...

I have to agree that it was Leo's best role. The dude was a genius at 12. I couldn't act that retarded if I tried.
But jeez that was sad. Bad Sunday Blues watching, beware!

Now I'm not quite sure to do with the I've Been Had foot pads...

fuzzy logic said...

well, by putting stuff on your feet, you feel a bit better, right? Good ole placebo effect.
@po yep, you do sweat out toxins - you don't need 'special' pads to do what your body already does quite well by itself.
Now, Ima gonna get me one of these: