Wednesday, April 25, 2012

oh my god oh my god

Heart is beating, am sweating like Sarkozy in a socialist-dominated presidential campaign, nerves are jangling off the charts, want to stand up on my seat in this office and scream:


And then sack off the rest of the day to celebrate.

Oh my Adam having anal in Alaska while wearing an ancient angora anorak.

It's been four months of nervously grinding teeth, pontificating when and if, and how, then woke up, opened my umbrella to face the day and thought: This is it. This morning marks the moment. One of my dreams is about to come true.

At a cost. Dreams don't come true, generally, unless there's money involved. And in this case, it's a fair bit.


Muthahfuckahs, we are literally going to Tokyo in September.

And Kyoto. (Which my friend pointed out, is actually an anagram of Tokyo).
I've booked the trip I've been wanting to take since I could read and write.

I.Am.Literally.Finally.Going.To.Tokyo. Pinch me, is this literally happening. Am I alive? How will I do any work today? I can't sit still, I can't string a sentence together, I am so excited I actually feel a little bit high.

Not gonna lie. If this is what crack feels like, it's pretty great.

Jesus jumping on a Jewish jam jar in Jerusalem while eating justifiable jerky.

I would be (fairly) happy to die after this. I knew that if we didn't do it now, we'd probably never do it. Luckily the Brit really really wants to go to Japan too.
Time is ticking on. And I firmly predict that Tokyo will be up there alongside my favourite cities on this planet. (Rio and Berlin.)

I can imagine it feels like being inside a giant computer.

With karaoke bars everywhere, sushi, saki and the cherries will be falling and leaves turning golden.

And temples, and noodles.

And shit you can buy from vending machines, and crazy amazingly fucked up fashion:
And temples crafted from solid gold, and Lost in Translation. And little old ladies singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, on the way home from work, sober, in a karaoke booth next time mine.

The Brit and I have been deliberately overpaying our bills into our joint account. And we've managed to save enough for one of our tickets. So although it's dog's balls expensive, we are only paying for one ticket.

Which is a good thing, given it's the world's most expensive country.

It's been 3 hours since I booked the tickets. Still shaking. So excited could actually burst into tears.

And start saving. I'm nervous for the expense. I need a drink to calm me down.


po said...

Oh my god I would love to go there too! Enjoy!!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Po! x

Flarkit said...


Just remember "Moshi moshi", "arigato gozaimasu" and "hai" and you're sorted!

Edgy said...

Ha! Am taking a sabbatical in Japan at the end of September as well.

Trying to finalise it with the boss but am also about to do my nut in with excitement.

Peas on Toast said...

Flarkit- ok awesome..what does that mean?! :)

Edgy - shweeet! How long for? What a lucky break!

Enjoy and see you on the Tokyo runway :)

Edgy said...

A month of pure bliss!