Thursday, November 03, 2011

other people's germs & gourmet bed dining

OK how rad is this.

The Brit got a couple of tickets to London's Supper Club.

You arrive, lay down in a bed, in a club, get fed a three course meal, while you watch a show, and then dance.

Dude, it's like the perfect night out. A bed, food, scantily-clad humans doing acrobatics for your entertainment while you lie in the bed, and then once you're done, you can have a tipple in the adjoining night club.

Food, bed, dancing and a show. All in one place. Fuck I love this city.

(Supper Club is also available in Miami and Amsterdam, just in case you're there and are so inclined.)

My colleague went to the one in Miami and reckons they definitely wash the sheets, so one shouldn't worry.

Not that I am or anything. Actually a little.

It has to be said - either living in London and taking lots of public transport, or the fact the Brit is OCD, has made me fucking OCD.

Dude, I've noticed lately that if I don't wash my hands immediately after evacuating a tube, I start to panic. Not hyperventilate-panic, but in the back of my mind, like Chinese torture, there's a voice continually banging away at me, "wash your hands wash your hands you touched a railing wash your hands motherfucker wash your hands."

I used to be candid about touching railings. I wouldn't lick my hand afterwards, but I wouldn't die or anything.

Now I don't touch railings. At all. Ever. In the train I rely on my amazingly shit sense of balance my non-existent sense of balance to remain upright when the train goes around corners or shudders and jolts. I do not hold onto anything, and now just fly around the carriage, flailing, bouncing off the windows and other people.

I don't touch escalators, I don't even like touching the fucking elevator button. I've turned overly hygienic bitch.

The other day I was forced to lean again someone to remain upright on a particularly jolty journey from Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road, and I physically couldn't get myself to hang onto anything.

Noticed I don't like touching the ATM buttons to key in my pin code either. And let's not even venture into public bathroom territory - I positively balk.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Now that I wash my hands about 6 times a day?
Fuck. It sounds bad doesn't it.

Don't. Fucking. Touch. Me. With. Your. Semen. Infested. Fingers. Innit.

PS: Will wear bio-hazard suit to Supper Club. And heels. And bring my hand sanitiser.


Flarkit said...

Everything within reason, Peas. As far as I'm concerned, humans need SOME germs to give our resistance a little exercise. Sure, if the railings etc look skanky, avoid contact and/or wash after you do make contact. But let's try not to obsess, hmm? Life's hectic enough as it is, without drumming up new ways to raise your blood-pressure :D

The Chantal said...

6 times or 16 times? lol 6 isn't enough in my books, so no you don't need to worry, there are sooooo many germs on public utilities. I agree with Flarkit that a totally sterile environment is bad, but only when you're a kid building up your immunities n defences, as an adult I like everything to be germ free.